91st PA--Report of men discharged for disability

Enlisted men discharged for disability

[I have finished transcribing this report]
[source: regimental letter, order, guard report, and furlough book, in NARA, record group 94]
[Yes, this table has just one entry, and is undated.]

D [sic]
Bi-Monthly report of enlisted men discharged for disability by Order of [blank]
Commanding f [blank] for the ter [?] [blank]
RankNameCoRegt. StationCommdg OfficerMed. officer Cause of disability Date of order of Discharge Date of Discharge Date of transmittal of Or. [?] to A.G.O. Remarks
PrivateHenry McKane C91st P.V. Camp near Petersburg Va Major John Lentz Wm G Kier Amaurosis Aug 1st /64 Aug 2nd /64 Aug 3rd /64  
["amaurosis ... Med. A loss or decay of sight from loss of power in the optic nerve, without any perceptible external change in the eye; ...." (Webster's new international dictionary, 2nd edition, unabridged)]

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