Oettinger building

Oettinger building

Submitted by Sloan Mason

"This is the Oettinger Building, built by Ike Rochelle -5th from the left and Zach Rhodes-4th from the left.

I think that this building was over by the courthouse on Caswell St. my mom said she thought it had burned down. I think it was built about 1906? but am not sure." (Sloan Mason)

As of right now, we have not found a history for this building. I did find an Oettinger Brothers Furniture Store built circa 1878 located at 114-116 Queen Street. The Furniture store, along with many other buildings was destryoed in the fire that burnt down the Court house. The above building however seems to be standing alone, Could this be the Oettinger Brothers Furniture store?? Or is this a different building?? We would appreciate any information that anyone might have.

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