91st PA--pre-war wages

91st PA--pre-war wages

Mothers had to prove they were dependent on their sons to receive a pension based on their deceased sons' service. This usually involved mentioning how much their sons earned before enlisting. I don't know how accurate these reports are, but summarize them here. (Note also that I do not know how many hours (or days) the men worked, and that in some cases they may have been apprentices--Rudolph Maidel's mother's file actually says that he was an apprentice and joined the army to be able to support his mother.)

I have not yet looked at these two reports, which have some relevant evidence:

Joseph D Weeks. Reports on the statistics of wages in manufacturing industries with supplementary reports. Washington, DC: 1886. Serial Set volume 2150, 47th Congress, 2nd session, session volume 13. House Miscellaneous Document 42 part 20 Nelson W Aldrich. Wholesale prices, wages, and transportation. 52nd Congress, 2nd session, SR 1394. Washington, DC: 1893.

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name occupation weekly earnings comment
Tierney, James currier $10 to $15  
McNulty, Bernard laborer $10 to $12  
Simpson, Robert glassblower $20 to $25  
Drew, Michael glassblower $15 1852-1861
Andrews, Joseph H machinist $02.50 to $03.00  
Andrews, Joseph H laborer $05 $1 per day
McDermott, James laborer $07  
Cahill, Patrick light laboring $05 to $06 another report: $3/wk
Armstrong, Robert J clerk $10  
Ginther, David laborer $10  
Lammey, Francis printer $04  
Mellor, Charles A machinist $06  
Flynn, John J printer $03  
Lutz, William gardener $12 to $14 stonecutter by trade; gardener by occupation
Whartonby, Daniel worked in pottery $04  
Ogden, Edward varnisher $09  
Carrigan, Francis plasterer $15 for years
Scott, Thomas B clerk [dry goods] $07.50 $1.50/day 'or whatever the regular wages were at that time'
Mathers, Henry G clerk [grocery] $05 replaced by someone earning >$5/wk
Brown, Andrew morocco finisher (apprentice) $05  

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