91st PA--sutlers

91st PA--Sutler

On 11 February 1862, Henry Mathers (E) told his mother he had owed the sutler $1 (and spent $3 on new boots). And on 15 April 1862, Henry Mathers (E) told his mother that he hadn't been able to send her more money because he had to settle his debt with the sutler and washwoman.

On 26 August 1863, the regiment received two orders from Army headquarters about sutlers. One was about sutlers' "supplying the wants of officers". The other was about "regularly appointed sutlers and no others to be appointed". On 31 August 1863, the regiment received an order from brigade hq about sutlers, dated 24 August 1863.

On 4 January 1864, William H Johnson (K) claimed 'with a few extras from the sutler i [sic] make as good a meal as i wish to have'.

On 18 April 1864, Andrew Brown (C) noted in a letter that the sutlers and extra baggage had been sent to the rear, presumably preparing for the forthcoming campaign. (The regiment broke camp on 30 April.)

On 27 April 1864, Sinex reported that neither F. Klim, the former sutler of the 91st, nor the present sutler, Robertson, had ever been assessed (letter, Sinex to Fowler, 27 April 1864).

On 13 September 1864, Sellers notified company commanders of the regular monthly inspection, and called their attention to various regulations, and to article 29 of the articles of war, which forbade sutlers from selling liquor at various times.

On 20 November 1864, William B Robinson was the 91st's sutler (by order of the War Department) [letter, Sellers to Bartlett, 20 Nov 64].

Daniel Whartonby owed William Robinson, the sutler, $2 when he died on 3 June 1865.

On 29 November 1864, Sellers reported that the sutler had paid no tax [letter, Sellers to Bartlett, 29 Nov 64].

See article 25 of the Army Regulations.

Robert Eyre, brother of Benjamin and George Eyre, worked for an Army sutler, perhaps as a clerk.

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