91st PA--men in the National Home, 1885-1886

91st PA--National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1885-86

[source: Report of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1886. Serial Set volume 2488, session volume 1, 49th Congress, 2nd Session, House Miscellaneous Document 1, pages 194-195]
[see National Soldiers Home]
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NameCompanyRankLength of service, monthsNativityAgePension per month, dollarsDisabilityWhen admittedStatus
91st Infantry:
Allen, JohnGP.24Ire.65...diarrh.27, 5, 80C. dec 21, 11, 85
[page 195 starts here]
Jacobs, Jerome BEP.15Pa.516w. l. hand.27, 10, 85See U.S. Navy.
Owens, EdwardBP.6Eng.87 epilepsy3, 1, 71C. dec. 28, 3, 86.
Pool, George LHP.50Pa.436w. r. arm.24, 4, 85S. dis. 1, 12, 85.
Snyder, WilliamKP.36.Pa64...diarrh.6, 8, 85S. pre.
Woolson, John LIP.35Del.57....rheu.26, 7, 85S. pre.
[the next line is from page 214, under 'United States Navy']
Jacobs, Jerome BCarpenter24Pa.516w. l. hand.27, 10, 85N.W. dis. 20, 3, 86

[some abbreviations, from other reports]
dates are day, month, year

deb = debility
dis = disease
gen = general
l.l.a. = loss left arm
l.r.a. = loss right arm
loco ataxia = [presumably locomotor ataxia, see Wikipedia article (linked 23 March 2006)]
prolap ani = prolapsus ani [prolapse of the anus]
rheu = rheumatism
var v = varicose veins
w = wounds
w l a = wounds left arm
w l l = wounds left leg
w l s = wounds left shoulder or side?
w l th = wounds left thigh
w r a = wounds right arm
w r h = wounds right h [presumably hand ?]
w r s = wounds right shoulder or side?

C = Central Branch
E = Eastern Branch
S = Southern Branch
W = North-Western Branch
GIA = Government Insane Asylum

dec = deceased
dis = discharged
pre = present

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