91st PA--inspections and reviews

Inspections and reviews

See the following:
general order 18, HQ 91st PA, 8 May 1862
general order 50, HQ 91st PA, 7 October 1862, about an inspection to be held that day.
circular, HQ 91st PA, 12 June 1863, ordering company commanders to be ready for inspection after 10 AM on the 13th
general order 4, HQ 91st PA, 13 August 1863, with camp schedule, including daily inspections
circular, HQ 91st PA, 16 Aug 1863, about semi-monthly inspection by act. asst. insp. gen.
general order 6, HQ 91st PA, 10 Sep 1863, about daily inspections of arms and accoutrements
order received from brigade hq about monthly inspections by AAAG
circular, HQ 91st PA, 17 September 1863
circular, HQ 91st PA, 13 Nov 63

letter, Gregory to Marvin, 19 November 1863: As the senior captain, he served on a Board of Inspection, which reported on 19 November 1863 that the deficiency in rations was caused by spoilage and other unavoidable circumstances

circular, HQ 91st PA, 19 Nov 63
circular, HQ 91st PA, 21 Nov 63 [review of 5th corps by Sykes]
circular, HQ 91st PA, 14 Dec 63
circular, HQ 91st PA, 16 Mar 64, inspection on 17th
general order 15, hq 91st PA, 5 Nov 1864 (reminding company commanders about inspection requirements)
a circular dated 15 Jan 1865 ordered an inspection on 17 January 1865
letter, [Lentz] to Bennett, 8 July 1864
letter, Sellers to Bennett, 1 company and 1 regimental inspection
letter, Sellers to Tayman, 16 Sep 64 (1 co & 1 reg't inspection)
general order 13, HQ 91st PA, 23 Sep 64
circular, HQ 91st PA, 15 Oct 64

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