91st PA--commissioned officers in Company C

Commissioned officers in Company C

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[Source: Descriptive Rolls of 91st PA; National Archives and Record Administration]
[related page: officers in the 91st PA (Official Army Register)
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List of Commissioned Officers.

Names Rank Date of Appointment Remarks.
Peter D. Keyser Capt Sept 21st 1861 Resigned
James E Sulger Capt Augst 15th 1862 Resigned
Joseph Gilbert Capt Oct 10th 1864 Promoted from 1st Sergt
James E Sulger 1st Lieut Sept 21st 1861 Promoted to Captain
Theo H Parsons 1st Lieut Augst 15th /62  
James Delavan 1st Lieut Dec 22 /62 Promoted from 1st Sergt
Joseph Everhart 1st Lieut Oct [?] 10th /64  
Theo H. Parsons 2nd Lieut Sept 21st 1861 Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
John Sage 2nd Lieut Aug 15th [?] /62 [?] Resigned December 22nd /62 [?]
Edward J. Maguigan 2nd Lieut Dec 22 /62 Promoted from Sergt

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