91st PA--Men transferred from Company A

Transfers from Company A

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[source: Descriptive Rolls of 91st PA; National Archives and Record Administration]

[This page is preceded by a page with a card in it, which has on it: "Descriptive Books. 91 Reg't Pa. Inf. CO. A NUMBER ON FILE 1 NUMBER OF NAMES. 187 Aug. 17, 1894 W.A.T."]

Register of Men Transferred.

No. Names. Rank. When. By whose Order. What Reason. Remarks.
1 George W. Eyre Private Aug 26th 1861 Col Gregory Promotion To Quarter Master
2 Benjamin B. Eyre " Oct 4th " " " " To 2nd Lieut Company [I]
3 Walter S. Stark " Oct 8th " " " " To 2d Sergt "
4 Philip C. Elberti " [blank] " " " To Medical Staff
5 Franklin B. Miller Corpl Nov 6th " " " " To Quarter Master Sta[ff]
6 Newton Collins Private Dec 4 " " [blank] To Co I Capt Carie
[The following line is very light.]
7 Joseph Miller Private Jan 2nd [1862] [blank] Promotion To War Department
8 James P. Lewis " Apl 2d /63 War department [illegible word] Wnds To Invalid Corps

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