91st PA--Theodore A Snyder

Theodore A Snyder

Before the war

He was born in 1837/38 (12 (23 in 1861)). He was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania (12).

When he enlisted, he was an eng[ineer?] (12).


When he enlisted, he was 5 feet 10-1/2 inches tall, and had a light complexion, grey eyes, and dark hair (12).

During the war

He was enlisted and mustered into service on 14 October 1861 (1, 11 [8? Oct], 12). He was enlisted for three years, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Captain Casner (12). He was mustered in as a corporal in company K (12, 17).

He was promoted to sergeant on 5 May 1862 (11).

He fought at the Battle of Gettysburg (15). He was then a sergeant (15).

Sinex requested on 18 June 1863 that he be discharged to allow him to become a commissioned officer, having received a commission on 26 March 1863, and having been acting as a commissioned officer since then (3, 7, 9 [which incorrectly reports him as promoted; this mistake was corrected on the 30th's report). On 5 July 1863, the regiment received an order from the Fifth Corps Headquarters, dated 28 June 1863, discharging him (10). He replaced William Milligan (7).

The war department ordered him detached to Philadelphia to collect conscripts, on 22 July 1863 (4, 5). He was then a second lieutenant (4). While he was in Philadelphia, someone forged his signature to an order for Commissary stores; John McCoy (D) was arrested when he attempted to purchase those goods (16). He was still there on 14 November 1863, and on 7 March 1864 (4, 5). Sinex requested his return on 27 April 1864 (6). He was apparently there until he was discharged (13).

He mustered out on 3 December 1864 when his term expired (1, 2). He was a lieutenant, in company K (17 (1st lt)).

On 16 December 1864, Sellers claimed that the Second Lieutenant of Company K was on detached service, his term of service expired on 4 December 1864, and he had intended not to reenlist (8). On 25 December 1864, the regiment reported him discharged (14).


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[index to compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Pennsylvania]
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Snyder Theodore A
Co. K, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
Corpl | 1 [sic] Lieut
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