91st PA: Thomas Walter's "Personal recollections"

Thomas F Walter, 'Personal recollections and experiences of an obscure soldier'

The author

Thomas F Walter served from 1861 to 1865 in company A of the 91st Pennsylvania Infantry. He began as a sergeant, and ended as a first lieutenant, before he was cashiered by a court martial in April 1865. (more details about his life)

He wrote these recollections, he claims 'for pastime and to refresh my memory, and not as a contribution to history; neither was it intended for publication' (Grand Army Scout and Soldiers' Mail 11 October 1884, page 2, column 2). He claims that the published version omits 'parts of it', and blames 'its occasional disjointedness' on that (11 Oct 1884, p.2, col.2).

The text

Original publication

I have 20 installments of Walter's work, published in the Grand Army Scout and Soldiers' Mail. The last ends 'to be continued', which suggests at least one more instalment was published. And the bibliography in Advance the colors says that the articles began in 2 August, and ended on 27 December.

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