91st PA: John Dortt

John Dortt

Before the war

He was born in 1842/43 (3 (18 in 1861), 10 (29 in 1874)). He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3).

His family lived in the same house as John Kern's, apparently beginning in 1859 (8).

When he enlisted, he was a huck[ster] (3).


When he enlisted, he was 5 feet 2 inches tall, and had a light complexion, blue eyes, and light hair (3).

During the war

He enlisted and was mustered into service on 29 October 1861 (1, 3). He was enlisted for three years, by Captain Casner, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3). He was mustered in as a private in company K, by Lieutenant Hall (1, 3, 12).

On 27 March 1863, he testified at the trial of John Groff, on Groff's behalf (8). He gave evidence that Groff was underage (8).

In May 1863, he was probably wounded (6, 7 [breast]).

He reenlisted as a veteran volunteer (1).

He was discharged at Chester Hospital on 8 August 1864 on surgeon's certificate of disability (1, 2 [12 Aug], 4). He was a private, in company K (12).

After the war

On 2 December 1864, he unsuccessfully applied for a pension (5, 9).

In 1870, he may be the John Dort who was living in ward 19, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11). He was living with Sarah (presumably his mother), and with James, Sarah, Annie, and George (presumably siblings) (11).

He may be the John Dortt who died on 29 May 1874, in the Philadelphia Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (10). He died of galloping consumption (10). He was buried in the Almshouse Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (10).


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Sources checked unsuccessfully

Philadelphia death certificates
a John Dortt, 29, died on 29 May 1874 of galloping consumption at the Philadelphia Hospital (FamilySearch); perhaps he is the John Dortt who served in the 91st
death notices
checked on GenealogyBank (23 Oct 13) Philadelphia Inquirer for 29 May 1874, 30 May 1874, 1 June 1874, 2 June 1874, 3 June 1874, and 4 June 1874
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accessed 28 Dec 13 (both name and cemetery)
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John Dortt in the 91st PA database

1870 census

[1870 US census, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, ward 19, 2nd enumeration, microfilm series M593, film 1432, page 555 verso = 8 handwritten (FamilySearch)]
[the page is headed 'Philip St']
[identification is speculative]
Dwelling-house number2245     
Family number      
NameDort SarahJohnJamesSarahAnnieGeorge
Color" [sc. W]"""""
Real estate value      
Personal estate value      
Father foreign born      
Mother foreign born      
Birth month if born within year      
Marriage month if married within year      
Attended school past year      
Can't read      
Can't write      
Deaf, dumb, blind, etc.      
Male US citizen at least 21 years old      
Male US citizen at least 21 years old who can't vote ...      

index to compiled service records

[index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania]
[transcribed 28 Mar 2014, from Fold3]

Dortt John
Co. K, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Pvt | Pvt
See also [blank]


death certificate

[death certificate, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 29 May 1874, John Dortt]
[transcribed from FamilySearch, 28 December 2013]
[I am not confident that this is the correct John Dortt, but I have found only one John Dortt in Philadelphia, and no other Philadelphia death certificate that could be the John Dorrt who served in the 91st]

1. Name of Deceased, John Dortt
2. Color, White
3. Sex, Male
4. Age, 29 years
5. Married or Single, [blank]
6. Date of Death, 5-29-74
7. Cause of Death, Galloping Consumption
John Griteras [?] RESIDENT PHYSICIAN Philadelphia Hospital.


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