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  • Possible Governor Richard Caswell
  • Possible Dallam Caswell (most likely), son of Gov. Caswell, or Francis Caswell, son of Martin Caswell
  • William Paca, 1740-1799
  • William Richard Caswell 1809-1862
  • William Caswell (1846-ca 1920



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  • Possible Young David Swain

  • David Lowry Swain (1801-1868)

  • unknown lady ca 1865, Our best guess is that she is Sara Louisa Steele.

  • unknown gentleman (ca1865), Our best guess is that he is Volney Steele.




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  • Richard C. Saufley
  • Sallie Saufley Rowan Pease (1874-1952)
  • Charles M. Seymour
  • Flora Nell Glouster
  • Richard Caswell Seymour, Sr
  • Richard Caswell Sr, Jr, and R.C. Seymour III








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