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David Henry Lentz

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Before the war

He was born in 1837/38 (21 (23 in 1861), 25 (58 in ?1895), 26 (65 in 1903), 32 (11 in 1850)). He was born in Pennsylvania (25, 32). He was the oldest child of Samuel and Jane Lentz (26).

In 1850, he was living in the 4th ward of Southwark, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (32). He was living with his parents Samuel and Jane Lentz, others (presumably his siblings) and Mary Hagen (32). He had attended school within the year (32).

In June 1861, he was second lieutenant of the Ellsworth Guard, which was a Home Guard company from the first ward of Philadelphia (27).

When he enlisted, he was living in Philadelphia (21).

During the war

He enlisted and was mustered into service as second lieutenant of company E on 9 September 1861, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1, 3, 4, 15, 19, 21, 28, 31 [8 Sep], 36).

On 29 June 1862, he, along with the other commissioned officers in the regiment (except Colonel Gregory), signed a statement denying accusations that they were on the verge of open mutiny, that the regiment had been reduced to 400 men, and that Colonel Gregory was too lenient to Confederates and too harsh to men in the regiment (25).

He was promoted to first lieutenant and regimental quartermaster effective 1 January 1863, replacing George Eyre (1, 3, 15, 17, 19, 21, 31).

On 7 February 1863, he was a lieutenant, and was acting regimental quartermaster (16).

He was absent on leave for 10 [?] days starting 20 March 1863 (18).

On 27 April 1863, at General Tyler's orders, he sent a wagon for the Brigade Pioneers' knapsacks and provisions, and asked Benjamin Tayman detail someone to be in charge of the wagon; Tayman chose William H Carpenter (35).

On 25 May 1863, he testified at the court-martial of Benjamin Tayman, about the events of 27 April and following (35).

He was present at the Battle of Gettysburg, as regimental quartermaster (6).

Adam Stitzman was detailed as regimental butcher and ordered to report to Lentz, as regimental quartermaster, on 24 September 1863 (8).

As regimental quartermaster, he served on a Board of Inspection, which reported on 19 November 1863 that deficiencies in rations were caused by spoilage and other unavoidable circumstances (7).

On 10 December 1683, Frank Toner, company E, was detailed as brigade teamster and ordered to report to Lentz ("RQM") (9). During December 1863, he was the only officer other than company officers responsible for ordnance (14).

He began a twenty-day sick leave on 24 December 1863 (20).

He was Quartermaster in January 1864 (34).

On 19 February 1864, Adam Stitzman (F) was ordered to report to him for duty in the quartermaster department (12). On 7 March 1864, Sinex reported that he expected Lentz to be detached (but, unfortunately, I can't read the name of the Major who was going to detach him) (10).

Sinex requested his return on 27 April 1864 (11). He returned to the regiment on 6 June 1864, at Cold Harbor (5).

He was promoted to captain and assistant quartermaster of volunteers effective 18 May 1864 (19, 22, 31). On 27 June 1864, he was discharged to allow him to accept a commission as Captain and assistant quartermaster, US Volunteers (2, 13, 15, 21 [8 May 64], 23). (Bates (1) and the pension index (4) have 8 May 1864.)

He was honorably mustered out on 5 June 1866 (19). He had served for fifty-seven months (25). He was first lieutenant of company E (36).

After the war

He was a member of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (33).

On 1 August 1895, he was admitted from California to the Veteran's Home in California (25). He had rheumatism (25). When he was admitted, he was a plumber (25).

He applied successfully from California for a pension on 14 August 1895 (4, 31).

He died on 11 September 1903, at the Veterans' Home, in Napa, California (4 [1908?], 26, 31). He was buried on 14 September 1903, in Napa, California (26)


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David Henry Lentz in the 91st PA database

index to compiled service records

[index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania]
[transcribed 26 November 2014, from Fold3]

Lentz David H
Co. E, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
2 Lt | 1 Lt
See also [blank]


muster-out roll

[muster-out roll, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, record group 19, series 19.11, records of the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs]
[transcribed from Pennsylvania, Civil War Muster Rolls, 1860-1869, on Ancestry, 25 August 2015]

WHERE.Phila Pa
BY WHOM.Lt Col Ruff
PERIOD.3 yrs
WHERE.Falmouth Va
BY WHOM.Lt Abbott
TRAVELING.To place of rendezvous, No. of miles. 
From place of discharge home, No. of miles. 
Clothing ActDue U.S 
Due Soldier 
AMOUNT for clothing in kind, or in money advanced. 
VALUE OF equipments, arms &c., received from the United States, to be paid for if lost or destroyed. 
Promoted from 2nd Lt Compy E to RQM vice Ayers [sic; sc. George Eyre] Deceased [?]. Promoted to Capt AQM

1850 census

[1850 US census, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Southwark, ward 4, microfilm series M432, film 822, page 252 = 543 handwritten]
Dwellings visited159        
Families visited203        
NameSamuel LentzJane "David H. "Jane E. "Clara R. "Samuel W. "Henry "Henry D. "Mary Hagen
Occupation of males over 15 yearsGrocer      Bottler 
Real estate owned$1000        
Birthplace" [sc. Penna]"""""""Scotland
Married within year         
Attended school within year  111    
Over 20 & can't read/write         
Deaf, dumb, blind, etc.         

death notice

[Philadelphia Inquirer, 12 September 1903, page 7]

LENTZ.--September 11, 1903 [sic], at Napa, Cal., Captain DAVID H. LENTZ (formerly of Phladelphia), eldest son of the late Samuel and Jane Lentz, aged 65 years. Interment will be made at Napa, Cal., Monday, September 14.

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