Descendants of John Bright

Descendants of John BRIGHT compiled by Rose Parks

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 BRIGHT was born Abt. 1660, and died 1720 in Beaufort Co., NC. He married ELIZABETH HILL. She was born 1680, and died 1744 in Craven Co. NC1.

Notes for JOHN BRIGHT:
Nov. 6, 1665, Thomas Everidge enters 430 acres in Lower Norfolk, Patent Book
5, p. 531, at the head of the South Branch of Elizabeth River being formerly
called by the name of the Northward Neck Thicket, bounding on his former
grant called the poynt corner, thence SW by S on John Bright's grant and c.
Transportation of 9 persons.
Nov. 1671, will of Thomas Etheredge in Lower Norfolk, gives land in adj. to John Bright's line to eldest son William Etheredge.
March 15, 1675, Edward Hastell, enters 367 acres Lower Norfolk W. side of S
branch of Elizabeth River at Joseph Mulder's land up Deepe Creek to Francis
Fleetwood & Co., Transportation of 7 persons. Jno. Stone, Ben Bramberry,
Jno. Bright,---Messhall, Jno, Crosse, Wm Cooke, Will. Payne.
Nov. 22, 1682, John Bright enters 140 acres Lower Norfolk, on East side of
S. Branch of Elizabeth River, 6 Nov 1671, will of Thomas Etheredge in Lower
Norfolk, gives land in will
adj. to John Bright's line to eldest son William Etheredge.
15 Mar 1675, Edward Hastell, enters 367 acres Lower Norfolk W side of S
branch of Elizabeth River at Joseph Mulder's land up Deepe Creek to Francis
Fleetwood & C., Transportation of 7 persons--Jno. Stone, Ben Bramberry, Jno.
Bright, ----- Messhall, Jno. Crosse, Wm Cooke, Will. Payne.
22 Nov 1682, John Bright enters 140 acres Lower Norfolk, on East side of S.
Branch of Elizabeth River, beg. by the little Creek adj. Wm. Etheredge And
C., Trans. of three persons: James Jackson, Elizabeth his wife, Joseph
25 Oct 1695, John Bright and Owen Dougherty, enter 300 acres in Norfolk,
Escheated from Thomas Hall dec'd by inquiry under John Lear Esq., Esch'r, 21
Oct 1689 and now granted.
12 Nov 1712 will of James Wilson of Lower Norfolk mentions land purchased
of Henry Bright to his son Solomon Wilson.

John and family were in Hyde County, NC by 1705 In his will he leaves Henry and Richard land, but the rest of sons are to get the homeplace when Elizabeth died or married. She married again to a Handcock and did so before 1729 as William sold his land then and moved to Craven Co. Elizabeth died in Craven County leaving a will 1743/44.

John's son James left a will in Hyde County 1735 mentioning only wife Anna. There is a land deed in Craven Co. NC (in present Lenoir or Greene or Wayne) as it is on S. side of Bear Creek at the head of Tillimans Creek and he sells 140 acres on 20 Oct 1726 to Oliver Smith, receiving a patent on it, 2 August 1726.

Elizabeth, in her will 1743 mentions daughter, Lydia Handcock. She was mentioned as Lydia Bright in her Fathers will but Lydia Handcock in her Mothers will. John's wife Elizabeth married second a man named William Handcock or Hancock.



2. i. RICHARD2 BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1694; d. 1731, Beaufort Co., NC.
   ii. HENRY BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1695; d. Beaufort Co., NC.
3. iii.SIMON BRIGHT, COL., b. Abt. 1695, Beaufort Co. NC?; d. 1777, Dobbs/Craven Co., NC.
   iv. MARY BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1698, Beaufort Co. NC?; m. WILLIAM WYNN, Bef. 1720.
    v. JAMES BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1700; d. 1735, Beaufort Co. NC?2; m. ANNA.


James Bright of Hyde. He appears as a juryman for Hyde in the 1723 list.
Apparently had no issue. His will was written, 29 Mar 1735. His executrix
and sole devisee was his wife Ann. w/ Giles Williams, Hannah Adams, Rich'd
Wm Silvester.
4. vi. WILLIAM BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1702, Beaufort Co. NC?; d. 1754, Craven Co., NC.
5. vii.LYDIA BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1704, Beaufort Co. NC?.
    viii.JOHN BRIGHT, JR., b. Abt. 1705, Beaufort Co. NC?.


Generation No. 2

2. RICHARD2 BRIGHT (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1694, and died 1731 in Beaufort Co., NC


Pge-12 - 1734-38 - 1740-44
Deed Book-A
Samuel WEBB has legacies of orphans of Richard BRITE.
Paid to John HANCOCK-2 cows and calves for use of children.
1 cow to Simon BRITE-son of deceased; 1 COW to Elizab,
the daughter of deceased.
Richard and Henry Bright appear on the Currituck Co. taxables list and the Jurymen's list of 1715.

Richard got a land grant in Currituck Co., NC in 1696, at Moyock.

His descendants are mostly in Currituck and Pasquotank counties. Henry settled in Pasquotank and Richard Bright (of Hyde)

Will dated, 28 November 1731, probated Hyde Precinct, Mar Ct 1731/2) Son, James. Land I now live upon and my violin. Daughter, Christia (?), cows. Daughter Elizah (torn), cow and calf.
Mother-in-law (torn) cow and calf. Son: Simon, Buckaneer gun, cow and
calf. S/ Ricd. Bright. w/ John Mattocke, Abraham Adam Junr, and Mary Paul,
(Cone?). Will badly mutilated.

Children of RICHARD BRIGHT are:

i. JAMES3 BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1715.
ii. SIMON3 BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1718.


3. SIMON2 BRIGHT, COL. (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1695 in Beaufort Co. NC?, and died 1777 in Dobbs/Craven Co., NC. He married ? HODGES.



In North Carolina Dictionary of Biography, Simon Bright, Sr./Col. wife is given as Mary Reel, but Peter Reel's will dated 1739 indicates daughters Mary and Elizabeth are under 12. Could there be a Sr. and Jr.? Above from William Doab Bennett's manuscript "Bright's of Lenoir Co., NC"

In two different documents it is given that Francis Hodges is a brother in law to Simon. Francis R. Hodges of Lakeland, Fl. feels Francis' sister is married to Simon. He is descendant of both these men.

He was probably born around 1695-1697 as he was paid for 177 days of Militia Service in 1711, probably in the Tuscarora War. He should have been at least 16, but not always true, according to size etc.

NC Taxpayers list him in Craven 1742 and listed in Dobbs 1769 with 6 slaves.

Simon Sr. petitioned for patent 7 June 1739 in Craven 640 acres, land in present Lenoir on Briery Branch.(5:232)

11 November 1743 " 540 acres(15:123)

3 October 1735 " 546 acres (listed in Bath Co.?)(2:103)

He was appointed vestryman for St. Patrick's Church in Johnston Co. in 1746. when Dobbs County was formed St. Patrick's Parish remained there and St. John's was formed in Dobbs with Simon remaining a vestryman. This was the Anglican or Church of England, also appointed with him were John Herring Sr. John Becton,

In March 1734/5 he was appointed Justice of Peace for Craven. At this time it was considered a much "higher" job than of today. Probably more like a District Judge???

The only proven children of Simon Sr is James Bright, also known as Capt. James Bright born about 1750 and died 1819. He was Capt. of the Dobbs Militia from 1771-1774 and must have served in the Revolutionary War. The other proven child was Simon Bright, Jr. born by 1734 and died December 1777. Simon, Jr. was known as that all his life as he died just before his father.

A William Bright who died in 1782 in Duplin may also be a son and Mary Bright, the wife of Benjamin Herring may also be a daughter. She was born near 1730-1735 and married Benjamin about 1750.

Craven Co. Book 3 page 159 27 June 1745
Simon Bright of Craven for 75 pounds conveys to John Wetherington (same) 165 acres on N. side of the Neuse River and north side of Briery Branch being 1/4 part of 640 acres of land laid out to Simon Bright in 1739. Witness: John Rice, John Williams
Book 3 page 133 30 May 1745
Simon Bright for 500 pounds conveys to John Lovett land on south side of Neuse River beginning at mouth of Kemp's Creek and west to Cherry Point Branch, 250 acres. Wit: John Bishop, Paul Phllips acknowledged before James Coor.

Book 3 page 231 17 January 1745/46 Simon Bright for 55 pounds conveys to John Bishop land on Clubfoot's Swamp called Bright's Cowpens, 340 acres on S. side of Neuse River in Craven, being part of a patent of 590 acres laid out for Simon Bright. Wit: William Flood and Paul Phillips

Book 3 page 228 disposed of this land. Elizabeth Moore Collection files has this as Book 2 but another source gives Books and pages and Book 3 page 228 is listed where as Book 2 pg. 228 is not.

Simon Bright for 55 pounds conveys 200 acres part of 540 acre tract laid out to Simon 17 January 1745/6 Wit: William Flood and Paul Phillips

Also Book 2 page 153 Simon of Johnston Co. for 20 pounds conveys to Moses Brown land on S. side of Neuse at mouth of Cherry Point Branch 235 acres Wit: James Jones, Samuel Handcock, Grigg Yarboro, recorded Feb. 1758

From the Johnston Co. Deed Books missing along with Dobbs etc., this from the Grantee Index is shown:
Book 1 (1746-1750)
page 5........ Simon sells to Henry Gibbons
54.....Henry Gibbons to Simon
127 John Witherington to Simon
Book 2 ( April 1750- April 1754)
page386 Wm. Henderson to Simon
Book 3 (April 1754-april 1755)
27 Simon to Thomas Abbott
144 John Warner to Simon
Book 5 (April 1757-April 1758)
122 Simon to James
214 Simon Sr. to Simon Jr.
464 Simon Sr. to Robert Hamilton
655 Simon Sr. to David Smith
Book 6 (April 1758-April 1765)
294 Simon to George Bell
587 Moses Gizzard to Simon Jr.
Book 7 (April 1765-1769)
Simon, Sheriff sells 5 tracts
369 Abraham Sheppard to Simon
Book 9 (April 1771-April 1773)
Simon , Sheriff sells several
Book 10 (April 1773-May 1775 and Jan. 1777- April 1779)
107 Simon Sheriff to Frances Harper
140 Simon Sr. to Simon Jr.
178 James Bright to George Bell
above page 140 was the last one noted for Simon Sr. It was Simon Jr. as Sheriff.


Children of SIMON BRIGHT and ? HODGES are:

6. i. MARY3 BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1730; d. Aft. 1789, New Hanover County, North Carolina.
7. ii. SIMON BRIGHT, JR. (CAPT.), b. 1734, Craven/Dobbs County, NC; d. December 1777, Dobbs County, NC.
8. iii. JAMES BRIGHT, b. 1750; d. 1819.
9. iv. ELIZABETH BRIGHT, b. 1745, Johnston Co.?Lenoir, NC.


4. WILLIAM2 BRIGHT (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1702 in Beaufort Co. NC?, and died 1754 in Craven Co., NC4. He married ANN (STOCKWELL?).


His birthdate is just a guess by using his parents birthdate given in William Bennett's "Bright Family of Lenoir and Greene Co. NC"

He came to Craven County by or some before 1729 as he sold his lands in Hyde left him by his father's will of 1702.

He made his will 12 January 1754 and recorded 6 November 1754. In his will he mentions son Stockwell and daughters Susanna, Eleanor, Mary, Sarah, and Ann Nelson. Also mentioned was grandson Harman Gaskins.

His will is recorded in Secretary of State Office (NC) proved in open court by oath of James Arthur who saw William sign and also saw Sarah Arthur and Wm. Carrathers, Jr. and at the same time Stockwell Bright and Ann Bright qualified as Executors.

In the name of God, Amen, I William Bright of Craven Co. in province of NC, weak and low in body but of perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament.
Impresis:I recomend my soul unto the hand of God who gave it through the merits of my blessed lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to receive a free pardon of all my sins and my body to the earth to receive a decent burial in a Christian like manner as my Executors herein after named shall think fit and as for what worldy estate it hath pleased God to bestow upon me, I bequeath in manner and form following.
Item: I bequeath to my son Stockwell Bright all my land down the River, that is to say one plantation on Orchard Creek and one on Loer (Lower?) Broad Creek, both being in one patent, likewise sixty barrels of tar that lies in the hands of James Nash, also one young horse and gun, 2 iron wedges and 1 great iron pot.
Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Susannah Bright five pounds in money.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann Nelson the plantation I now dwell upon, that is to say after my lawful wife's decease.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elenor Bright 100 acres of land on the North side branch?
Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Bright 100 acres of land on the North side of Neuse forever, that is to say the upper part of a patent granted to Joseph Mason.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my grandaughter Sarah Bright 50 acres joining the east side of my plantation land. It being the land I bought of Francis Nash.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my grandson Harmon Gaskins one 2 year old Heifer.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my grandaughter Mary Bright one 2 year old heifer
item: I give and bequeath unto my dear beloved wife five ____and four dishes with one small pot to make such use of as she think proper to be hurn now and forever, and to my wife I also leave all my personal estate both in doors and out during her life time and after her decease to be equally divided between 4 of my daughters, that is to say Hannah, Elenor, Mary and Sarah, grandtr., and it is my desire that my daughter Ann Nelson should take my grandaughter Sarah Bright into her care till she shall arrive the age of 16 and I do hearby constituite and appoint my dearly beloved wife Ann Bright and Stockwell Bright Executrix and Executor of my last will and testament, utterly revolking and disannulling and making void all former or other wills, testaments and bequest, ratifying and confirmaing this and no other to be my last will and testament. Witness whereof I have here signed sealed and published to be. William Bright
In Presence of James X Arthur, Sarah X Arthur, Wm. Carruthers, Jr.

Book C page 2. 18 May 1749 Craven Samuel Harvey sells to William Bright 160 acres on North side of Neuse River on lower Broad Creek patent by Rice Price 11 November 1719

18 November 1738 William Bright petitions for 200 acres in Craven.
Also included in this petition is Jonathan Bangs, Francis Hodges and Thomas Graves.

William signed a petition to set a seat of goverment for Craven County 1733. Also shown in Records of Craven Co. Vol I by Elizabeth Moore 1960.

The Dobbs Grantee Index published in NCGS from 1995 through 1997 transcribed by Martha M. Marble shows

William Bright to John Lester Book 1 1746-1750 page 35

William Bright to John Winders, et al Book 3 1754-1755 pg 68 these are the only two deeds found in the Dobbs grantee Index for William.

These are from Craven County, North Carolina

Book 2 page 346 ,18 May 1749 Joseph Mason to William Bright for 100 pounds land on east side of Swift Creek being the plantation where said Mason now lives and Edward Bryan's patent dated 5 May 1742. Witness: John Phillips, Niclolass Lawler proved in open court Dec. 1749 Phil. Smith CC

Book 1 page 471 William Kennedy Sr. of Tyrell to William Bright of Johnston 13 Dec. 1750 for valuable consideration 200 acres on S. side of Neuse River joining George Roberts beginning at a pine on S side of Spring Branch. proved March court 1750/1 Wit: Simon Bright and Francis Kennedy

Book 1 page 535 proved 17 Sept 1752 William Bright of Johnston, Planter to John Cox of Craven planter for 25 pounds Proc. money 200 acres on S side of Neuse S. side of Spring Branch.

Book 2 page 345 9 April 1749 Samuel Harvey to William Bright for 140 pounds land on N. side of Neuse being plantation where said S. Harvey formerly lived patent held by Rice Price on lower Broad Creek 11 nov. 1719 160 acres. Wit: Jos. Mason, James Arter proved June 1749.


Children of WILLIAM BRIGHT and ANN (STOCKWELL?) are:

10. i. STOCKWELL3 BRIGHT, b. 1728, Craven Co., NC; d. Bef. March 1791, Craven Co.,NC.

   ii. ANN BRIGHT, b. 1729; m. ? NELSON.
   iii.MARY BRIGHT, b. 1730; m. FRANCIS NICKLES, Bef. 1761, NC.



Event 2: 1761, Land Deed Craven Co. NC, listed as a cooper


iv. SUSANNA BRIGHT, b. 1732.


Event 2: 1754, will of father mentions grandsonH. Gaskins

v. ELEANOR BRIGHT, b. 1736.


Craven Co.Record of Deeds 1739-1765 C.028.40001 Vol I pages 608-609
Francis Nickles and Eleanor Bright to John Pearce 1762

Received fron NC Archives June 5, 1998

This indenture made the 6th day of June in year 1761 between Francis Nickles of New Bern in County of Craven and province of NC, cooper, and Elenor Bright of the one part and John Pearce of the county and province aforesaid witnesseth that the said Francis Nickles and Elenor Bright for and in consideration of sum of 20 pounds proclamation money to him in hand paid by the said John Pearce at or before the unsealing and delivery of the receipt whereof is hearby acknowledged, hath bargained sold aligned _____and confirmed and by these presents doth bargain sell align _____(same unreadable word as above) and confirm unto the said John Pearce his heirs and assigns forever that tract or parcel of land situated lying or being in Craven Co. in the province aforesaid butted and bounded as follows VIZ: being on the North side of the Neuse River beginning at a pine on the pecosin side and ___S. 39 East 180 poles to a pine thence S 37 W 150 poles to a cypress thence N 36 W 12 poles to an ash thence in a straight line to the first station containing 200 acres of land, be the same more or less and the Reversion and Reversions and Remainder rents dues and profit there of and also all the Estate Rights Titles and interest of them the said Francis Nickles and Eleanor Bright of and to the same and all such evidences and concerning the same. To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land above mentioned and hearby granted sold all and singular the premisis with their every____appurtenances unto the said John Pearce his heirs assigns to the proper use and behoof? of the said John Pearce his heirs and assigns forever and the said Francis Nickles and Eleanor Bright their heirs executors and Admr. doth covenant and grant to and with the said John Pearce his heirs and assigns that they the said Francis Nickles and Eleanor Bright are truly lawfully possessed of the said land and premisis aforesaid and all the other premisis hearby bargained and sold and they are truly and lawfully seized thereof in good and absoulute and indefeasible estate of inheritance in fee simple without any manner of condition trust or limitation whatever to alter change, charge incumbrance the same and free and clear freely clearly exonerated and discharged of and from all other sales mortages or incumbrances what so ever the quit rents due and ensuing to his Majesty only excepted and that the said Francis Nickles and Eleanor Bright hath full power and authority to bargin sell convey the said land and premises unto the said John Pearce his heirs assigns according to the true interest and meaning of these presents and the said Frances Nickles and Eleanor Bright their heirs and assigns do covenant and grant to and with the said John Pearce his heirs and assigns that the said John Pearce shall and may from time to time and at all times hereafter peaceably and quietly have hold occupy and enjoy the said land and premises hearby bargained and sold without any hinderances or molestation of or from the said Francis Nickles and Eleanor Bright their heirs and assigns and of or from every other person of persons whatsoever claiming by from or under them or any of these and partly that the said Francis Nickles and Eleanor Bright their heirs and assigns the said 200 acres of land hearby bargained and sold unto the said John Pearce his heirs assigns against all persons whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever by these presents defend in witness whereof the said parties to these presents have here unto interchangably set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year written above.

Witnesses: Andrew Greay, Martin Worsley and Jane TearX?

Francis Nickles X
Mary NicklesX
Eleanor BrightX

New Bern 6 June 1761 received of John Pearce the sum of 20 pounds in full for the consideration of money within mentioned in full for the said 200 acres of land as witnesseth our hands the day and year above said.

April Inferior Court Craven 1762 Present his Majesties Justices then the above deed proved according to law by the oath of Martin Worsley and ordered to be registered... Peter Conway Clerk Inferior Court

Believe this to be Eleanor's sister Mary who received 100 acres as did Eleanor in her fathers will and they are jointly selling this 200 acres to John Pearce. It is sold for nothing almost. Later descendants of their father buy this land back and say it was "willed away by their father/grandfather etc".

Book 4 10 May 1749 Joseph Mason to William Bryant (Bright) for 70 pounds land on north side of Neuse, 200 acres patented by Joseph Mason 8 Oct. 1747. Wit: John James W.B. Whitford recorded June 1749 Phil. Smith CC. This is evidently land left to daughters Elenor and Mary in the will which is sold (above).


5. LYDIA2 BRIGHT (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1704 in Beaufort Co. NC?. She married ? HANDCOCK.

Children of LYDIA BRIGHT and ? HANDCOCK are:

Generation No. 3

6. MARY3 BRIGHT (SIMON2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1730, and died Aft. 1789 in New Hanover County, North Carolina. She married BENJAMIN HERRING Abt. 1750 in Johnston County, North Carolina, son of JOHN HERRING and CATHERINE MORBE. He was born 1720 in Bertie Precinct, North Carolina, and died 1789 in New Hanover Co. NC.

Notes for MARY BRIGHT:



Benjamin received a 200 acre grant on the north side of the Neuse River and E. side of Falling Creek, joining Ambrose Airres Survey and land where his father, John Herring lived, 27 November 1762. This land is in present day Lenoir.

He was listed in the Johnston County, NC militia 1754-55.

He is listed in Book 1 Old Dobbs County as buying land from Jacob Thompson pg. 291 This book covers the period from November 1746-April 1750.

There are several other Herrings in Book 1 John, Joshua, Anthony, Henry, John Herring Jr.

Book 2 covers April 1750-April 1754
John P. White to Benjamin Herring page 291. Other Herrings in this book are Joshua, Anthony, Stephen,

Book 3 April 1754-April 1755 does not list Benjamin but Samuel, Daniel, Simon, Anthony are listed.

Book 4 1756-1757
Benjamin not listed here either but Jacob, and Simon are.
Book 5 April 1757-April 1758
Bright Herring bought from Jacob Herring pg. 651 and Samuel, and Anthony are listed also.
Book 6 April 1758-April 1765
Anthony, Joseph, Jacob, Arthur, Simon are all listed.
Book 7 April 1765-April 1769
Benjamin Herring sells to Major Croom pg. 149 and Joseph, Simon, Samuel and wife, Nicholas, James Sr. and James, Jr. are listed. A Croom researcher told me that Major is his name, not a title.
Book 8 April 1769-April 1771
Joseph, Jacob and Soloman are listed this time period.

Book 9 April 1771- April 1773

Oats Estate sells to John Herring
Book 10 April 1773-May 1775
Arthur, William, Joshua, Fredrick, Simon, Joseph, Jacob, Thomas, Jr. Drury and Nathaniel are all listed.
Book 11 January 1777- April 1779
Benjamin Herring sells to Major Croom pg. 120 and buys from Moses Ratliff page 3. Other Herrings listed are Simon, Arthur, Jacob, Michael, Joshua, Stephen, John.

Book 12 April 1779-April 1784

James, Simon, Joshua, John, Stephen, Edward M,
Book 13 April 1784-April 1789
Benjamin sells to William M. Hutchins pg 101 and to Bryan Whitfield pg 49 also listed are John, James.
Book 14 April 1789- April 1792
James Herring, Joshua and Edward M. Herring are listed
Book 15 is beginning of Lenoir Co. 1792-1793
John and Stephen Herring are mentioned.

Book 16 1794-1795 - none

Book 17 1796-1798
Stephen Herring is mentioned as well as a Spyers Singleton. (Bright Herring has a son Spirus. ??? Bright's wife's maiden name is not known)

Many of the Herrings lived in Wayne Co. when it was created from Craven and Dobbs in 1779 and some perhaps in Greene when it was created 1799.

Our Benjamin has died by then but there is Benjamin called for Jury duty in January 1793 (Wayne Co.)

Beginning in 1745 Anthony, John are getting grants. Then it is 1762-1774 before very many show in the Dobbs Land Grants. Some of these Herrings including John and some of his sons got grants in Craven Co. (but land was in Dobbs area)

In the 1780 Dobbs Taxlist these Herrings are listed. The person who transcribed seems to think it may only be land value but I thought they were also taxed for negros, but not sure. There is not a distinction anyway, only one dollar amount.

Dist. 1 Benjamin Herring $3,730 (North of Neuse River and west of Kinston)

Dist. 2 Simon Herring $9,324 (Near LaGrange & Institute area)

John Herring $ 3,077

E. Matchett Herring $2,439

Joshua Herring $9,093

James Herring $5,306

Dist. 4 James Herring $829. (South of Neuse River, Woodington vicinity)

Armwell Herring $886

Stephen Herring $394

Samuel Herring $670

Benjamin Herring of New Hanover Co., NC (dated 28 August 1789) make my last will and testament..give to my son Bright Herring all my lands and tenements after reserving it for the life of Mary my well beloved wife.. I give to Mary my wife the following negros: Prince, Jean, Jacob, and Rose and after her death, Jean with her increase and Jacob to be left to son Bright.
And Rose to my daughter Dorcas Williams.
And Prince to my daughter Ann Taylor. I also give grandaughter Lucy Taylor one negro girl named Lett with her increase.
I also give to my daughter Sarah Wiggins one negro boy named ______.
I give to daughter Elizabeth Hutchins one negro woman named Kate and to son Bright one negro named Abram. I appoint Bright Herring and William Hutchins executors.
Witnesses: Bushrod Miller and Bright Herring.
Signed by B. Herring.

 The NCGS vol XXV #2 May 1999 contains an article "Fee Tail 1751-1774" by John H. Oden III which contain several documents for the Williams family and most are the Williams family connected with Herring's I believe but this one surely is.

Writ: 18 March 1771 to Sheriff of Dobbs Co. 200 acres owned by William Williams, Jr. signed at Newbern by Robert Palmer, Secy.

Inquisition: 28 March 1771 at Parish of St. Patrick, County of Dobbs, acreage is a a plantation on Tom's Branch, entailed under the will of John Williams. Jury values 200 acres at 45 pounds 14: 3 good and lawful money of Great Britain. Sheriff's sig: Abraham Sheppard

Jurors signatures:

Simon Bright, Jr.; John Hull; George Bell, Jr.; Benjamin Herring; Samuel Caswell; James Bright; James Sheppard; John Kennedy; Gersham Wiggins; John Garland; Robert Taylor; and Thomas Torrans.

Endorsement: Writ to dock the intail of 200 acres in Dobbs, Wm. Williams Jr. the execution of within writ appears by the Inquistion annexed. March 28th 1771, Abraham Sheppard, Sheriff.

Benjamin had land on Colvins Creek in New Hanover Co. NC



11. i. SARAH4 HERRING, b. Abt. 1750, Lenoir County, North Carolina; d. Bef. 1820, Lenoir County, North Carolina.
    ii. DORCAS HERRING, b. Abt. 1751, Dobbs County, North Carolina; m. ? WILLIAMS.
12. iii. NANCY ANN HERRING, b. 7 December 1753, Dobbs County, North Carolina; d. Sumner County, TN.
13. iv. BRIGHT HERRING, b. 1755, Dobbs County, North Carolina; d. April 1828, Montgomery County, Tennessee.


7. SIMON3 BRIGHT, JR. (CAPT.) (SIMON2, JOHN1) was born 1734 in Craven/Dobbs County, NC, and died December 1777 in Dobbs County, NC. He married MARY GRAVES Abt. 1766 in Craven County/Dobbs, NC5, daughter of THOMAS GRAVES and SARAH TURNER. She was born Abt. 1740 in Craven Co., NC?, and died 1836 in Lenoir Co. NC6.


Notes for SIMON BRIGHT, JR. (CAPT.):



His will is dated 23 November 1775 and recorded 15 January 1777 in Craven County. It names his wife Mary (Graves), sons Simon, James, Graves and daughters Nancy, Mary, Sally and Elizabeth. Simon's brother James is executor.

He leaves to wife Mary use of plantation where he lives, 246 acres of land all household and kitchen furniture except 2 beds and furniture, 2 work horses and all plantation tools. He leaves to son Simon the plantation where l live after the death of Mary and a survey of 200 acres lying on Briery Branch including the negro's house branch. I give to son Graves the land contained in a patent known by the name of Hoskins land, give to son James the plantation where John Grant now lives containing 160 ac. and two other tracts one containing 500 acres. I leave to daughter Mary a horse, bridle, saddle, spinning wheel, feather bed and furniture cows and their calves, iron pott and half a dozen___. To daughter Nancy about the same and to Sally and Elizabeth pretty much the same items. Appoint friend Richard Caswell and John Cooke and my brother James Bright Executors to my LW&T. Witness: E. Cooke, R. Caswell, and _Glasgow.

New Bern ,January 10, 1777, Foregoing will proved according to law by oath of Elizabeth Cook and James Glasgow, two of the subscribing witnesses. At the same time John Cooke one of the Executors herein named was duly qualified.

R . Caswell.

He is mentioned in his first land deed as Jr. in 1755.

Simon Jr. is mentioned in the 1769 Dobbs /NC Taxpayers with 2 slaves.

Graves Bright is mentioned in the will of Richard Graves of Craven as son of Simon Bright.

Graves Bright was sheriff in Dobbs, during the dispute of Rainbow Creek in 1794.


This Simon received "Briery Branch" plantation and 200 acres also noted as "Graves" land also known as Haskins, in the will of his father.

Simon Jr served as Capt. in the 2nd Regiment NC Sept. 1775.

He was also serving as Justice of Peace in 1772 when Sarah Wiggins made her deposition.

Simon, Jr. receives 300 acre grant in 1767 on north side of Wheat Swamp and Conteneny Creek (in Greene) also same year 500 acres on south side of Briery Branch (Lenoir) and in 1773, 84 acres on North side of Wheat Swamp (Greene) and in 1775 he receives 165 acres on south side of Briery Branch joining Simon Bright near bridge and joining John Becton (Lenoir)

To His Execellancy the Gov. in Council, The humble Person of Robert Hamilton sheweth that your petitioner purchased from Simon Bright, Sr., 200 acres of land lying in Dobbs Co. on the south side of Stoneytown Creek about 16 years ago and has been settled on the land and paid quit rent during this time. Now may it please your honor Simon Bright the younger has been persuading your petitioner of the said land and ___him that his land is where some poor people has been settled these 18-19 years which would not leave your petitioner above 40 acres of the land purchased of said Simon Bright, Sr,. It goes on to say it is a mistake of the surveyors returing different courses marked through the trees but which can be proved by the oath of Francis Hodges, Uncle of the said Simon Bright the younger, who carried the chain around the said land about 32 years ago when it was surveyed for the patent. ----prays for a warrant of survey agreeable to marked trees and have patent altered , agreeable to boundry of trees. Newbern district 27 Feb. 1773

Robert Hamilton

Notes for MARY GRAVES:

Craven Co. NC Deed Records book 27 page 46 11 October 1786
Mary Bright of Dobbs Co. to James Ellis of New Bern, for 300 pounds a lot in New Bern on Front St. formerly sold by my brother Thomas Graves to Samuel Cornell and known by #11 witness S. Bright, Frances childs proved 5 Dec.1786 Samuel Spencer, SLLSC

Craven Co. Book 32 page 609 7 April 1796 Mary Bright and James Bright of Lenoir to John Daves for 60 # current Lot in New Bern #217. Witness: James Markland, John Bryan proved June term 1796 S. Chapman CC


Children of SIMON BRIGHT and MARY GRAVES are:

i. SIMON4 BRIGHT III, b. Abt. 1767; d. Abt. 1801, Lenoir county, NC?; m. NANCY.


In the 1800 census of Lenoir, Simon is shown with only himself and wife. In 1799 Simon shot a slave belonging to jesse Cobb and in 1804 the suit was listed with heirs of Simon so they would have to pay for the slave/damages. these were long thought to be simon and nancy's children but above census shows no children and it was known that some of them didn't belong to simon and nancy anyway. it has since been decided by applying many documents and logical reasoning that these were his neices and nephews etc.
there were 2 Elizabeths on the list but one is Simon's sister and one probably the daughter of Graves, his brother.
14. ii. GRAVES BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1769, Craven Co. NC; d. Abt. October 1803, Lenoir Co. NC.
15. iii. JAMES BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1770; d. 29 June 1840, Pensacola, FL.
    iv. SALLY BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1771, Lenoir Co., NC.
    v. MARY BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1773.
16. vi. ELIZABETH BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1775, Dobbs County, NC.
   vii. NANCY BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1777.


8. JAMES3 BRIGHT (SIMON2, JOHN1) was born 1750, and died 1819.



The Dobbs Grantee Index shows james transferring land to all of these children, probably not long before he died, sometime between 1810 and 1820.

The margaret listed on census of 1820, unmarried may be a daughter of this James but he didn't transfer land to her.


Children of JAMES BRIGHT are:

    i. JAMES H.4 BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1780.
    ii. FRANCIS H. BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1788.
17. iii. SIMON BRIGHT, b. 1793; d. October 1849.
18. iv. MARY BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1785.


9. ELIZABETH3 BRIGHT (SIMON2, JOHN1) was born 1745 in Johnston Co.?Lenoir, NC. She married FRANCIS HARPER Abt. 1760.


    i. MARY4 HARPER.


10. STOCKWELL3 BRIGHT (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1728 in Craven Co., NC, and died Bef. March 1791 in Craven Co.,NC.



Book 2 page 313 29 August 1759

Stockwell Bright of Craven for 20 pounds conveys to John Williams of Craven, carpenter, 80 acres on Swift Creek 2 miles below fording place at Blounts plantation south side of Creek and North side of Neuse River and taking in the plantation where I now dwell and down the creek to John Hollinsworth patent for 284 acres dated 21 Nov. 1739. Wit: Joseph Bryan, Jacob Johnston, Garrett Johnston.

Book 2 page 453 Stockwell Bright, planter for 20 pounds proc. money conveys to John Hartley, blacksmith land in Craven on south side of Swift Creek and both sides of Pamlico Rd. granted to Thomas Fisher to Eben Hall by deed 16 June 1746 dated 30 Oct. 1763, proved June Court 1765. Wit: Joseph Bryan, Zebulon Rice, William Williams

Craven County Deeds abstracted by Agness Gunter

Craven County Book 2 page 246 19 October 1759
John James to Stockwell Bright for 26 pounds 13 shilling 8 pence proc. money, a tract of land on Swift Creek beginning at a pine on the creek side where Zebulon Rice now lives, Mary Carney's line to Tyler's line by Soloman Griffin's, Lewis Bryan, Benjamin Griffin and John Williams to Marvel's Run near mouth of Rocky

Deed Book 26 page 3 26 Feb. 1772 between Stockwell Bright and Samuel Wiggins both of Craven for 40 pounds on south side of Swift Creek, beginning at Reedy Creek, containing 100 acres being a patent granted to Bright 1772. James Tillingin, John Bright, Witness Branch being plantation where Rice now lives and part of Sol. Griffin patent dated 20 April1745. Wit: Lazarus Pearce, Edmund Andrews, Sarah Pearce, Jurat.

Deed Book 54 page 321, 9 March 1840 Samuel Wiggins sells the grant of Stockwell 1772 above to Levi Wayne, 100 acres for $150. (same coordinates) Joseph Wiggins his mark

Jennett Wiggins had signed another deed with her mark.

7 July 1761 Stockwell Bright sells to Isaac Simmons 160 acres on N. side of Neuse where Samuel Harvey formerly lived patented by Rice Price 11 November 1719 (C-2) dividing line between Harvey and William Bright.

NC Gen & Hist. Reg. Vol I #1 Jan. 1900

Book 9 and 10 page 466 14 October 1757

Hardy Bryant to Stockwell Bright for 20 pounds, (Nicholas Lawley) north side of Neuse River, E. side of Swift Creek above Bear River 150 acres being part of patent granted to Edward Bryan 12 April 1737. Wit: John Bryan, John Worsley. Ack in open court Feb. 1758 William Powell. CC

Book 9 and 10 page 37 27 March 1755

Stockwell Bright conveys to Thomas Graves for 15 pounds proc. money, 205 acres near the widow Craft's line to a pine on Bond's Creek and up the line by widow Crafts and Robert Bond's for 205 acres commonly known as Orchard Creek and being part of Rice Price's patent for 410 acres in Craven dated 1719. Wit: Jacob Johnson, Garrett Johnson . proved by oath of Garrett Johnson, Wm. Powell CC Aug. 1755

Book 26 page 239 3 May 1785

James Williams to Stockwell Bright for 40 pounds, tract of land on east side of Swift Creek and Mauls' Run at a gum tree in Jacob Miller's line to line of marked trees (Thomas Bryan's line) 100 acres being part of lower tract patent by Sol. Griffin in 1745 and another tract on E. side of Swift Creek joining Miller's line 75 acres. Wit: Jarvis Fillingame, John Bright proved Dec. Court 1785 William Bryan CC.

Stockwell is listed in Craven Co. 1790 census. He is only one listed in his household.

Inventory of Stockwell Bright Returned 17 March 1791 mentions John Bright. from Craven County Clerk's Loose papers

Children of STOCKWELL BRIGHT are:
    i. MARY4 BRIGHT, b. 1750.
    ii. SARAH BRIGHT, b. 1754.
19. iii. JOHN BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1760; d. 1807, Craven Co., NC.
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