91st PA: John Donnolly's death

John Donnolly's death

[source: 'Gettysburg Prisoners', from notes of Orwin H. Balch (142nd NY), National Tribune 11 August 1904; at Civil War Richmond (searched 31 Dec 2004)]
[according to www.mdgorman.com, Balch was a prisoner who spent six weeks at Belle Island]

At noon Aug. 14, private John Donnelly, 91st Pa., who had that morning come to the Island, was standing near the bank that encloses the prisoners; the guard told him to go further back, and as he was in the act of turning to comply the guard raised his gun and shot him down. This act was cold-blooded murder. Donnelly lived in Philadelphia. The same ball that killed Donnelly struck Wm. Bayne 82d Ohio. The ball entered the breast of Bayne. His wound was a painful one, but not dangerous. The guard was taken off his post for the day, but in two days he was back again, ready to shoot more unarmed Yankees.

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