91st PA--non-commissioned officers in Company I

Non-commissioned officers in Company I

[source: descriptive books, National Archives and Records Administration]
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List of Non-Commissioned Officers

No.Names.Rank.Date of Appointment.Remarks.
1 Henry W. Erdman 1st Sergt Nov 11th /64 Discharged By Order. Promoted to 1st Lt
1 George A. Souders Sergt March 11th /64 Discharged By Order Promoted to 2nd Lt
2 Robert Ross Sergt Nov 11th /64 Discharged on Muster our Rolls [illegible; perhaps 'J[uly 10 1865]']
1 Robert C. Fletcher Corpl March 7 /64 Discharged on muster out Rolls [illegible; perhaps 'J[uly 10 1865]']
[crossed out, written below Fletcher's name: ] John H. Kennedy
2 John H. Kennedy Corpl Oct 22nd /64 Absent in Hosp Descriptive List forwarded
3 Charles Lafferty corpl Oct 22nd /64 Discharged on muster out Rolls [illegible; perhaps 'J[uly 10 1865]']
  Alexander Mallock corpl July 21st /62 Discharged Expiration of Term of [service]
  Samuel G. [sic] Dougherty Mus'n Dec 26th /63 Discharged on Muster out Rolls [illegible; perhaps 'J[uly 10 1865]']

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