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91st PA--newspaper articles in Alexandria Gazette

Articles from the Alexandria Gazette


['Col Gregory', Alexandria Gazette 13 May 1862 page 2; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

Col. Gregory, of the 91st Pennsylvania regiment is the United States Provost Marshal of this town--and commander of his regiment now on duty here. His headquarters are at Mr. C. A. Baldwin's, on St. Asaph street.

['Local', Alexandria Gazette 11 June 1862 page 3; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

LOCAL. ... an inquest was held this morning, by W. L. Penn, acting coroner, on the body of a Federal soldier found dead on the deck of the schooner Trifle, Capt. Massey, lying at Vowel's wharf. It appeared, upon investigation, that corporal Thomas J. Aitken, of company A, 91st Pennsylvania volunteers, (the name of deceased,) went on board the vessel at about midnight, and took his seat on the "trunk," where he was found this morning dead. He had a crab in his pocket, and a part of another in his hand. The jury rendered a verdict of "death from exposure:"

['The Washington correspondent', Alexandria Gazette 11 June 1862 page 4; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

The Washington correspondent of the N.Y. Express says: "The neighboring city of Alexandria is crowded with sick and wounded soldiers. The only regiment stationed in that place is the 91st Pennsylvania, Col. Gregory, which is performing provost guard duty. The quiet and dullness of that city are entirely without precedent. Dry goods merchants and restaurant keepers, the latter especially, are about the only parties thriving in business."

['Local', Alexandria Gazette 5 July 1862 page 2; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

LOCAL. ... Benjamin Vaughn, Co. C., 91st Penn. Vol., had his neck broken last night, by falling from the attic window of the Barracks, corner Washington and Wolfe streets.

['Local', Alexandria Gazette 15 July 1862 page 3; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

LOCAL.--A soldier belonging to the 91st Pennsylvania regiment, Company H, named George Campbell, while bathing near Cazenove & Co's. wharf, last night, was taken with the cramp, and drowned before he could reach the shore: his body was recovered a short time afterwards.

['Local', Alexandria Gazette 5 August 1862 page 3; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

LOCAL. ... A dress parade of the 91st Pennsylvania regiment, in this place, was had last Saturday on which occasion a U.S. flag was received by Company G.--and an address delivered by Rev. Mr. Welch the chaplain.

['Local', Alexandria Gazette 12 August 1862, page 2; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

LOCAL.--[...]--Miles Finnegan and H. Grimes, of Co. H. 91st Pa. Vol., died very suddenly on Sunday afternoon, it is supposed, from the effects of poisonous whisky.

['Local', Alexandria Gazette 13 August 1862 page 2; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

LOCAL ... It is reported that another soldier of the 91st Pa. regiment, died suddenly on Monday, from drinking poisoned whisky.

['The 91st Pa. Reg.', Alexandria Gazetta 21 August 1862, page 3; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

THE 91ST PA. REG.--The report that the 91st Pennsylvania regiment, who have been doing guard duty in this place for some months past, had left, is incorrect. The regiment is under marching orders, but have not left.

['Military', Alexandria Gazette 22 August 1862 page 3; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]

MILITARY.--We understand that the 91st regiment, Pa. volunteers who have been on guard duty, in this place, for about three months have been relieved by the 63d Indiana regiment, who went on duty this morning.--Col. Williams, of the 63d, succeeds Colonel Gregory as Provost Marshal, and the 91st leave for field service.

[Alexandria Gazette 1 December 1862 page 2]
[transcribed from GenealogyBank, 9 April 2012]

On Wednesday night last, a captain of the 91st Pennsylvania Volunteers was arrested at a gambling house in Washington, and ordered to report to the Provost Marshal. Another captain was found at a saloon. He tried to pass himself off as a citizen, but his captain's badge betrayed him. He refused to give his name or show his papers, and consequently was taken to the Central Guardhouse, where he deposited $100 as security for his appearance next morning.

['Col E M Gregory', Alexandria Gazette 12 October 1863 page 3; transcribed 26 March 2011, from GenealogyBank]
[see Veterans]

Col. E. M. Gregory, of the Ninety-first Pennsylvania Regiment, formerly Military Governor of this place, returned to his regiment near Culpeper Court House, a few days ago, after an absence caused by wounds received at Chancellorsville, Va. On the 4th instant General Orders relating to the re-enlistment of the old regiments for a further term of "three years or during the war," were received. The Colonel, on the 5th read and explained the orders, remarking: "It is very evident the Government is desirous of receiving the services of as many of the old troops as possible, for they well know, as I do, they are worth double their number of new troops I should be proud to see every man of the 91st re-enlist--considering himself--as I do myself--in for the war; but think the matter over, seek out the right, and then each for himself do as seems to him good." On the 8th, he took a vote of the regiment, and every officer and nearly all the men in the field, agreed to re-enlist for the war.

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