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91st PA--other service

91st PA--other military service

Some members of the 91st had served in three-month regiments, including at least four men who had served in the 17th Pennsylvania Infantry. Others had some training as part of the Philadelphia Home Guards. At least one, Lieutenant-Colonel Wallace, had fought in the "old wars" (that is, wars between the Revolutionary and the Civil War). One member, Wade Laconia (E), had fought in two regiments before he enlisted in 1865, and had even applied for and been granted a pension!

At least two men, James Henesey and Alfred Dubois, had served in the Confederate Army! (They were transferred from the 118th Pennsylvania to the 91st Pennsylvania on 1 June 1865.)

At least four men had served in the Mexican War: Edward Wallace, Reuben Peel, John P Carie, and John Donnell. Perhaps John Q Adams, who served in the "old war", also served in the Mexican War.

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