Paczos Family Journeys  

Sunday, 09-Sep-2018 08:16:53 MDT

Have you ever wondered what it was like for your ancestors in their journey coming to these shores?  What sacrifices and dangers were faced just to come to the "land of the free."  The research we did shows just a part of the heritage that we treasure.  Share with us our families adventures in traveling and living in these United States of America.  Your guide through this journey will be the links below, throughout these family history pages and the Directory. 

Some of the Surnames connected with the Paczos family include Rozanska, Rosanski, Matecki, Antos, Czosda, Mawicza, Slomba, Petti, Siegel, Popa, Krutezer, Drach, Kenyon, Wilkos, Borowiec, and Hrubczalska.
More will be added to this listing in the weeks and months to come.
In days to come you will see our site under construction and adding information whenever possible.  If you have any information that would be helpful in our quest, please don't hesitate to let us know.  We will soon have a guestbook and email address available for you to use.

The John L. Paczos family would like to thank you for stopping by and hope you return again.  Our family hopes you enjoy your trip as much as we have enjoyed preparing it for you.

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