91st PA--original members

91st PA--Original members

I've arbitrarily defined 'original members' as those who were mustered in before the end of training, 21 January 1862. Bates lists these final dispositions for the "original members":

258discharged on surgeon's certificate
128mustered out, with company or regiment
64not on muster-out roll
58mustered out, expiration of term
39transferred to Veterans' Reserve Corps
21discharged by writ of habeas corpus
20not accounted for
19absent, sick, at muster out
18discharged by general order
14transferred to other regiments
12discharged [unspecified]
7discharged by special order
5absent, in hospital, at muster out
4dropped from the rolls
3missing in action
3discharged, expiration of term
3absent at muster out
2mustered out, unspecified
2discharged to receive commission
2discharged for wounds received
2absent, on furlough, at muster out
2transferred to regular army
1transferred to US navy
1promoted to surgeon 124th regiment PA Volunteer infantry
1discharged dishonorably
1discharged by sentence of general court martial
1absent, under arrest, at muster out
1absent, on detached duty, at muster out
1absent, wounded, at muster out

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