Elijah White

Elijah V White

A brief account of his life

Elijah V White, whose troops captured the 91st's headquarters wagon, and Thomas Walter, in November 1862, was born near Poolesville, Maryland, on 29 August 1832. He married Sarah E Gott on 9 December 1857. They had five children: Elijah B., B. V., and John G (who were all living in Leesburg Virginia in 1907), and two daughters, Mrs John Gold (living in Wilson, North Carolina in 1907) and Mrs Isaac Lang (living in Fairfax County Virginia in 1907). On 28 November 1894 he married Margaret B Banes, of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. After the war, he was elected sheriff at Loudon, and became a minister. He died on 11 January 1907.

He went to Kansas in 1855/56, and took an active part in the guerilla warfare there. When that was finished, he purchased a farm in Loudoun County, Virginia. He joined a company of cavalry under Ashby after John Brown's raid. He initially served in the Confederate Army as a private, but was soon commissioned a captain, and collected an independent force, which was made a part of the regular army (with White as Major) in the beginning of November 1862. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel in February 1863, and continued in the war until Appomattox.

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