91st PA--non-commissioned officers in Company E

Non-commissioned officers in Company E

[Source: descriptive books, National Archives and Records Administration]
[Note: this list does not include all promotions. For example, Samuel Conrad was promoted to first sergeant effective 26 May 1865, but is not listed as a first sergeant, and George Hampton was promoted to sergeant on 1 June 1865, but is not listed as a sergeant, and George W Keever was promoted to sergeant on 1 June 1865, but is not listed. Clearly, the list does not include promotions at the end of the company's service. More surprisingly, William Jeffries is not listed as a corporal, although the descriptive roll lists him as promoted to corporal, and then to sergeant.]
[I have proofread and edited this list.]
[This list is on two pages, and is divided into four groups: first sergeants, sergeants, corporals, and musicians.]
No.Names.Rank.Date of Appointment.Remarks.
1David B. Baker1st SergtSept 10th /61Promoted to first Lieut Jan 1st /63, Vice Hall Promoted
2Louis Brophy" " "Jan 1st /63Promoted to first sergt Jan first 1st /63 Vice Baker Promoted
3John L. Graham" " "June 23d /64Promoted June 23d /64 Vice Brophy Kill [sic] in action Jun
4John J. Griffith" " "Sept 16th /64Promoted from Private to first sergt sept 16th /64 Vice Graham Prom
Promoted to 2nd Lieut May 26 /65.
1Samuel E. ConradSergtSept. 10th /61Deserted May 1st /62 Returned under Presidents Proclamation [illegible month] 1st /63. Reduced to the Ranks With Loss off [sic] all Pay for time Of absence Reinstated Sergt June 23d /64 for soldierly Conduct
2Theodore A. Hope" " "Sept. 10th /61Promoted to 1st Lieut Vice Baker Resighned [sic]
3Henry Elliott" " "Sept 10 /61Discharged for Disability November 28th /62
4Samuel S. Griffith" " "Sept. 10 /61Discharged By Reason Of Expiration Of Term Of service
5Louis Brophy" " "Mar /62Promoted to first sergt Vice Baker Promoted
6John L. Graham" " "Jan 1st /63Promoted to first sergt Vice Brophy Killed in action
7Cyrus Cartledge" " "Jan 1st /63Discharged By Reason of expiration term of service
8Francis O. Dell" " "Feb /62Deserted May 1st /62 Returned under Presidents Proclimation [sic] Reduc[ed] to the Ranks With Loss Of all Pay for time absent Promoted from [illegible word, possibly 'corp']
9Montgomery Burr" " "Sept. 16th /64Promoted to sergt from Corporal
10Philip F. Stotsenburg"Sept. 16th /64Promoted to sergt from Corporal
11William H. Jeffries" " "Sept. 16th /64Promoted from [sic] sergt from Corporal

Date of Appointment.Remarks.
1Philip F. Stotsenburg" "Sept. 10th /61Promoted to sergt Vice Graham Promoted for soldierly Conduct
2Louis Brophy" "" " "Promoted to sergt for [sic] Vice Odel [sic] Deserted for soldierly Conduct [Francis O. Dell deserted, not Louis Brophy. Also, the company E descriptive roll gives "soldierly appearance" as the reason for Brophy's promotion to sergeant]
3Michael Snyder" " "" " "Promoted to Corpl [sic] Discharged for Disability
4Joseph H Smith" " "" " "Joseph Smith Promoted to Corpl [sic] Reduced for Being absent While his Compy Was engaged With the enemy at Wilderness Va
5Cyrus Cartledge" " "" " "Promoted to sergt Vice Elliott Discharged
6Francis O. Dell" " "" " "Promoted to sergt Vice elliott Reduced [Dell did become sergeant, in February 1862, but Elliott was discharged on 28 November 1862, and Cartledge was promoted to sergeant on 1 January 1863. I'm therefore inclined to trust the previous entry. Checking the muster rolls may help.]
7John L. Graham" " "" " "Promoted to sergt Vice Brophy [According to his entry in the descriptive book, he was replacing Elliott.] Promoted to 1s Sergt
8Montgomery Burr" " "" " "Promoted to sergt Vice Hope Promoted to 1s Lieut
9Francis D. Harrigan"May 1st /62Francis D. Harrigan Promoted to Corpl Vice Brophy Promoted
10Augustine C. Montgomery["]Feb 25th /62Promoted to Corpl Vice Odel Promoted to sergt Reduced to the Ranks for Disobediance [sic] Of Orders December /63
11Samuel Burns" " "Feb 25th /62Promoted to Corpl Vice Snyder Discharged
12Jacob W. Afflerback [Bates has Affleback]"June 23d /64Promoted from the Ranks for soldierly Conduct in Late Battle
13Frank P. Donahue"June 23d /64Promoted from the Ranks for soldierly appearances
14William Burns" " "June 23d /64Promoted from Ranks for soldierly Conduct in Late Battle
15George Hampton"Sept 18th /64Promoted from the Ranks for soldier [sic] Conduct in Late Battle
16John H. Fenn" " "Oct 22d /64Promoted from the Ranks for soldierly Conduct in Late Battle
17William Dougherty" " "Sept 18th /64Discharged By Reason Of Death in action
Promoted from the Ranks for soldierly Conduct Killd at Hatchier [sic] Creek
18George Young" " "Oct 22d /64Promoted from the Ranks for Soldierly Conduct in Late Battle
19James Clark" " "Dec /63Promoted from the Ranks for Bravery at the Battle of Fredericks Burg Va
1Alberto GirardDrummerSept 10th /61
2John A Heny [?]FyfeSept 10th /61Discharged By Reason of Death from Diese [sic]

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