91st PA: John Mann

John Mann

Before the war

He was born in 1823/24 (4 (37 in 1861)). He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3).

When he enlisted, he was a quary[worker?] (3).


When he enlisted, he was 6 feet tall, and had a dark complexion, dark eyes, and dark hair (3, 4).

During the war

He enlisted and was mustered into service on 2 December 1861 (1, 3, 4). He was enlisted for three years, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Lieutenant Black (3, 4). He was mustered in at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as a private in company H (1, 4, 8). He had gun number 639 (3).

On 23 July 1862 (or 25 July), he was absent from Battalian Drill, in Alexandria, Virginia (6). He returned, drunk, approximately when Dress Parade was being formed (6). When Sergeant Finney asked where he had been Mann told Finney to go to Hell (6). Finney assigned Corporal John Goodwin to watch him, while Finney had Lieutenant Dyke sign an order confining him to the Guard House at the slave pen (6). While Finney was away, Goodwin left to get his sidearms, and Mann started to walk away (6). Lieutenant Dyke and Sergeant Finney tried to convince Mann to go without resisting, but he refused (6). When Sergeant Finney grabbed him, Mann struck Finney in the chest, and swung at Lieutenant Dyke (6). As they were going to the guard house, Mann tried to convince Finney to forgive him, but failed (6).

On 12 August 1862, he was tried by a general court martial, whose president was Lieutenant Colonel Eli Wallace (5, 6, 7). He was charged with striking Sergeant George P Finney and striking at Lieutenant John Q Dyke (6). Both Finney and Dyke reported that Mann was habitually drunk, though Finney did claim that "he behaved well" while in Camp Stanton (before coming to Washington DC) (6). Mann did not provide any defense (6). He was found guilty of all charges and specifications, and sentenced to lose all pay and allowances, and to be confined at hard labor for the rest of his enlistment (6, 7).

He deserted on 8 October 1862, near Sharpsburg, Maryland (1, 2, 3, 4). He was a private, in company H (8).


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Mann, John
Co. H, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Pvt | Pvt
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court-martial record

[National Archives and Records Administration. Record Group 153. Court-martial case file KK-213. John Mann]

[page] (1)

Proceedings of a General Court Martial convened pursuant to adjournment at Alexandria Va. by virtue of the following Order.

Head Quarters Military District of Washington D.C.
August 5th 1863

Special Orders No 157 Extract

A General Court Martial is hereby appointed to meet at the corner of 19th St and Penna. avenue Washington D.C. on Monday August 11th at 10 o'clock or as soon thereafter as practicable for trial of such persons as may be properly brought before it.

Detail for the Court
1Lt ColWallace91st Pa Vol
2MajorBennett"Scott 900" Cav'y
3CaptainClaypole10th N.J.
4"Speering [??]27th Pa
5"Kenyon"Scotts 900" Cav'y
6"Remington" " "
7LtE. E. Kendrick Jr.10th N.J.
8"Mix"Scotts 900" Cav'y
9"J. H. Lawrence2nd D.C.
10"C. F. Kiesele" " "
 LtBenedict"Scotts 900" Cav'y
Judge Advocate

[page] (2)

By Command of Brig Gen. Wadsworth

Head Quarters Military Dist of Washington
Aug 12th 1862

Lt Col Wallace
Pres of Genl Court Martial


The General Court Martial of which you are President will transfer its place of meeting to Alexandria Va. for the trial of prisoners who may be brought before it.

By Command of Brig. Gen. Wadsworth

Alexandria Va. Aug 12th /62

The Court met pursuant to the above order and adjournment

Lt Col.Wallace91st Pa. Vols.
MajorBennett"Scotts 900" Cav'y
CaptainClaypole10th N.J.
"Speering27th Pa
"Kenyon"Scotts 900" Cav'y
LtE. E. Kendrick Jr.10th N.J.
[page] (3)
LtMix"Scotts 900" Cav'y
"Lawrence2nd D.C.
"Kiesele" " "
CaptainRemington"Scotts 900" Cav'y

The Court then proceeded to the trial of Private John Mann Co. H. 91st Regt Pa. Vols who being brought into Court and having the above order read in his hearing was asked if he objected to any member named in the Detail to which he replied in the negative.

The Court was then duly sworn by the Judge Advocate and the Judge Advocate by the President of the Court in presence of the prisoner who was then arraigned on the following Charges and Specifications Viz.

Charge 1st
Striking Sergeant George P. Finney of Co. H 91st Regt Pa. Vols.
In this that John Mann Co. H 91st P.V. was drunk and absent from Battalion Drill and

[page] (4)
when found was ordered to be sent to the Guard House for punishment by order of Lieut. John Q. Dyke Co. H 91st P.V. and said John Mann Co. H 91st P.V. resisted Orderly Sergeant George P. Finney and also struck him with his fist.
This at Alexandria Va. July 23d 1862
Charge 2nd
For Striking at a Commissioned Officer
In this that John Mann Co. H. 91st Pa. Vols. when ordered to go to the Guard House with the Sergeant of Co. H 91st P.V. George P. Finney by 2nd Lieut. John Q. Dyke of Co. H 91st P.V. did resist said order and strike at 2nd Lieut John Q. Dyke of Co H 91st P.V.
This at Alexandria Va July 23d 1862.

To which charge and specification the accused plead [sic] as follows, Viz.

[page] (5)

To the Charges Not Guilty
To the Specifications Not Guilty

Sergt George P Finney Co H 91st P.V. was called and duly sworn.

[The questions and answers are arranged in columns, which I have not tried to reproduce. I have also not marked when questions span two pages]

Q by Q.A. What is your name?

Ans George P Finney

Question by J.A. To what Co. + Regt. do you belong?

Answer To Co. H 91st Regt Pa Vols

Quest by Judge A Do you know the prisoner?

Answer Yes Sir: He is a member of the Co of which I am 1st Sergt

Ques by J. A. Was he (the prisoner) absent from Battalion Drill on the 25th July?

Ans. Yes Sir but I am not certain as to the date

By J.A. State briefly concerning this difficulty.

Ans About the time Dress Parade was

[page] (6)

being formed he came up Duke St. his cap in [sic; presumably 'in one hand'] his shoes in the other intoxicated. Came across the street and I asked him where he had been. He answered that it was his (the prisoner's) business + I told him I would send him back where he came from (the slave pen). He told me to go to Hell and set down in the cellar door.

Ques by J.A. Did you say this as an order or as a threat?

Answer I told him I would send him to the slave pen and a moment after I saw Lt Dyke and told him the same. I wrote the order and he (the Lt) signed it. Before I wrote the order I gave him in charge of Corporal Goodwin while I could write it. I came out and while I had been in Corporal

[page] (7)

[Goodwin] had gone for his side arms and the prisoner had left the cellar door and come upon the sidewalk. I stopped him on the corner and he started to walk away. I told him he could not go. The Corporal had not come down stairs. He broke away. I had but a light hold on him, saying that neither I nor any other "Son of a Bitch" could take him to the slave pen. We used the slave pen as a Guard House.

Ques. by J.A. Did you get the order to confine him?

Answer I wrote the order and Lt Dyke signed it.

Question by J.A. What followed?

Answer I followed him up and caught him and Lt Dyke came. Lt Dyke

[page 8]

tried to induce him to go with me then the Corporal - Goodwin - came and Lieut. tried to persuade him to go without making any resistance. He said he would not go with either of us. I turned to Lt Dyke to see what to do. Lieut said take him. I seized him by the throat then by the neck handkerchief. When I seized him by the Handkerchief he struck me with his left hand. His Handkerchief came unloosed. The blow did not hurt me much. My arm caught nearly all the force of the blow. Struck me in the right breast.

Ques by J.A. Did he strike you more than once?

Answer Only once but he raised his hand several times.

[page] (9)

Ques by J.A. Where did this occur?

Answer In Alexandria Va.

Ques by J.A. Do you know of his striking at Lt. John Q. Dyke?

Answer Yes Sir I saw him.

Ques by J.A. Was it on this occasion?

Answer Yes Sir: when he struck me.

By J.A. State whether the Lt. came nearer the prisoner?

Answer When he struck at me the Lt. closed with him and said "John don't make a disturbance" He replied "You son of a bitch I won't go with you either" or words to that effect. The words Son of a bitch were used toward the Lt. The prisoner held his coat in his hand and when he struck at the Lieut he - the Lieut

[page] (10)

threw the coat over the prisoner's face.

Question by J.A. How near did the blow come to the Lt?

Answer Very near as far as I could judge. When I saw him close with the Lieut I went up stairs for a pistol and when I came down the Corporal had the prisoner in the street.

Ques by Court What is the general conduct of prisoner?

Answer He is a habitual drunkard. in Camp Stanton he behaved well but since we came to Washington he has behaved badly

Ques by Court Are you the first Officer he has struck in the Regt?

Answer The first to my knowledge.

[page] (11)

Question by Court Was he drunk at the time he struck?

Answer He was not so drunk but he could walk.

Ques. by Court When he became sober did he know what he had done?

Answer Yes Sir and even when he was going to the Guard House he begged to be forgiven told what a good fellow I was so that I would let up on him.

Ques by Court Do you think he was conscious of what he did?

Answer As conscious as I am now to the best of my judgment.

Ques. by Court Has he generally done his duty?

Answer Yes Sir: and got drunk on post

Ques by Court How far is the slave pen from the scene of the trouble?

Answer About 6 squares.

[page] (12)

Ques by Court Do you not think it was rage rather than intoxication that caused the trouble?

Answer No Sir he was so drunk that he staggered

Ques by Court Have the Army Regulations ever been read to this man?

Answer Yes Sir.

Ques by Court Will you swear to this?

Answer They were read to the whole Regt. whether he was there or not I cannot swear.

Prisoner declined to question witness.

Lt John Q. Dyke was called and duly sworn.

Ques by J.A. Are you a Lt in the 91st Pa. Vols?

Answer Yes Sir.

[page] (13)

Ques by J A Does the prisoner belong to your Co.?

Answer Yes Sir.

Ques by J.A. What Co is that?

Answer Co. H 91st Pa. Vols.

By J.A. Will you state whether the prisoner ever struck at you if so the circumstances?

Answer He has - at the time he struck at me I was about three paces [?] from him.

Ques by J A Where did this take place?

Answer In Alexandria Va.

Ques by J.A. What month?

Answer On or about the 25th of July.

Ques by J.A. Did you order him to go to the Guard House?

Answer I did sign an order to confine him.

[page] (14).

Ques. by J. A. Did he go?

Answer He did not go voluntarily.

Ques. by J.A. When you ordered the officer to take him did he go or resist?

Answer He resisted

Ques by J.A. Did you see him strike the Ord. Sergt. of your Co.?

Answer Yes Sir.

Ques by J.A. How near to you did the blow come which he aimed at you?

Answer When he struck at me my head was turned and when I turned round some one hollered "He'll hit you". He had a coat in his hand which as he aimed the blow at me I threw over his head.

[page] (15)

Ques by J.A. Which side of you was the prisoner?

Answer On the left side.

Ques. by J.A. With which hand did he strike you?

Answer With his right hand.

Ques by J.A. Do you know that the blow was aimed at you?

Answer As far as I can judge, it was. The orderly at this time was some five feet away.

Ques by Court What is the prisoner's general character?

Answer He is a man habituated to liquor. Bad.

Ques. by Court How old do you think the prisoner is?

Answer I should judge about 35.

Quest by Court Did the blow seem to be aimed at your head or body?

Answer The blow passed in a line with my head, about a food from me.

[page] (16)

Ques. by Court Do you think he could reach you at that distance?

Answer I was the nearest to him of any one.

Ques. by Court Did you hear the prisoner call you a "Son of a bitch"?

Answer I heard him say Son of a bitch but did not think he applied it to me.

Muster Roll of Co. H 91st Regt Pa. Vols. was shown to witness

Ques by J.A. Is this the Muster Roll of your Co

Answer Yes Sir.

Quest by J.A. Do you find the prisoners [sic] name there?

Answer Yes Sir.

[page] (17)

Ques. by J.A. When was the prisoner mustered into the Service?

Answer Dec 2nd 1861

Prisoner declined to make any defence.

Of all the Charges + Specifications the Court finds the prisoner


and does therefore sentence the prisoner Private John Mann Co. H 91st Regt. Pa. Vols.

To forfeit all pay and allowances due or to become due during his term of enlistment and to be confined to hard labor during the remainder of his term of enlistment at such place and in such manner as the Commanding General shall direct.

Lieut Kendrick
Scotts "900" Cavlary
Judge Advocate

E E Wallace
Lieut Col 91st PV

[page] (18)

We hereby certify that the foregoing is the sentence of John Mann Co. H 91st Pa. Vols.

E E Wallace
Lieut Col 91 P.V.

Lieut Kendrick
Scotts "900" cavy
Judge Advocate

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