91st PA--men in the National Home, 1881-1883

91st PA--National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1881-1883

[source: National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. Report of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, transmitting the report of the said board for the year ending June 30, 1884. January 5, 1885. Serial Set volume 2310, session volume 1, 48th Congress, 2nd Session, House Miscellaneous Document 11, pages 216-217]
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[preceded by this heading: "Record of disabled volunteer soldiers who now are and have been members of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, from July 1, 1881, to June 30, 1883." (p.123)]
NameCompanyRankLength of service, monthsNativityAgePension per month, dollarsDisabilityWhen admittedStatus
Boyd, AndrewHP.3Ire.836rheu.3, 3, 80S. pre.
Collins, JohnDP.45Ire.752w. l. l.26, 7, 67C. dec. 13, 8, 82.
Devine, JamesBP.8Ire.5814var. v.7, 6, 76S. pre.
Falls, John*AP.18Pa.578w. l. s.6, 7, 81C. dis. 6, 7, 81.
Ganz [sic], CharlesIP.15Ger.72...dis. e.7, 2, 82S. pre.
Grey, RobertCP.44Pa.62...rheu.9, 2, 82S. pre.
Hawkins, E. G. [I have not been able to identify him]HP.9Pa.25...epilep.13, 8, 71E. dec. 7, 7, 82.
McCann, Merritt*BP.30Ire.60...gen. deb.20, 8, 82S. pre.
McClintock, J. R.*HP.17Pa.47...rheu.22, 8, 82S. pre.
McFeeters, Robert*DP.20Ire.634w. body.25, 6, 82S. pre.
Ott, George DCP.50Pa.644w. l. th.24, 12, 77C. dis. 31, 3, 82.
Thomas, David B...H.S.42Ill.5626rheu.18, 7, 76S. pre.
Williams Samuel*EP.11S.C.564w. l. a.23, 6, 83S. pre.

[relevant abbreviation, from page 129]
dates are day, month, year

* = first admission

dis e = disease eye
epilep = [presumably epilepsy]
gen deb = general debility
rheu = rheumatism
var v = varicose veins
w body = wounds body
w l a = wounds left arm
w l l = wounds left leg
w l s = wounds left s [perhaps shoulder?]
w l th = wounds left thigh

C = Central Branch
E = Eastern Branch
S = Southern Branch
dec = deceased
dis = discharged
pre = present

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