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HILL: Richard & Francis
of Craven County, NC


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Titables 1714
Roger Hill - 1
Francis and Richard Hill - 2
1. p 159 - 29 Mar 1710 - To Mr. Richard Hill -- on the Neuse - Ann Nelson of
Neuse River appt Mr. Levi Truwhite of Pamlico attorney to make over all interest
in 260 A in Core Sound up North River - 100 A out of tract we now live on
2. p 160 - 19 Sept 1708 - John Nelson, Jr. and wife Ann of Neuse River to
Richard Hill of said River - 100 A out of patent of 640 - N of Gut, adj to Nelson
and Mr. Lepper
1. Patents by Hoffman - 1663-1729
a. #1425 - Richard Hill - 31 Oct 1715 - 360 A - SS Neuse - WS South River -
adj to Roger Hill, the River and S.W. Creek
b. #1428 - Roger Hill- 31 Oct 1715 - 200A - SS Neuse, WS South River
Note: - some of this land was later in Carteret County - a quick check of
Carteret County Deed Index shows nothing for a Richard, Roger, or Francis Hill in
the l700's)
c. #1425 - Roger Hill - 9 Sept 1716 -340 A WS South River - adj Richard Hill
on NS SW Creek - adj to his land and his father's land (I assume this means
that Richard was his father)
2. Craven County Court Minutes by Haun -
Book 1
a. #2 - Will of Richard Smith - daughter Mary Hill - money - 23 Nov 1711
b. #28 - Will of John Ternell - 1711 - to my cousin Ann Hill daughter of
Richard Hill, my brother - and to my cousin Roger Hill - all my lands in Rakcomah
- (This land was in Acomack Co, VA) Executor was Richard Hill --
c. #32 - estate of Capt Richard Smith - Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, widow
d. #32 - estate of Adam Lewis - Francis and Roger Hill to do inventory
e. #43 - Lepper appts Richard Hill as attorney
f. #96 - Francis and Richard to appraise estate of Obediah Pittman
g. #ll4 - Roger Hill- appt Surveyor from South River to Core Sound
NOTE: Richard used a mark throughout the Court Records
a. Vol 1 - p 819 - request to Gov Spotswood for help against the Indians by
people on Neuse River - among others - Richard, Roger, Francis Hill - 1711
b. Vol 2 - p 105 - 28 July 1713 - Richard appraises estate of Sam Slocumb
c. Vol 23 - p 190 - list of Jurymen in Craven Co 1723 - Richard, Fran Hill
4. Early Craven County Tax Lists
a. Richard and Roger were on all the early Tax Lists until 1715 after which
Roger does not appear again
b. 1719 Craven Poll Tax
Francis Hill - 350 A
Mary Hill - 230 A
Richard Hill - 600 A
NOTE: Roger must have died and Mary was probably his widow - As far as I can
determine there were no other Hill's in Craven at this time except this family
- I suggest Mary was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Smith.
c. Roger, Francis, Richard on tax list in 1714, 1715, 1716 - in 1717 -
only Richard and Francis
5. ALBEMARLE CO RECORDS - claims pd in Craven Precient - 1714 - Francis,
Richard and Roger Hill
NOTE: Roger's property sold in Accomack Co by Elizabeth and James Ryal.
Elizabeth stated she was the daughter of Roger Hill
6. Craven County Deed Book 2 - p 619 - Court Session - 28 Jan 1719 - at home of
Jacob Miller - John Nelson, Judge - came Richard Hill with approved letter of
POA from Thomas Lepper granted to Hill - Richard was appointed by Lepper to sell
land on 4 Jan 1713/14.
7. Will of Richard Hill
Craven County - written 17 Feb 1728 - Richard Hill, a weaver - to my
granddaughter Elizabeth Hill, a bed - to my daughter Ann Jones - 1 shilling rest of
estate to MY BROTHER FRANCIS HILL - mentions son-in-law Evan Jones
Francis to be Exec. - wit James Taylor, Thomas Jones, John Lewis, John Cummings
- Will brought to Court 18 March 1728
NOTE: This Will establishes a number of relationships including the fact that
Richard and Francis Hill, the first of this family into N.C., were brothers. It
appears that Richard had at least two children - Ann who married Evan Jones,
and a son Roger.
NOTE: In l719 - Richard had 600 A of land - a lack of Deeds in early Craven
County leave it up in the air as to what happened to this land as well as what
happened to Roger's land. I can find no Deeds that indicate who got the land -
even though Francis received most of the estate, he never appears to have any
land except what he bought or got by patent.
I have not attempted to follow this family in any detail, but did look up the
following records on Evan Jones. Sue Rouse told me that this family is traced
in the Lovick papers so I did not continue.
8. Craven County Deed Books
a. Book 5 - p 268 - Evan Jones - (microfilm was very hard to read) a very
detailed Will and I did not copy all of it - Son Evan, my plantation and estate
on Clubfoot Creek, gold ring - daughter Tamar Hancock, a gold ring - son James,
a plantation on ES Cahookey on Bush (?) Creek purchased of James Hancock - to
son Roger - 640 A and Negros Ben, Boy, Jim and a Manor Plantation on WS
Clubfoot with 600 A - to son Charles - cattle, Negros, Plantation on WS Chooskey Creek
- to my wife Ann Jones - the rest of the household goods, Negros and her choice
of a Dower Plantation--- Will written June 1750 - Wit - Evan Jones, Catherine
Jones, Briget Canady, William Flood.
(This man was not poor - MMM)
b. Book 5 - p 286 - 23 Dec 1752 - Will of Evan Jones, Jr. - age 32 son
Lovick - a plantation ES Clubfoot Creek and Negros - to daughter Sarah half of the
cattle and Negros - Thomas Lovick was the Exec.
NOTE: This Will is important as it places an age on a grandson of Richard Hill
c. Deed Book 33 - p 58 - James Jones, Charles Jones, Jr., Shadrack Jones,
and Nathan Jones - their part in land SS Neuse - ES Hancock Creek - 160 A, 150 A,
200 A - the land of Roger Jones and his patent which three tracks of land was
given to Philamon Jones by his grandfather Leonard Loftin and by death of
Philamon fell to us - no date on Deed - Court March Term 1798
d. Deed Book 33 - p 482 - 23 March 1799 - Roger Jones and wife Comfort,
Thomas Evans and wife Content (or) to Thomas Hyman - FO Joseph Loftin, dec who had
no children so his estate went to his sisters and their children. Comfort and
Content were daughters of Sarah Allway one of the said sisters and entitled to
one fourth of lands.
Richard Hill bc 1665 in Va. - d 1728 in Craven County, N.C. md by 1693 to
Margaret Ternell daughter of Roger and Ann Ternall/Ternell of Accomack County, Va
1. Roger Hill - bc 1690 probably in Accomack County, Va - dc 1715/16 Craven
County, N.C. md by 1711 to Mary, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Smith
a. Elizabeth Hill
2. Ann Hill - bc 1692 - d after 1750 - md Evan Jones (from Maryland)
a. Evan Jones, Jr. - b 1720 - d 1752 - md _____ _Lovick
1. Lovick
2. Sarah
b. Tamar - md __________ Hancock
c. Charles
d. James
e. Roger - md ________ Loftin, daughter of Leonard Loftin - According to
Bible Roger died Nov 1801 aged 70 years which would make him born 1731 - Sarah
was wife - died 9 Jan 1810 which would have her born 1735
1. James
2. Charles
3. Shadrack
4. Nathan
5. Philamon
according to the Bible there was Roger Jr who md Comfort daughter of Henry
The Jones family may not be quite right as there was no attempt to do a
detailed search.
1. Patents by Hoffman - 1663 - 1729
a. # 1403 - Francis Hill - 25 July 1716 - 300A - ES Adams Creek - adj to his
old survey (do not find old survey recorded)
2. Craven County Court Records by Haun
a. #32 - estate of Adam Lewis - Francis and Roger to do inventory
b. #50 - Francis wit to Will of David Jenkins
c. #96 - Francis and Richard to appraise estate of Obediah Pittman
d. #l48 - Deed of Gift - 150 A ES Adams Creek - mentions adj to Francis Hill
NOTE : Francis used a Mark in early Court Records
3. Craven Co Court Records Book #2 by Haun
a. #45 - petition of Francis praying that Ann Linton, orphan of Will Linton,
chose a guardian - she chose Francis Hill
b. #119 - William Linton also to choose a guardian - chose Thomas Cook he
was suppose to get estate of Linton, dec, from Francis
c. #133 - Deed of Sale of 150 A from Francis to Jeremiah Parsons - 1738
d. #181 - Deed of Sale from Francis to Thomas Cook - 100A - 1739
4. N.C. Colonial Records
a. Vol I - p 819 - request to Gov. Spotswood for help against the Indians by
people on Neuse River - among others - Richard, Roger, Francis Hill 1711
b. Vol 2 p 125 - 7 April 1714 - Capt Hancock complained he had to arrest the
following people because they would not fight the Indians - found these people
in contempt - Francis Hill (Francis appears to be willing for people from
Virginia to come and fight, but he did not appear to be interested in saving his own
hide - MMM)
c. Vol 23 - p 190 - list of Jurymen Craven Co 1723 - Fran Hill, Richard Hill
d. Vol 4 - p 742 - 24 Nov 1744 - Francis Hill exempt from paying taxes
a. Francis is on all the early Tax Lists for Craven County
b. 1719 Poll Tax - he owned 350 A (300 A received in 1716, plus 50 A which
was possibly his "old Survey" MMM)
NOTE: Craven County Deed Books
Deed Books 1-5 have not been done page by page at this time. Craven County
Deed Book I has very little in it before 1739. I have found one other Book that
contains a few Deeds before this period. No one seems to know where the
earliest Deeds for this county are if indeed they still exist. In some cases the
early Beaufort Deeds contain this information, and I have found these Hills in
Beaufort Deed Book 1 and 2. Book 3 has not been checked at this time. The
earliest Deeds before 1715 were destroyed during the Indian Wars so this leaves
between 1715 and 1739 as a question mark.
6. Craven County Deed Books
a. Book I
1. p 11 - Francis Hill, weaver (or) Thomas Cook (ee) - 12 lbs - 100 A
part of patent dated 5 July no year - SS Neuse - SS Adams Creek mouth of little
gut adj Jerimiah Parsons, Thomas Parsons - 15 Sept 1739 - wit Jo Pittman, Thos
Parsons, Wm Caruthers
2. p 110 - 19 Dec 1738 - Francis Hill (or) - Jeremiah Parsons (ee) ES
Adams Creek - little gut - 150 A for 5 lbs except for 5,000 pines sold to Thomas
Nelson - wit - John Mason, John Cummings - used the Mark adj William
3. p 14 - 15 Sept 1739 - Francis Hill, weaver (or) Thomas Cook,
Carpenter (ee) - SS Neuse, SS Adams Creek, WS of a little Creek at mouth of gut -
Francis purchased this land 25 July (no date given, but could be part of patent in
1716) 100 A - 12 lbs 1 shilling quit rent - FO Isaac Barrington - wit - Jos
Pittman, Tho Parson, Wm Carruthers
4. p 553 - June 1742 - Francis Hill (or) Joseph Pittman (ee) - SS Neuse
ES Adams Creek - on boundary line between Joseph Pittman and Francis Hill being
part of patent dating 25 July 1716 - 30 A - 30 lbs - signed with Mark
. (this is the only part of the 300 A Patent I can prove he sold and 30 A for
30 lbs seems too high for the time - this comes from the original not microfilm,
but I wonder if it was wrong and should have been 300 A)
b. Deed Book 3
1. p 90 - 17 June 1745 - Christopher Dawson (or) Francis Hill (ee) NS
Neuse ES Broad Creek - 150 A - beginning at pine running to a straight course
to head of Daniel West line to Creek
NOTE : - I am of the opinion that this is NOT old Francis - I think it is his
son althought that can't be proven - this property is across the River
2. p 209 - 20 Dec 1745 - Francis Hill (or) Joseph Pittman (ee) - ES
Adams Creek SS Neuse - 290 lbs for 50 A - beginning at mouth of little gut to
Thomas Nelson's line up the branch to head of Nelson's line adj Pittman's own
property then along Charles Rew's land to Mullet Gut taking said Francis Hill's
Marucer ? plantation - wit. Thomas Book, Jno Morgan, Tho Masters - signed with Mark
c. Deed Book 4
1. p 2 & 3 - 19 March 1745 - Francis Hill (or) Charles Rew (ee) 75 A -
20 lbs beginning at a little gut called Mullet Gut being on ES of the plantation
that I ? sold to Mr. Joseph Pittman so running up main branch of the aforsaid
line to (can't read) the land which I formerly sold
to Mr. Joseph Pittman being land whereon John Andrews formerly lived commonly
called Middle Neck.
Catherine Hill, wife of Francis gave up her Dower Rights for 5 shillings
NOTE : I find it interesting that Catherine received a token for this property -
I wonder if this is land that came from her father - could not find Deed or
Patent for Andrews.
7. Craven Court Records Book 3 - by Haun
a. #354 - Francis Hill moved to this court by his attorney that he not have
to pay taxes because he was infirmed and old and in poverty - 1743
b. #375 - Francis Hill - Deed of Sale to Joseph Pittman for 30 A
c. #442 - Deed of Sale from Francis to Joseph Pittman
d. # - Deed of sale from Francis to Charles Rew for 70 A - Catherine was
wife - 1746.
8. Deed Book 4 - p 400 - 1749 - Lewis Bryan (or) Richard Hill (33) - on Maul
Run - 160 A - wit John Phillips
NOTE: I set this by itself because I can't determine who this is. It is in
the area where the Robert Hill Family was in the Eagle Swamp area. It is in the
area that went into Johnson then Dobbs County so the land can not be traced. I
could be wrong, but I don't think this Richard is part of this Hill family.
Some conclusions:
Francis had a 300 A patent and reference to another patent. There are no Deeds
showing Francis as a Grantee before 1750 except for the 150 A from Christopher
Dawson. Deeds show him selling 405 A all on Adams Creek. He was alive in 1728
when his brother Richard made his Will and I think he died after March 1746.
The Court Records show Francis was old, infirmed and in poverty in 1743. Indeed
he would have been around 80 years old if he was born in l665. He appears to
sell all his land between 1739 and 1746 which means there would have been nothing
to leave any children. For old Francis to have been the father of Richard and
Francis, Jr. he would have been around 60 years old when they were born and I
don't think the odds are very high for this. Old Francis must have had a son
Francis who was probably the one who bought the land from Christopher Dawson on
elimination counts for something.
Francis Hill was on the Craven Co Tax List 1753-56 owning 150 A. Old Francis
would have been almost l00 years old.
NOTE: At this time it can't be determined if this is the 2nd or 3rd Generation
1. Craven County Deed Book 3
a. p 90 - l7 June 1745 - Christopher Dawson (or) Francis Hill (ee) NS
Neuse ES Broad Creek - 150 A - beginning at a pine running to a straight course to
head of Daniel West line to Creek
NOTE : - I repeat this to show land division. This is the only Deed I can find
for the Hills between 1747 and 1758. I did find a mention of Francis in Deed
Book 7 - p 61 - Thomas Lewis (or) Thomas Martin Wallace (ee) ES Adams Creek -
adj Francis Hill's line - 175l
2. Craven County Tax List 1753-56 - Francis Hill - 150 A - was this the old
Francis or his son?
3. "Soldiers of the South" - 1754 - Francis and Richard Hill - Craven Co -
Capt Brinson's Company - (NOTE - the Brinsons lived and still live in Pamlico
GENERATION 3 (as best as it can be determined)
1. Craven Co Deed Book 2
a. p 175 - - 19 April 1758 - Francis Hill (or) Richard Hill (ee) - 15 lbs -
75 A - NS Neuse ES Upper Broad Creek beginning at a pine on Wm West's corner
then to the head of the dividing line between Francis, Jr. and Richard Hill -
down dividing line to Main Creek then to lst Station - part of Francis Hill's
original l50 A - signed with Mark
NOTE: - I think this may have been the father selling to the son as he signed
with a Mark and the next entry for Francis signed his name. Another question is
"what dividing line"
b. p 41- 21 - Feb 1761 - Francis Hill (or) John Edmundson (ee) - 75 A for 25
lbs - NS Neuse River - ES Broad Creek beginning at a pine then running a
straight line to the head that divides between the said Francis Hill and Richard Hill
then down said line to Creek then down Creek - 75 A out of a patent of 400 A
that Christopher Dawson got patent for - containing house, orchard, gardens.
Francis SIGNED HIS NAME - there is NO MARK.
NOTE : Is this part of the 150 acs?
c. p 144 - 5 July 1762 - Richard Hill (or) Wm West (ee) - 75 A for 15 lbs -
NS Neuse ES Broad Creek beginning at pine to the head of the dividing line
between Francis Jr. and Richard Hill then down this line to the Main Creek to the
first station - house, gardens, orchard - 75 A part of Deed of 150 A Francis
Hill got in 1745 - SIGNED NAME - NO MARK
NOTE: after Richard and Francis sold this land Francis appears to have moved
to Dobbs County and Richard appears to have moved to Goose Creek across the
River next to the Linkfields. I suspect from the dates that he was already married
to Susanne Linkfield/Linfield daughter and his father in law made him an offer
he could not refuse.
2. Land Patents by Hoffman - 1735 - 1764
a. #7408 - Francis Hill - 9 Nov 1764 - 155 A in Dobbs on ES Falling Creek
adj to Robert Bryd.
b. #2967 - Francis Hill - 18 April 1771 - 240 A in Dobbs on NS Neuse
including his own improvements - adj John Garret, John Smith, Soloman Wright and near
Richard Caswell
c. #5019 - lands of Caswell - adj Francis Hill also William Bulling, Isaac
Tull, Lazarus Turner, and Rouse's corner - land on NS Neuse, Briary Tract.
a. 24 April 1779 - John Collens 300 Ac in Dobbs - adj Isaac Tull, Arthur
McCoy and Frank Hill
NOTE: This is exactly where Richard (next generation) bought land from Abraham
Baker when he moved from Craven Co to Lenoir Co - I wonder if Richard moved
there because he inherited his Uncle's land.
4. Deed Book 7 - p 361 - Thomas Lewis (or) Thomas Martin Wallace (ee) ES Adams
Creek adj Francis Hill's line - 1751
5. Tax Lists
a. Dobbs Tax Lists 1769 - Francis Hill and Richard Hill
NOTE: This is NOT our Richard - It is the Richard of the Robert Hill Family
b. Craven County l769 Tax Lists
1. Richard Hill - 2 white tax
2. Stephen Hill - 1 white Tax
c. Craven Co 1779 Tax Lists
1. Stephen Hill - 196 A worth 348 lbs
d. 1780 - Dobbs Tax List
1. Richard Hill - This is Richard of the Robert Hill family
2. Levi Hill
NOTE: I can find nothing to indicate Francis Hill had any children nor is
there any indication as to what happened to his land. There are no stray Hills in
Lenoir County that can't be accounted for. There is a Stephen and William Hill
in Craven County that can not be accounted for and there appears to be a close
relationship between William, Stephen, Richard, and Levi Hill. It could be
that Stephen was a son of Francis of Dobbs or a brother to Richard Jr. Levi, and
Francis but there has to be a close family tie. I can not find in the Deeds
exactly where Stephen and William lived. I do not think it possible that Francis
would have been the father of Richard and Levi. They were bc 1755-60 and were
later in possession of land from John Linkfield. Their apparent father,
Richard, was in possession of Linkfield land by Will in 1768.
After selling his land on Broad Creek, Richard moved to Goose Creek, probably
after marrying , Susanne, daughter of John Linkfield, Sr. and it is down this
line that this Hill family continues to this day in Lenoir County, N.C. We do
not know what the exact spelling of the Linkfield name was, but it does not
appear to be Linkfield - the early Deeds say Linfield, Lynfield, Lingfield. Some
have suggested that it was Litchfield or was later spelled Litchfield in a
different line.
I use the name Linkfield only because this is the spelling that has come down
this Hill family.
6. Deed Book 11
a. p 276 - 3 Oct 1763 - Edward Williams (or) Richard Hill (ee) - FO Amos
Cuthrell who sold to Edward Williams - 100 A on Goose Creek - wit - Edward Gatlin,
Thos Cook, John Parsons
b. p 234 - 1759 - sale of Jeremiah Parsons dec - buying were Francis Hill,
Betty Hill, Richard Hill - Francis bought a Bible - there was more than one
Bible as John Lingfield also bought one
NOTE: Who was Betty Hill - was she the wife of Francis or a sister?
c. p 276 - Edward Williams (or) Richard Hill (ee) - FO by patent Amos
Cutherell to Edward Williams - 100 A NS Neuse head of Goose Creek - both sides of
swamp - 2 Oct 1763 - wit Edward Gatlin, Thos Cook, John Parsons
7. Deed Book 15
a. 6 June 1768 - Richard Hill (or) - Thomas Clark (ee) - 100 A 15 lbs NS
Neuse WS Goose Creek - FO Amos Cutherill PLUS 50 A being part of patent to John
Lingfield - adj Lingfields 250 A - being part of land divided to Richard Hill
from John Lingfield - wit: Peter Harper, Cason Brinson
8. Deed Book 20
a. p 56 - Thomas Clark (or) Richard Harvey (ee) - NS Neuse WS Goose Creek -
FO Survey granted to John Linkfield - 50 A divided to Richard Hill by the
Executor Benjamin Williams and James Gatlin Exec to John Linkfield . Richard Hill
sold to Thomas Clark.
9. Deed Book l9 - p 87 - very hard to read on microfilm - Richard Hill (or)
James Brinson - 34 lbs 150 A SS Neuse head of Goose Creek - one part granted to
John Linkfield in 1765 - part divided to Richard Hill by executors of Linkfield's
estate - wit W Brinson, Jr. W. Brinson Sr., Thomas Clark.
NOTE: The best I can determine, John Linkfield, Jr. and Sr. died the same
year. John Linkfield, Jr. had one son Francis who was a baby when his father died.
There would have been no reason I can think of for this John's land to be
divided to Richard Hill. John Jr. and Richard MUST have been brother's in-law.
See Linkfield information.
10. Inventory of Richard Hill - Craven County 1778 - there are only two small
pieces of paper at the Archives in this Inventory and it was all clothes,
including silver shoe buckles and silk shirts. There are no household goods. There
is no indication of land division although the Court Records may show
something. I have not gotten to the Court Records for this period and neither has Mrs.
Haun. This could be Richard as above or a son of Francis of Dobbs. Richard's
sons Richard and Levi did not dispose of the property inherited from the
Linkfields until the 1790's at which time their father would have been dead. For the
time being, I have to assume this Richard who died in 1778 was the father of
Richard, Levi, and Francis L. Hill. These sons would have been minors at the
time and may have gone to Dobbs County to live with their uncle Francis althought
he may have been dead by 1780 as he was not on the Tax List for that year.
This would explain how Richard and Levi met their Rouse wives. The Rouses were
neighbors of Francis Hill in Dobbs.
11. Soldiers of the South
1772 - Capt Elish Cain's Co - no County given - Richard Hill
NOTE: As far as we know none of this family was in the Revo War. The Richard
Hill from Craven County was part of the Robert Hill Family.
NOTE: According to Deeds in Craven Co., Richard, Levi, and Francis L. Hill were
in possession of Linkfield property.
12. Craven Co Deeds
a. Book 24 - p 314 - 1783 - James and Elizabeth Gatlin to James Brinson, Sr.
- NS Neuse - WS Goose Creek - FO John Bryan to John Linfield, Jr. Will of
Linfield left to wife Elizabeth - Elizabeth late Elizabeth Linfield
b. Book 27
1. p 151 - 17 Sept 1789 - James and Elizaeth Gatlin (or) Levi and
Richard Hill (ee) - 45 lbs - NS Neuse just above New Bern - adj to Old Ferry Landing
- 100 A - Elizabeth was formerly Elizabeth Linfield she got land in 1767 - wit:
Stephen West, John West
NOTE: I assume this landing was what was called Linkfield's Landing
2. p 235 - Francis Hill's plantation on Adams Creek - mentioned
3. p 250 - 1769 - land between John Bonner and John Pittman - FO Francis
c. Book 29 - p 105 - 17 Aug 1790 - William Hill (or) Samuel Coleman (ee) -
love and goodwill - 60 A - FO Stephen Hill, my father, FO Nancy Gaskins - wit -
Charles Hammon, James Sanders
NOTE: I include this because there may be some relationship between our Hill's
and this family
d. Book 30
1. p 202 - l2 June l793 - Richard Hill (or) William Adams (ee) - 30 lbs
50 A - NS Neuse part of Williams Patent of l755 - wit - Thomas Adams, Francis
Jones, James Gaskins - adj to Williams Patent, dividing corner of Longfield and
Redway - NOTE - I suspect this was written wrong by the Clerk and might should
have been Lingfield.
2. p 159 - 23 Dec 1792 - Levi Hill (or) - William Adams (ee) - 100 lbs
l00 A - NS Neuse part of Patent of John Linkfield including Ferry Landing
beginning at side of Neuse above Ferry Landing - wit - John Whitfield, William Searly
3. p 80 - - no date - Levi Hill owes Richard Hill 10,000 lbs - patent to
Linkfield 1748 - 200 A some of land by Deed from John Williams to John
Linkfield in 1756 - wit Levi Dawson and William (can't read last name) adj to ----
Adams, John Linkfield's patent line
4. p 88 - 6 Feb 1793 - Richard Hill owes Levi Hill 10,000 lbs - 50 A -
sold and Deeded from Levi Hill to William Adams - another parcel - 72 A -
original granted to Francis Linkfield on 20 Nov 1739 - 200A by Patent to John
Linkfield, Jr. - 13 Oct 1765 - wit: Levi Dawson, William Parks
NOTE: Did the name Levi come from Levi Dawson?
5. p 96 - 9 Feb 1793 - Richard Hill (or) William Gaskins (ee) - 272 lbs -
land near Neuse - adj Adams, Linfield's line
NOTE: I assume that Richard Hill Sr lived on this land after selling his on
Goose Creek - it was probably better land.
e. Book 31
1. p 183 - l2 Mar 1793 - Richard Hill, Simon Rouse (or) William Adams
(ee) - executors of Will of Levi Hill - part of Patent to Elizabeth Lingfield -
100 A - another 75 A part of patent to Francis Lingfield - wit Edmund Perkins,
Ch Williams - adj to William Adams, the river, Williams' Mill Branch
2. p 158 - 7 Dec 1793 - Levi Hill (or) Peter Ipock (ee) - 11 lbs 3 A -
NS Neuse ES of Ownes Swamp - part of Patent granted to John Linkfield, Jr. - wit
- Charles Williams, Richard Hill - adj to Ridgeway, Gaskins
NOTE: - the dates are right - the Deed must not have been recorded until after
Levi's death
3. p 146 - 20 Sept 1793 - Levi Hill (or) - Arthur Ipock (ee) - 30 lbs NS
Neuse 57 A - wit Jacob Burch, James Gaskins - adj to William Gaskins, John
Simpson Sr.'s Patent
f. Book 32 - p 458 - Richard Hill and Simon Rouse - Exec of estate of Levi
Hill (or) - William Gaskins (ee) - 53 lbs - 101 A Millpond - line of John
Linkfield Sr.'s old Patent
g. Book 33 - p 496 - John Spence West, Sheriff - to James Gatlin - Aug 1797
- Francis L. Hill of Lenoir owed taxes - part of land sold to pay taxes - land
was 400 A NS Neuse on Goose Creek - part of Patent granted to John Linkfield
for 400 A in 1765
NOTE: James Gatlin was 2nd husband of Elizabeth Linkfield, widow of John Jr.
NOTE: I suspect this Francis's middle name was Linkfield - also this is the
only documentation available at this time that shows that Richard and Levi
probably had another brother or a cousin. Francis can be found on a later Craven
County Census, but there are no later Deeds in Craven for him. There is a much
later Richard Hill in Craven who I guess could have been his son.
13. Inferior Court - March l783 - Levi and Richard Hill petition to build a
public water grist mill on their own land near Linfield's Ferry
14. Early Craven Tax Lists
a. Francis and Richard on all - Roger on early ones until 1716 after which
he does not appear
b. 1719 Tax
Francis 350 A
Richard 600 A
Mary 230 A
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