91st PA--lost property

91st PA--lost property

When the regiment began marching toward Antietam, about 12 September 1862, they were ordered to leave their knapsacks at Meridian Hill, Washington DC. Thomas Walter and others refused, and were able to keep them because the regiment had to begin marching. They were glad later, because the knapsacks left behind were never returned. George Eyre, the quartermaster, attempted to find them, but never returned to the regiment, because he died (of an illness) on 31 December 1862. When the regiment reenlisted, the men were initially charged for the lost clothing. (This is probably why on 16 November 1863 Colonel Gregory asked company commanders to list all clothes lost or deposited at Meridian Hill.) After they complained about the injustice, some adjustment was made. [Sources: Thomas Walter, 'Personal Recollections and experiences of an obscure soldier', Grand Army Scout and Soldiers' Mail, volume 3, number 36 page 1, number 36 page 2, and number 43 page 6; circular, HQ 91st PA, 16 November 1863] (Eli Sellers later asked for the return of goods stored in warehouses in Alexandria; one may hope they were more successful in getting those goods returned! [letter, Sellers to Lee, 23 November 1864].)

On 12 August 1863, the 91st received a special order about unnecessary loss of public property. In September 1863, the regiment lost one axe, for which Captain Bowman was responsible [letter, Gregory to Marvin, 2 Oct 1863].

Eleven men lost rifles and either accoutrements or bayonets in May and June 1864. They were Francis Braceland (E) 2 Springfield rifle muskets & 1 set accoutrements, Joseph Bake (A) 1 Springfield rifle musket & bayonet, corp Simeon Zane (A) 1 Springfield rifle musket & accoutrements, Charles Thomas (A), Hugh Callahan (E), William Gillmore (E), Robert Wooden (E), Joseph Green (E), John M. Boyer (K), Henry Bozier (K), and Colando [??] M. Jones [unidentified] (L) all lost 1 Springfield rifle musket & accoutrements [letter, Lentz to Bennett, 16 July 1864]

In Oct 64, John H Kennedy (I) was charged for a knapsack, and William Roesch (E) for a gun and a complete set of accoutrements (letter, Sellers to Barnett, 13 Nov 64, and circular, HQ 91st PA, 13 Nov 64).

The company B descriptive book includes a list that may be of lost equipment.

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