of the

Friends and Relatives of


Including the families of

Martin Caswell
James McIlwean
John Gatlin
Benjamin Sheppard
William Herritage
John Lovick
John Washington
Simon Bright


Compiled by Clair R. Hadley

July 2007

Printed and Bound in Oak Hill, VA. This volume is a not-for-profit publication. Permission is granted to reproduce the research contained in this book. The authors request that the title, author, and compiler be cited when reference is made to the material herein.








To commemorate Governor Richard Caswell, on the occasion of the Richard Caswell Celebration Week, Aug.12-19th 2007, in Kinston, NC, several researchers have pooled their information to present a book centering on the history and genealogy of families closely associated with Governor Caswell.

While a considerable body of information exists on Caswell's career as a public servant, less is known of the families that touched his life. Who did his children marry? What impact did those families have in the fabric of society during that most interesting era in the history of North Carolina? It is hoped that these histories will broaden the rich tapestry of life surrounding the first Governor and serve to honor his memory.

There were no restrictions placed on content, length, style, referencing or formatting. This allowed the contributors the freedom to present material in whatever manner they saw fit, and the result is pleasing in its variety. The genealogies included here span anywhere from two to four generations. It was felt that, for the purpose of this book, we should concentrate on the timeframe of Governor Caswell's life. However, the contributors have given permission for people to contact them for further information. Perhaps this effort will inspire others to submit family histories to the museum, and thus expand our knowledge of the Caswell era.






First, a heartfelt thanks to the authors for responding so quickly and with such enthusiasm to the idea of presenting a book in time for the celebration, and for taking time from their busy schedules to compile and donate their research to make this gift to the Caswell Museum.

Francis is busy as a professor of History at Southern Florida College, and Sue and Patty also work full time. One finds Ila Grey guiding tours at Tryon Palace, dressed as a gracious Colonial dame, and Martha, of course, is busy sorting out everyone who has ever had a relative in eastern North Carolina. Ruth, a fine genealogist of the old school, deserves special praise for tackling and conquering the demon computer! Now she promises, with new confidence, that her treasured research will be put onto her hard drive in printable form.

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Lenoir County Colonial Commission for conceiving of the idea to celebrate Richard Caswell with a week of spectacular events, to shine Historys light upon the father of North Carolina as never before. Many wondrous things have evolved from this undertaking the first published biography of the public life of Caswell, the discovery of little known Caswell artifacts, newly discovered Caswell descendants, and an exciting development which may determine, once and for all, the exact location of Caswell's grave.

I want to make special mention of Martha Marble, and not just for her generous support in getting the project of compiling this book off the ground. Martha stays far from the limelight, but she is the source to whom we all turn for information, knowledge, and wise advice- doled out with alacrity and humor. Ask Martha and ye shall receive! We who love genealogy are lucky to have such a friend and mentor.

To my husband Don who understands, appreciates, and helps in countless ways, my gratitude and love.

Finally, a note of thanks to Bob Taylor of All forms Publishing in High Point, NC. When I told Bob I needed only a few laminated covers for this project, he said just send them along and he would be pleased to do the covers gratisjust a small way to honor the governor, he said. That has been the beauty of the Richard Caswell Celebration Week; groups and individuals joining together and giving of their talents to celebrate a great patriot, the Father of our State Richard Caswell

Clair R. Hadley






Martin Caswell brother of Richard Caswell
Submitted by Clair R. Hadley
James McIlwean father in law of Gov. Richard Caswell
Submitted by Ila McIlwean White, Earl C. McIlwean, Jr.
Clair R. Hadley
John Gatlin 1st husband of Caswell's daughter Susannah
Submitted by Sue Guptill
Benjamin Sheppard father in law of Caswell's son John
Submitted by Ruth Blount Fentress
William Herritage father in law of Gov. Richard Caswell
Submitted by Patricia Ann Robinson Day
John Lovick 2nd husband of Caswell's daughter Susannah
Submitted by Patricia Ann Robinson Day
John Washington friend of Caswell's children
Submitted by Martha Mewborn Marble
Simon Bright friend of Richard Caswell
Submitted by Francis R. Hodges


July 2007
Clair R. Hadley
[email protected]
Ila McIlwean White
[email protected]
Earl C. McIlwean
[email protected]
Sue Guptill
[email protected]
Ruth Blount Fentress
[email protected]
Patricia Ann (Robinson) Day
[email protected]
Martha Mewborn Marble
[email protected]
Francis R. Hodges
[email protected]



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