91st PA--leaves of absence

Leaves of absence

See also officers' furloughs November 1864-July 1865, and enlisted men's furloughs, October 1864-July 1865.

[Note: I need to go back through the earlier letters and orders, and to add other men absent on furlough when the regiment mustered out]

On 13 January 1865, Sellers ordered that applications for furlough be made to company commanders, who will forward only urgent cases, where "the applicant can be recommended for punctually good conduct and soldierly qualities". The applications had formerly been made directly to the regimental headquarters. [special order 5, HQ 91st PA, 13 Jan 65]

Men going home on furlough were sometimes used as couriers. For example, Andrew Brown (C) mentions in a letter that he sent it with Ambrose Baker, and that his family could send a penknife and small carpenter's axe back with Baker if they hadn't already sent it.

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