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91st PA: John L Graham

John L Graham

Before the war

He as born in 1841/42 (6 [22 in 1863], 27 (19 in 1861), 31 [34 in 1877]). He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio (6, 27 [Philadelphia, PA], 31).

When he enlisted, he was a milliner [?], and was living in Philadelphia (6 (milliner [?]), 27 (clerk)).


When he enlisted, he was 5 feet 5-1/4 inches tall, had a dark complexion, dark eyes, and dark hair (6, 27 [black hair]).

During the war

He enlisted and was mustered into service in company E on 20 August 1861, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1, 27). He was mustered into service by Lieutenant Swann (6). He was appointed corporal on 10 September 1861 (5, 38 (mustered in as corp)).

On the September/October 1862 company muster roll, dated 21 October 1862, he was reported 'Corporal present for duty' (37).

He was reduced to the ranks for disobedience of orders (6).

On 1 January 1863, he was promoted from corporal to sergeant (1, 5), replacing Louis Brophy (5, 6). [(6) claims he was replacing Elliott.]

He went on furlough, probably on 29 March 1863 (24). He returned on 3 April 1863 (25).

He fought, as a sergeant, at the battle of Gettysburg (15).

He re-enlisted as a veteran volunteer, on 24 December 1863, at Bealton, Virginia (1, 6, 27 [26 Dec 63]).

On 23 June 1864, he was promoted to first sergeant, replacing Louis Brophy, who had been killed in action (5, 6, 9).

On 8 August 1864, Sellers asked that he be discharged to allow him to accept a commission as second lieutenant (16). He was promoted from 5th sergeant to second lieutenant effective 9 August 1864 (3, 6, 27, 37). On 14 August 1864 he was ordered discharged effective 8 August 1864 to allow him to accept the commission (10, 29). The regiment received this order on 15 August 1864 (10).

On 15 September 1864, Sellers asked permission for Graham to go to Alexandria Virginia to get "Sundry Articles of Clothing, Camp & Garrison Equipage sent there for Storage" (17).

On 28 September 1864, he was ordered to take command of company C and to receipt to Edward Maguigan for all property (11). On the same day, he was ordered to turn over surplus ordnance and ordnance stores in company C to John Casner (19).

On 11 October 1864, he wrote Barbara Shinkle, widow of Edward Shinkle (C), saying that he knew only that Shinkle had been captured, and knew nothing about his death (36).

He was promoted from second lieutenant to first lieutenant on 31 October 1864 (1, 2, 3, 6, 27, 37 (to date 31 Oct)).

He was in command of the company on 22 October and 1 November 1864 (4).

On 5 November 1864, he was removed from command of company C, and assigned to command company A (12).

On 11 November 1864, he was appointed a member of a board of survey to determine for how much government property in companies D, B, and K respectively, John Edgar, George Finney, and John Allen were responsible (20).

On 23 December 1864, he was on a furlough, which expired on 7 January 1865 (23, citing SO 346, Army of the Potomac). He returned on 11 January 1865 (23).

On 14 January 1865, 3 February 1865, and 15 March 1865, he was acting adjutant for the regiment (various orders).

On 20 January 1865, he certified that Charles Mellor (E) died of wounds received in battle (34).

On 27 January 1865, he and other officers met near Petersburg Virginia and adopted a testimonial to Captain James Closson, who had died in November 1864, of wounds received in action (7).

On 16 February 1865, he certified various facts about William Wolf (H), supporting Wolf's widow's pension application (35).

On 20 March 1865, he was acting adjutant, and swore Adam Wispart to an affirmation (33).

On 31 March 1865, he was ordered to take command of company E, receipting to Theodore Hope for all property (14).

On 27 April 1865, Sellers recommended that he received a brevet appointment "[f]or meritorious conduct during the late campaign" (18).

On 1 May 1865, William Letourneau was assigned to command company A, and ordered to give Graham a receipt for all property (21). He was apparently assigned to command another company, but the copy of the order in the orders book stops after "will assume Command" (21).

On 14 May 1865, he certified that John Monteath had served in company E, and was killed in action on 14 May 1864 (32).

On 31 May 1865, he was ordered to lead a detachment of members of the 91st who had been mustered out to the Pennsylvania rendezvous (13).

On 26 and 27 June 1865, and 5 July 1865, he was acting adjutant (orders).

He mustered out on 10 July 1865 with his company (1, 27, 37). He was first lieutenant, of company E (38).

After the war

On 7 February 1869, he testified supporting the pension application of Sarah Williams, widow of James Williams (37).

On 29 September 1877, he died, of haemorrhage of lungs, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (31). He was a letter carrier (31). He was married (31). He died at, or was buried from, the corner of 9th and Cross Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (31). On 2 October 1877, he was buried at Union Cemetery, 6th and Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (31).

He was buried at Mt Moriah Cemetery (8). A headstone was supplied by Gross Brothers, Lee, Massachusetts (8).

On 28 May 1879, his minor dependent, William Graham, successfully applied for a pension (28, 30).


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John L Graham in the 91st PA database

index to compiled service records

[index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania]
[transcribed 1 May 2014, from Fold3]

Graham, John L.
Co. E, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Corp. | 1 Lieut.
See also [blank]


death certificate

[death certificate, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 29 September 1877, John L Graham]
1. Name of Deceased, John L. Graham
2. Color, White
3. Sex, -
4. Age, 34 Years
5. Married
6. Date of Death, September 29th 1877
7. Cause of Death, Hammorrhage [sic] of Lungs
W. B. Jones M.D.
Residence, 1500 S. 8th St.
8. Occupation, Letter Carrier
9. Place of Birth, Cincinnati Ohio
10. When a Minor, [blank]
11. Ward, 1st
12. Street and Number, cor 9th & Cross Sts
13. Date of Burial, Oct 2nd 1877
14. Place of Burial, Union Cem. 6th & Washington av
D H Bowser [?] & Son Undertaker.
Residence, 823 S 2nd St.

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