91st PA: Andrew Steinmetz

Andrew Steinmetz

Before the war

He was born in 1838/39 (8 (22 in 1861)). He was born in Salem, New Jersey (8).


When he enlisted, he was 5 feet 8 inches tall, and had a dark complexion, hazel eyes, and dark hair (8).

During the war

He enlisted and was mustered into service on 19 September 1861 (1, 7, 8). He was enlisted for three years, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (8). He was mustered in as fifth sergeant in company H (1, 7, 12 (pvt)). He had gun number 1 (8).

He was promoted to fourth sergeant on 20 May 1862, by regimental order (7).

On 8 August 1862, he was one of two Sergeants of the Guard at the slave pen in Alexandria, on the day E Carroll Brewster was arrested for being drunk on duty (9).

He was captured, probably during the Battle of Chancellorsville (4). On 18 May 1863, he was reported regained from missing in action, having returned to the regiment as a paroled prisoner (4).

On 8 September 1863, he was in Washington, DC--perhaps in Haremont Hospital (2).

On 6 October 1863, he returned from hospital (5).

He reenlisted as a veteran volunteer (1).

On 3 July 1864, he and four other men in company H asked their captain, James Closson, to be transferred to a newly forming battalion of sharpshooters (3). Closson passed their request on to the regimental adjutant (3), but none were transferred.

On 20 September 1864, he was sent to the division hospital (10).

He died on 18 October 1864, of chronic diarrhea, in Carver Hospital, Washington DC (1, 6, 8, 11). He was in company H (12 (pvt)).


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Steinmetz, Andrew
Co. H, 91 Pennsylvania Inf.
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