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91st PA--missing in action

91st PA--Missing in action

(Incomplete list)

William Lofft (C) mia, unknown date
Henry Gentle (K) mia at Fredericksburg on 13 Dec 63
see casualties at Chancellorsville for a list of men reported missing on 7 May 1863
see missing in action in the Gettysburg and subsequent campaign for a list of men reported missing in action on 28 July 1863

John Parks (E) was reported missing in action at Snicker's Gap, VA, probably early in November 62, but had actually been captured
Richard Wakefield (I) reported returned from mia on 9 June 63

On 9 July 1863, Brigadier General Garrard ordered men who were missing in action dropped from the rolls, including these men:

Michael Connelly (K), reported mia 3 May 63, at Chancellorsville; listed as killed according to Bates
William Roberts (H) gained from mia 8 Aug 63
Johnson Agnew (A), William Beale [?] (C), Albert Morgan (C), John Worl (C), James Smith (F) gained from mia 6 Oct 63
Stephen Kelly (E) gained from mia 9 Oct 63
James Hood (H) gained from mia 9 Oct 63
Henry Rodsheadt (I) gained from mia 9 Oct 63
Edward Shinkle (C) and John Donnolly (C) reported mia 1 Nov 63; both had died 13 July, in Richmond
Samuel Dougherty (I) gained 1 Nov 63

Geo W Justice (D), Geo Scott (D), Geo W Sweed (D), Chas Bailey (D), James Clarke (E), Joseph Green (E) [regained 20 Nov 63], and John Fink (H) all mia on 30 Sep 64 near Peeble's House

Jacob Appel was dropped on 7 October 1864, but actually had died on 12 May 1864, before he was transferred to the 91st with the 62nd PA.

Joseph Amer (D) reported mia on 28 December 1864, returned 17 Feb 65 at Annapolis
George Finney (H) captured 6 Feb 65; regained 22 March 1865

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