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91st PA--substitutes

91st PA--Substitutes



Number of substitutes

Final disposition

Names of substitutes

act of 3 March 1863, section 13 [separate file]


Apparently someone could supply a substitute after they had begun serving! Andrew J Hill (B) was mustered in on 12 March 1864, and was discharged five months later on 22 August 1864 (or perhaps even 28 January 1865!) by special order. According to the company descriptive book, he had "Furnished [a] Substitute"!

Number of substitutes

Bates lists 282 men as substitutes. Some may have been in the 100 men received on 14 October 1864; Bates claims they were draftees, but Sellers says they were drafted men and substitutes. (Sellers asked for a medical officer, apparently to examine them, on 23 October [letter].)

transferred from 118th PA Vol Inf24
transferred from 62nd PA Vol Inf4

Final disposition

182mustered out with company
39deserted (14%)
18absent, sick, at muster out
18discharged by general order
4absent at muster out
3absent, on detached service, at muster out
3dropped from the muster rolls
2absent, in hospital, at muster out
1discharged [unspecified]
1absent on furlough at muster out
1absent, by sentence of GCM, at muster out
1transferred to 19th Mass Vol Inf as a deserter [!?]
1discharged on surgeon's certificate


Abbott, Leroy (K)

Ache, Henry (A, I [from 118th PA])

Adams, George (K)

Allen, John (I)

Allert, John (D)

Anderson, John (H)

Anderson, John (K)

Andrews, Aaron (K)

Anthony, Rinard (K)

Augar, John (A)

Bachman, Stephen (H)

Bailey, John (I)

Baker, George (B)

Banker, Ephraim (D)

Barnhart, Zachariah (C)

Barr, Samuel (H)

Becker, Frederick (H)

Beeman, James (H)

Bell, William (D)

Bender, Christian (A)

Bennett, Henry A (H)

Benson, George (I, from 118th PA)

Berger, Frederick (C)

Bilby, Morrison (I)

Bittner, Michael (B)

Blake, Edwin (K)

Bond, Lewis (B)

Boose, Daniel (D)

Boyer, Jeremiah (B)

Boyer, John M (B)

Boyle, Edward (I)

Brandt, Christian [or Brank] (E)

Braun, Daniel (G)

Brocus, John (H)

Broderick, Thomas (H)

Brown, Emanuel (H)

Brown, John (A, from 118th PA)

Bryan, John (A)

Buck, Peter (H)

Burns, John (I)

Bushman, Henry (A)

Campbell, John (E)

Carrigan, Francis (E)

Childs, James (I)

Clark, James (G)

Clark, James (I)

Clark, John (G)

Clauser, Lando (B)

Clements, Henry (C)

Clemmence, John (H)

Clonohan, Bernard (B, from 118th PA)

Clutterbuck, John (E) substitute for Thomas Franklin, 2nd subdistrict, 2nd congressional district

Collin, Jean (B)

Collins, George (F, from 118th PA)

Conden, James (I)

Conlon [or Colston?], Michael (E)

Conly, John (B)

Cornish, John (unassigned)

Czerny, Carl (C)

Crossley, George (K)

Cupless, John (C)

Davis, George (K)

Davis, George (K)

Davis, Joseph (D)

Dawson, George (K, from 62nd PA)

Debaun, Henry (K)

Deerr, John (H)

Defibaugh, James (G)

Delaney, Thomas (K)

Dell, James (B)

Denges, George (G)

Dennison, John (K)

Dillon, Charles (I)

Dobler, Jacob (H)

Donahue, James (E)

Donaldson, Thomas (E)

Dubois, Alfred (I, from 118th PA)

Durkin, Mark (K)

Ecker, Morris (H)

Eisenhart, Conrad (G)

Ellwanger, Henry (H)

Eringer, John (C)

Evans, Joseph (A)

Evarts, Nicholas (H)

Everhart, Charles (I)

Everitt, David (H)

Ferry, James (E)

Fissel, William (G)

Frazier, Alexander (E)

Fritz, George (G)

Furgeson, William (C)

Gable, George (H)

Gaffney, Thomas (E)

Gally, Anthony (B)

Galvin, James (E)

Gere, James (E)

Gibhart, John (I, from 118th PA)

Gill, John (I)

Gilland, James (C)

Giraski, Samuel (no company)

Goovier, Joseph (I, from 118th PA)

Gorman, Martin (G)

Graham, James (I)

Green, Thomas (E)

Gross, Henry (H)

Hamblin, John (C)

Hanlin, Nesbit (I)

Hanton, John (C)

Harcah, Joseph (G)

Harley, James (E)

Harris, James (I)

Harris, Stephen (C)

Harris, William (C)

Heckenluber, G R (F)

Helfrick, William (G)

Henesey, James (A)

Henry, John (E)

Hildibrandt, John (E)

Hilty, George (I)

Hilty, Michael (I)

Hobson, George (H)

Hodge, George (E)

Hohman, William (C)

Holly, George (H)

Houser, Joseph (I)

Howarth, George (E)

Hubler, Edward (H)

Hudson, Tobias (D)

Hughes, John (G)

Hughes, Thomas (D)

Hull, Archibald (K)

Hummel, Benneville (H)

Hunley, Thomas (C)

Ickes, Adam (I)

Ickes, William (I)

Iddings, Ellis (K)

Ives, Sephronas (C)

Jackson, George (I)

Johnson, Chester (H)

Jones, Charles (C)

Jordan, Lewis (H)

Klar [or Kear], Augustus (A)

Keehne, Charles (E)

Keller, William (C)

Kelly, Daniel (G)

Kelly, Daniel (H)

Kelly, David (H)

Kelly, John (G)

Kennedy, William (H)

Kennewell, James (G)

Kiernan, James (E)

King, Michael (I)

Kittleby, George (K)

Klotz, Francis (H, from 118th PA)

Knause, Henry (D)

Knickerbocker, F (K)

Knouse, William (F)

Knowles, Simon (K)

Koon, Henry (F)

Krause, John (I, from 118th PA)

Krisher, Calvin (C)

Kuntz, Francis (H)

Laconia, Wade (E)

Lamp, George (C)

Larner, Thomas (K)

Laughlin, Patrick (C)

Lawrence, William (G)

Leedon, David (E)

Links, Frederick (H, from 118th PA)

Linton, Thomas (E)

Little, Joseph (H, from 118th PA)

Little, Reuben (F)

Logan, David (D)

Long, Emanuel (B)

Lowery, John (F, from 118th PA)

Maguire, Thomas (I)

Mahoney, James (E)

Mardorf, Christian (G)

Marland, John (I)

Matchett, Edward (G)

McCabe, James (C)

McCluney, Samuel (H)

McCoyer, Thomas (F, from 118th PA)

McElerey, Philip (C)

McGinnis, Philip (A)

McGogney, William (I)

McGovern, John (C)

McGowan, John (D, from 118th PA)

McGraph, Lawrence (E)

McIlvee, William (F)

McManus, Charles (E)

McPherson, Elliott (H)

McWilliams, Henry (E)

Mervins, Robert (C)

Miller, Edgar (H, from 118th PA)

Miller, Jacob (D)

Miller, John (F)

Million, Nicholas or Nicholas William (B)

Mitchell, William (A)

Mock, Jennings (I)

Moore, John (I)

Moore, John C (D)

Moran, Hugh (K)

Morgan, John T (?) [entry crossed out]

Morris, Michael (C)

Most, Charles (H)

Mothersbaugh, Sanford (B)

Murphy, Daniel (K)

Murray, James (A)

Murphy, Patrick (E)

Musselman, AM (H)

Myers, Andrew (I, from 118th PA)

Nable, Jeremiah (H)

Nahle, Jacob (I, from 118th PA)

Neill, William (apparently never reported)

Nelson, Carl (E)

Norton, William (K, from 62nd PA)

Otway, Samuel (K)

Osborne, Mark (K)

Ostenwalter, Adam (C)

O'Harra, Michael (B)

O'Neill, James (C)

Ott, Charles (-)

Parks, Robert (D, from 118th PA)

Perry, John (K)

Phillips, Oscar (C)

Plank, Isaac (D)

Powers, David (K)

Price, Benjamin (I, from 118th PA)

Privet, Henry (C)

Rahn, William (D)

Ramsey, George (K)

Rauvaux, William (B)

Reeves, Herbert (C)

Reisinger, George (I)

Richardson, Luke (I)

Rivert, Edward (I, from 118th PA)

Richard Roberts (E)

Robinson, William (B)

Rocholiamzky, W (G)

Rook, James (G)

Ross, William (H)

Roth, Charles (G)

Rothleder, George (G)

Rowland, John (K)

Royal, Samuel (K)

Ryon, John (-)

Ryon, Michael S (-)

Sander, Charles (G)

Savage, Amos (K) (from 62nd PA)

Schei, Charles (-)

Schmall, Gerhard (K)

Schneller, Jacob (B)

Seiler, Philip (G)

Seybert, Samuel (K) (from 62nd PA)

Shappell, Peter (H)

Shellenberger, George (B)

Shields, Robert (I)

Shoemaker, Albert (C)

Shumber, Daniel (G)

Shutzle, Michael (H)

Simmer, Jacob (G)

Simons, William (K)

Simpson, Charles (G)

Small, Jeremiah (F)

Smith, Charles (D, from 118th PA)

Smith, Charles (K)

Smith, Henry (D)

Smith, Isaac (B)

Smith, John (B)

Smith, John (C)

Smith, John R (118th PA) [maybe drafted?]

Smith, William H (D)

Snoke, William (C)

Souash, David (K)

Spackerd, Joseph (H)

Spangler, Franklin (G)

Spencer, James (I)

Stanley, Edwin (C)

Stansbury, Hosea (K)

Starnowsky, Chas (H)

Stauffer, Samuel (K)

Sterle, David (H)

Sterle, Godfried (H)

Stewart, Oliver (D)

Stillwagon, Augustus (H)

Stine, John [or Stein] (E)

Strauser, John (H)

Striger, Michael (A)

Strock, Henry (E)

Strouse, William (K)

Sullivan, John (K)

Swank, William (K)

Sweeney, Patrick (E)

Tagan, John (E)

Thompson, Daniel (C)

Thompson, William (K)

Townsend, William (C)

Tramak, Antonia (H)

Troure, Henry (C)

Van Aussen, Charles (H)

Veithoofer, Sebastian (I)

Voct, John (C)

Wankel, Frederick (G)

War, William (G)

Weber, John (G)

Weigle, Abraham (G)

Weigle, Franklin (G)

Weigle, William (G)

Welsh, Richard (I)

West, James (C)

Westcott, Oscar (K)

Whitaker, John (I)

Whittie, Herman (B)

Will, Martin (E)

Williams, John (G)

Wilson, Charles (H)

Withers, Thomas (F)

Wolfarth, George (or John) (C)

Wolfgang, William (H)

Wonderley, John (C)

Wright, John (G)

Wright, Norman (I)

Yingling, Daniel (B, from 118th PA)

Young, George M (B, from 118th PA)

Young, Robert (K)

Zeigler, Dilman (H)

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