91st PA--veterans' reserve corps

Veterans' reserve corps (Invalid corps)

Michael Bergin, co E, deserted after the Battle of Chancellorsville, and joined the Invalid Corps (!). He was returned to the regiment, and tried for desertion. On 30 Aug 1864, Sellers explained why some lists of deserters had not been filed with the VRC; perhaps they were required to avoid cases like this.

1 man was transferred to the VRC in May 1864.
2 men were reported transferred to the VRC on 15 Aug 63
2 men were reported transferred to the VRC on 21 Apr 64
One source (and the pension index by name card) claims William Simpson (C) was transferred to the VRC, but others claim he was discharged when his term expired.
The pension index card claims John Black served in C [?] 24 VRC, but Bates claims he was absent sick when the 91st was discharged. Perhaps he served in the VRC after his prior service in the 4th Pennsylvania Infantry?
The pension index card also claims Henry Koon served in 113 Co 2 Battn VRC.

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