91st PA--boards of survey

91st PA--Boards of survey

3 October 1863
Captains F Gregory, Casner, and Faust, were appointed a board of survey to inventory and report the condition of public property transferred to Morris Kayser because of the discharge of Captain Bowman [special order 101, HQ 91st PA, 3 October 1863]
6 March 1864

John Casner (K), Henry Francis (F), John Donnell (I), to convene on 7th at 9 am to investigate deficiency of items for which David Baker (E) and John Brass (B) are responsible

5 July 1864
Matthew Hall (E), John Casner (K), William Michael (F) to determine government property in co.C [special order 63, HQ 91st PA, 5 Jul 64]
10 July 1864
Matthew Hall (E), James Clossen (H), and John Donnell (I) to determine government property in co.D [special order 65, HQ 91st PA, 10 Jul 64]
24 September 1864
James Closson, Theodore Hope, and Edward Maguigan were appointed board of survey to determine amount of property in co D John Hamill was responsible for [special order 84, 24 September 1864]
7 November 1864
John Donnell, William Michael and John Graham (recorder) appointed board of survey to determine property in companies D, B, and K for which John Edgar, George Finney, and John Allen were respectively responsible

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