91st PA--morale


(I started collecting information in December 2014, and haven't collected everything. See for example Thomas Walter and the series of articles he wrote about the 91st.)

card , 11 July 1862
Rumors had the commissioned officers nearly in open mutiny, with the regiment reduced to 400 men, and Colonel Gregory being too harsh to the regiment and too lenient to the Confederates. The commissioned officers took those rumors seriously enough to publish a "card" denying them.
letter, William H Johnson to his parents, 4 January 1864
[Johnson had been transferred to the 155th Pennsylvania, with other men who were not willing to reenlist]
'i am transfered [sic] with the rest that would not re enlist into the one hundred and fifty fifth regement [sic] we have good officers now and the men our [sic] all willing to do what is right as long as they are treated right we got three dollars a peice [sic] of compay [sic] fund a small sum to what we ought to have had the Colonel said he was a going [sic] to try and get us back when the regement [sic] come [sic] back we dont [sic] want to have anything more to do with him and we are a going [sic] to serve our time out in the one Hundred and fifty fifth regement [sic]'
letter, Henry G Mathes to his mother, 26 February 1864
[Mathes had been drafted into the 90th Pennsylvania, after being discharged from the 91st because of disability]
'somehow I do not like this Regiment as much as I did the other one. The officers seem to be down on us because we are enlisted [?]. but for my part I do not care a snap of my finger for any of them. I think that I can take [manuscript page 3] care of myself without of [sic] any of their help.'
letter, Andrew Brown to his father and sister, 3 March 1863
'Bin [sic] reported here that the Regt had left for here and we have bin [sic] expectin [sic] it down every Day but I don't [sic] cair [sic] if they never come for I am just as well of [sic] in the Regt that I am in as would be in the 91st'

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