The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS, "Loyal Legion") was founded in 1865. Membership was restricted to officers, their direct male descendents, and a small number of civilian males. It grew significantly in the 1880's and 1890's (after the death of its first recorder, Samuel Mitchell, whose recordkeeping was imperfect), and had about eight thousand members in 1900. It stressed patriotism, and apparently began the practice of standing when the National Anthem was played.

Members from the 91st Pennsylvania

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name insignia
commandery date "original member"
on MOLLUS web page
Keyser, Peter 2 Pennsylvania 1865 April 15 yes founding member
Gilbert, Franklin B 3 Pennsylvania ? yes dropped by 1882
Houghton, Charles Woodman 2435 Pennsylvania 1882 May 3    
Weeks, John Huey 2445 Pennsylvania 1882 May 3 yes  
Donnelly, James Joseph 5491 Pennsylvania 1887 May 4    
Gilbert, Joseph 5494 Pennsylvania 1887 May 4 yes  
Shipley, Howard Wheatley 5996 Pennsylvania 1888 Feb 1 yes  
Closson, James Harwood 6758 Pennsylvania 1889 Feb 6   son (father died 1864)
Hall, Matthew 6767 Pennsylvania 1889 Feb 6 yes  
Matlack, Lewis Taws 7648 Pennsylvania 1890 Feb 5 yes  
LeTourneau, William 11020 Pennsylvania 1895 May 1 yes  
Lentz, David H ? California ?    
Bowman, Alpheus ? Washington DC ?    
Diehl, James B ? ? ? yes  


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