91st PA--quartermaster department

91st PA--Quartermaster department

Quartermaster sergeants included John Dyke (4 Dec 61 to ?24 May 62), Franklin Miller (on qm staff starting 6 Nov 61), Archibald Nimmo (promoted 26 Mar 65 effective 1 Mar 65), William W Widdefield (1 July 65)

Commissary sergeants include: Franklin Miller, Thomas Scott (25 May 62 to 7 Dec 62), Jacob Geisenhoffer, George Gibson, John Partenheimer (25 Dec 62-2 Jan 65), and Robert Boyd (1 Jan 65-?).

George Eyre was the regimental quartermaster beginning 4 or 7 October 1861. Effective 1 January 1863, David Lentz was promoted to regimental quartermaster, replacing George Eyre.

On 9 August 1864, Justus Gregory, the acting regimental quartermaster, was ordered to take all surplus ordnance and ordnance stores to the nearest post [special order 70, HQ 91st PA, 9 Aug 64].

On 12 Sep 64, Adam Stitzman was relieved from duty in the quartermaster department, as regimental butcher, and William [?] Irving (D) was assigned to duty in the quartermaster department [special order 77, HQ 91st PA, 12 Sep 64].

On 25 Oct 64, William Irving (D) was relieved from duty in the regimental quartermasters department, and Thomas Irving (D) was detailed for duty in the regimental quartermasters department [special order 102, HQ 91st PA, 25 October 1864]

On 20 November 1864, the regimental quartermasters department consisted of the acting regimental qm (Justus Gregory), a clerk (Edwin Burr), and the regimental butcher (Thomas Irving) [letter, Sellers to Bartlett, 20 Nov 64].

On 26 March 1865, Archibald Nimmo was promoted to quartermaster sergeant (s.o.22, HQ 91st PA, 26 Mar 65).

On 20 May 65: (I) John R Allen was relieved from the duties of acting reg't quartermaster, and ordered to turn over all public property to Archibald Nimmo, (II) QM Archibald Nimmo was authorized to receive & issue ordnance & ordnance stores, and (III) Charles Powell (C) was detailed as clerk in the regt qr mr dept [s.o.27, HQ 91st PA, 20 May 65]

On 26 June 1865, William Carpenter (D) was detailed as acting regt qr mr, replacing Archibald Nimmo, who had been appointed A.A.Q.M. 5 Corp.

On 6 July 1865, William Chandler was relieved from duty as acting regt qr mr, and qr mr Archibald Nimmo was ordered to receipt to him for all public property [s.o.40, HQ 91st PA, 6 July 1865].

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