William C Reiff, 'Do not realize dangers'.

Do not realize dangers

[William C Reiff, 'Do not realize dangers', National Tribune 1 August 1895, page 3]
[transcribed from Chronicling America, 9 June 2012]

Do Not Realize Dangers.

William C. Reiff, Eddy, N.M., was pleased with "The Cannoneer's" remarks on immigration. "I, too, deprecate," says he, "the apparently deep-seated indifference of the rising generation of Americans to matters of present public import. I could wish that every boy and girl in this fair land would carefully study the early history of this country. If they would do this, then, perhaps, they would more fully appreciate the goodly heritage bequeathed them by their grandsires, defended, strengthened and preserved by their fathers, and rendered holy by the patriotic tears and earnest supplications of their mothers."

[The reference is probably to an article published on 4 July 1895, which includes an attack on recent immigrants, comparing them unfavorably to earlier immigrants]

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