91st PA--Deserters in Company A

Deserters in Company A

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[source: Descriptive Rolls of 91st PA; National Archives and Record Administration]
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[The dates don't match the dates in Bates. According to Bates, James Fritzinger deserted on 31 Oct 61, John Solomon on 2 Apr 62, and Richard Quinlan on 3 Apr 62; Bates does not have dates for the other two desertions.]

Register of Deserters.

No. Names. Rank. When. From Where. Remarks.
1 James Fritzinger Private Sept 29th /61 Philada Pa Whereabouts not Known
2 Jacob Buck " Nov 21 " Drumed [sic] out of Camp [dicharged by order of general court martial]
3 John Solomon " May 6th /62 Washington Gone to Philadelphia
4 Richard Quinlin " March 14th /62 " Went to Phila on a furlough and never returned
5 Franklin J Clough " Dec 17th /62 Fredricksburg went away with the wounded and never retur[ned]

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