Richard and Levi Hill

HILL: Richard & Levi
of Lenoir County, NC


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The Francis HILL Line (as best as can be determined)

a. 13 Feb 1793 - Abraham Baker of Lenoir County (or) - Richard Hill of
Craven County (ee) - 285 lbs - 285 A - NS Briery adj Joshua Williams, Joseph
Bruton, Richard Hill, James Collier - Wit: Bold Robin Hood, James Collier
NOTE: We are fortunate this Deed has survived. It tells us when Richard moved
to Lenoir County. Levi appears to have moved much earlier. There are any number
of reasons they could have moved where they did. It is possible their uncle
Francis left them his land. Both Richard and Levi married Rouse wives who were
from this area.
2. 1780 Dobbs County Tax List both Levi and a Richard are in the lower part of
Jason Township in Greene Co which is Institute and most of Moseley Hall. This
should be our Levi, but Richard would be of the Robert Hill family. As far as
we know our Richard did not move to Lenoir County until 1793 as seen above.
3. The Richard and Francis in Duplin, Sampson Counties are part of the Robert
Hill family.
4. Craven County Marriage Bonds
a. Francis Hill to Rebecca Pierce - 28 Nov 1783 - Bondsman Levi Hill I am
going to assume this was the brother of Levi and Richard Hill.
b. Francis Hill to Ann White - 20 May 1816 - Graywest Books, Bondsman
Was this Francis L or maybe his son?
NOTE: This was Gray Westbrook
c. Richard Hill - Mehatabel Martin - 14 June 1836 - I don't know who this is
but it could have been the son of Francis
5. Additional Wills in Craven that MAY be connected with our family
a. William Hill - 1811 - wife Mary - William Gaskins wit - no further
b. estate of Stephen Hill 1790 - Levi and William Hill Administrators
Francis and Richard bought from estate
NOTE : It has already been established that William was the son of Stephen from
information in a Deed
c. estate of Richard Hill - Craven County - 1853 - Louisana Hill, widow
Adams Creek - children - Mary, James, Pollmille
a. owned money to William and Stephen Hill
b. Board money given to Simon Rouse for children
c. One document in the Estate Records refers to Richard, who was one of the
executors, as Richard Jr. - more evidence that Levi, Richard, and Francis were
the sons of Richard Sr.
d. a rather long document that covers several years and shows a distribution
of money by Richard, the guardian for Lydia and Richard - shows money being
distributed to Sally Hill for room and board for the children. THIS WAS FOUND IN
7. Craven Court Records - abstracted by Martha Marble - 1807-1809 - Dec 1807 -
ordered account settled of Richard Hill Sr. guardian to Richard Hill Jr. and
Lydia Hill
8. Rev War Records in US Archives - the only Richard Hill was the one who
married Ester and was the son of Robert Hill
9. Greene County Cemetery Records
a. Nancy Hill wife of Alexander Hill 1833 - 1893 -
NOTE: There are a number of Hill's buried at the Hull Road Free Will Baptist
Church in Greene County. I suspect these are part of Levi's family as many of
them lived in the Arba section of Greene County
10. Lovit Hines Collection - Roland Moore's land adj Richard Hill at Briery
11. Census
a. 1800- Lenoir Co - only Richard Hill and Sally Hill
1. Sally had one male 10-16, and two females - one 0-10 and one
NOTE : This Sally would have been the widow of Levi and the daughter of Simon
Rouse, Sr. The two children are Richard and Lydia
2. Richard had three males 0-10, one 26-45, three females 0-10, and
one 26-45
b. 1800 Craven Co
1. Thomas Hill one male between 26-45, no females
2. William Hill in Ivey's District - one male over 45, one female
10-16, one female 26-45
3. Jesse Hill in Ivey's District - one male 16-26: one female l0-16,
one female over 45
4. David Hill in Ivey's District - one male 16-26, one male over 34:
one female over 45
5. George Hill - one male 26-45: one female over 45
6. William Hill - two males 0-10, one male 26-45: one female 16-26
c. 1810 Lenoir County
1. Richard Hill - three males 0-10, three males 10-16, one male over
45; one female 0-10, one female 10-16, and one female 16-26
NOTE: where was Mary - she was not dead at this time
d. 1820 Lenoir County
e. 1830 Lenoir County
1. Mary (widow of Richard) - one male 20-30; one female 20-30, one
female 70-80
NOTE: This is consistent with the death date shown in Margorie Oliver's book on
the Sutton Family - Margorie does not know where she got Mary's death date
from, but I think it is probably right.
2. Simon Hill
3. Thomas Hill were also listed
4. Richard Hill - two males 0-5, two males 5-10, one male 10-15, one
male 30-40; two females 0-5, one female 10-15, one female 15-20, one female
40-50 - I think this Richard was the son of Levi
5. Right next door to this Richard was Sally Tilman - no males, lots of
little girls and l female 60-70 - I think this was the widow of Levi who
remarried a Tilman
d. 1840 Lenoir County Census
e. 1850 Census Lenoir Co
1. p 295 - Richard Hill 58, Susan 60 - Alexander 30, Richard 23, Martha
19, Mary E 22, Levi 19, Robert 17 - NOTE: this was the son of Levi and Sally
Rouse Hill
f. 1860 Census
1. Alexander Hill 51, Martha 50, Sarah 20, Elizabeth 19, Richard C 14,
Thomas 11 NOTE: This was the son of Richard and Mary Rouse Hill
2. Pickney Hill 30, Sarah 26, David 3, Catherine 1 p 111
NOTE: This Pickney Hill owned the farm during the Civil War where this
complier grew up
g. 1870 Lenoir County Census
1. p 32 - Richard C. Hill 24, Martha Ann 21, Ada 1 NOTE: Martha Ann was
a Nunn daughter of Redding and Zelota Nunn
2. p 41 - Alexander 36, Mary 38, Nellie 10, Caroline 9, Ella 7, William 6
h. 1880 Lenoir Census
1. p 7 - Alexander Hill 46, Mary A 48, Lolota 20, Caroline 19, Mary E
18, William H 16, Elizabeth 14, Benjamin F 11, Martha 9, Alexander 5, Jefferson 4
2. R. C. Hill 32, Martha A 31, Ada 11, Richard F. 8
l2. l844 Lenoir County Tax List
a. Levi Hill - 1 w, 1 b, 160 A, worth $487
b. Alex Hill - 1 w, 2 b, 137 A, worth $343
c. Thom. J. Hill - 1 w
d. John L. Hill - 6 B, 644 A, worth $1440
e. Charles H. Hill - 1 w
1. Division of Richard's land - abstracted from WEAVING OF THE HILLS by Sue
This division is well covered in Sue Rouse's book. Again, we are fortunate
these Deeds exist in the Lovit Hines Collection. The division was made in 1818
and only three children appear to be of age, Susannah, John Linkfield, and
Rachel who had married Abraham Hardee. The land was divided into nine portions.
Many Deeds exist in the Lovit Hines Collection that show the sell of this
property between the children and the Cross Indexes indicate other transactions.
a. Deed between Susan Hill (or) and John L. Hill (ee) - 18 October 1819 -
Susan sold her portion to her brother - WIT: Thomas Hill and Lydia Barwick
NOTE : I am inclined to think Lydia Barwick was the daughter of Levi Hill
Thomas was their brother and since he was not of age in 1818 but was in 1819
this indicates he was born in 1798 and was the next oldest.
b. Deed between Mary Hill (or) and Henry Tull (ee) 21 Feb 1827 - Mary sold
"her portion of the land purchased of Thomas Hill, son of Richard Hill" WIT:
were Simon Hill and Susannah Hill
NOTE: As it does not appear Richard and Mary had a daughter named Mary, it
appears Thomas's Mother, Mary purchased his portion from him.
c. Deed between Abraham and Rachel Hardee (or) and John L. Hill (ee) her
portion of land - 6 April 1819 - WIT: Thomas Hill and Susan Hill
d. Deed from Simon Hill (or) and Henry Tull (ee) - 20 Oct 1823 - his
portion of the land - WIT: Martin Benders
e. Deed from Richard Rouse and Eliza his wife (or) and Henry Tull (ee) her
portion of the land - 1 Jan 1827 WIT: none given
f. Deed from Richard Hill (or) and Henry Tull (ee) - his portion of the
land 26 Feb 1827 - WIT: Simon Hill and Susanna Hill
g. Deed from Levi and Alexander Hill (or) and Henry Tull (ee) their portion
of the land - 3 Feb 1831 - WIT: R. C. Rouse
NOTE: FROM THESE DEEDS we know who the children of Richard and Mary Rouse Hill
were and the approximate year of their birth - there is a possibility that
Simon was older than Richard
1. Susannah Hill - bc 1792
2. John Linkfield Hill - bc 1794
3. Rachel Hill - bc 1796
4. Thomas Hill - b 1798
5. Richard Hill - bc 1800
6. Simon Hill - b by 1802
7. Elizabeth Hill - b 25 March 1804
8. Levi - bc 1806
9. Alexander Hill - b 8 May 1809
Numerous people have worked on these lines from this point with the exception
of Levi and Richard. For additional information see the following:
a. Susannah Hill - Lenoir County Heritage Book and The Weaving of the Hills
b. John Linkfield Hill - Lenoir County Heritage Book
c. Rachel Hill
d. Thomas Hill - Same as above
e. Simon Hill - Craven County Heritage Book
f. Elizabeth Hill - Weaving of the Hills
g. Alexander Hill - Suttons and this study
2. Mary wife of Richard Hill
a. There has been much speculation on her maiden name.
b. Lovit Hines Collection - Deed from Mary Hill (or) and Thomas Hill (ee)
land on the NS of the Neuse River and the North Side of Bucklesberry Pocosin IT
this states that she was the sister of Simon Rouse. This Simon Rouse was the son of Simon
Rouse, Sr. who was the father of Sally and Mary. Thus two brothers married two
c. In her book on the Sutton Family, Marjorie Sutton Oliver gives the death
date of Mary as 30 Jan 1838 which is probably about right. Marjorie does not
know where she got this information from so it can not be verified.
d. There has been much written about the Rouse family, most of which is
probably wrong. A great deal of research is presently going on, but due to the
burning of the Dobbs/Lenoir County Records, lines may never be proven. It has
always been said that Jonathan Rouse was the son of John Rouse Sr. I am inclined
to think Jonathan was the son of Simon Rouse Sr. In the Cross Indexes there is
a conveyance between Jonathan and Simon Rouse TOGETHER. This would make Simon,
Jr., Jonathan, Sally, and Mary, brothers and sisters.
3. Bible of Alexander and Finetee Rouse Hill
Alexander Hill son of Richard Hill and Mary his wife was born the 8th May 1809
Finette Rouse daughter of Jonathan Rouse and Catherine his wife was born the
4th of February 1812
the rest is under the line
At this point this line has not been followed although several people are
working on it. I do know there are many descendants living in the Arba section of
Greene County. I am of the opinion that Lydia Hill md William Barwick. I also
think Lydia remarried a Tilman - NO Sally remarried the Tilghman maybe
The Line of Francis HILL ( as best as can be determined)
Francis Hill bc 1665 - probably died 1747 Craven Co N.C. md by 1708 in
Accomack County, Va Elizabeth Perry daughter of John and Joan/Jane Perry - it is not
known if she was the mother of his children but Elizabeth was still alive in
Sept 1710
A. Francis Hill - bc 1690-1700 Accomack County, Va - dc 1763 Craven County,
N.C. - based on circumstantial evidence - married Catherine
l. Francis Hill - bc 1725 Craven County, N.C. - d 1779 Dobbs Co -
possible son Stephen


2. Richard Hill - bc 1725-30 - d 1778 - Craven Co md Susannah Linkfield
daughter of John Linkfield, Sr.

a. Levi Hill - bc 1755 Craven County, N.C.- d 1794 Lenoir County, md Sarah (Sally) Rouse daughter of Simon Rouse - Will written 22 Jan 1794 - he died soon after that

l. Richard Hill - bc 1792 -descendents - md Susan bc 1800
a. Richard Hill - lived in Buckelsberry - on 1950 Census - I don't have anything to prove this line. Russell King may. I was told years ago by a descendant that Robert lived in the Arba area and most of the Hills in that area are from his line
1. Alexander bc 1830

2. Richard bc 1827 - married on 1870 Census

3. Martha - bc 1831

4. Levi - bc 1831 - were they twins?

5. Robert - bc 18 33 - was md in 1870 - not on Lenoir Census - buried at Hull Road Baptist Church - md Elizabeth

6. Mary E. - bc 1828

2. Lydia Hill - married William Barwick (MY LINE mmm )

a. William Barwick - md Celia

b. Isaac Barwick

b. Richard Hill - bc 1755 - dc 1818 - Lenoir Co - md Mary Rouse bc 1750-1760 d 30 Jan 1838, daughter of Simon Rouse

1. Susannah Hill - b c 1792 d 1861 - md Henry Tull b 12 October 1787 - d 18 November 1856 son of John and Elizabeth Cannon Tull
a. John Tull b 19 Sept 1832 - d 24 May 1895 - md 1st 1852 Cynthia Ann Dunn md 2nd Winifred Rountree Jackson - b 23 Feb 1840 line traced

2. John Linkfield Hill - bc 1794 - d 1854 - md on 23 Dec 1817 Mary Hardee

a. Elizabeth J. Hill - md Adail Dunn Smith 2nd Joseph Burwell Temple

b. William Hill

c. Nancy Hill - md Alexander Watson

d. Pinkney Hill - md Sallie Simmons

e. Major L. Hill - died Civil War

f. Charles Hill - md Marenda Cunningham

g. Thomas J. Hill - md Julia A. Loftin

3. Rachel Hill - bc 1796 md Abraham Hardee

4. Thomas Hill bc 1798 md Sally Rouse

a. Thomas Pickney Hill

b. James W. C. Hill

c. Bright Hill

d. John L. Hill

e. Nathan B. Hill

f. Jesse Hill

g. Noah Hill

h. Harriet E. Hill

i. Penelope Hill

j. Alice C. Hill

5. Richard Hill bc 1800 - nothing to prove this line - need cemetery records from LCC md Martha bc 1802

a. Elva or Elizabeth A. - bc 1838

b. James L . - bc 1841

c. Betsy J. or maye Mary E. - bc 1847

6. Simon Hill bc 1802 md Mary E. Gray

a. John Leonard Hill

b. Thomas R. Hill

c. Henry Hill

d. Jacob Freeze Hill

e. Mary A. Hill

7. Elizabeth Hill - b 24/25 March 1804 - d 29 October 1891 - md Richard C. Rouse - b 4 Jan 1805 - dc 1840 son of Jonathan and Catherine Hardee Rouse

a. Alexander E. Rouse - b 9 March 1829 - d 24 Feb 189 md Hepsie Ann Koonce

b. Susan E. Rouse - md James W. C. Hill

c. Five other children - I do not have list - Mrs. Alex Linko does

8. Levi Hill bc 1806 - dc 1858 untraced - not proven - from 1850 Census - Levi lived next to Simon - md Mary Harvey (according to Russell King) bc 1815 - family appears to have moved to Arba area where several of them married in Pitt Co

a. Armenia

b. Susan - bc 1840

c. George - bc 1845

d. Levi J. - bc 1848

e. Son A. D. - he never showed up on Census but his Marriage Bond in Pitt Co. said he was son of Levi and Mary

f. Mary A. - bc after 1850

g. Thomas - bc 1854

h. Letitha - bc 1854

i. Elizabeth - bc 1856 - md Theophlius Phillips in Pitt Co

9. Alexander Hill b 8 May 1809 md 1st on 9 Feb 1832 to Finette Rouse daughter of Jonathan Rouse and his wife Catherine Hardee Rouse - she was born 4 Feb 1812 - d 20 Aug 1848

a. Alexander Hill - b l9 Aug 1833 - md on 9 Dec 1858 to Mary Ann Spivey (My side of the family said he also married Mary Nunn) - he probably also md Nancy who is buried in Greene County

b. Emily Jane Hill - b 14 July 1835

c. Mary Ann Catharine Hill - b 22 May 1837 - md Richard Walters Sutton, Sr.

d. Sally Maria Hill - b 16 Sept 1838

e. Elizabeth Ann Hill - b 15 June 1841

f. Louisa Hill - b 26 Sept 1844

g. Richard Croom Hill - b 29 July 1846 - md Martha Ann Nunn

h. Thomas Woodley Hill - b 13 April 1848 - I understand he died during the Civil War, but I have not verified that.

Alexander md 2nd Martha Hill daughter of Richard Hill and Ester his wife on 19 Nov 1848

c. Francis L. Hill - bc 1760 - md Rebecca Pierce 1783 - Craven Co - untraced

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