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NOTE: Since this was prepared, additional information has been published but it
has not been added.
SOME IMMIGRANTS TO VA - by W. G. Stanard - 1915
1. Henry Hill - d 1649 Northampton son of George Hill of Tiverton, Devon
Wills of Accomack County - by Stratton Nottingham
1. William Gowers - 31 July 168 - Francis Ayers, son of John Ayers - 300 A to
John Arew, John Ayers son of John, Patience Ayers daughter of John, John
Drummond and his sons Richard and John; to Isaac Dix; to George Middleton and William
Willet; to Dorothy Condor; to Mary Hewett daughter of Robert Hewett. Capt
Richard Hill resid legate - wit Richard Hill, John Drummond
2. Robert Hill - 1 July 178 - probated 1 Aug 178 - to son Robert, to son
Richard; to three of my smallest children; to daughter Prescilla; wife Jane Exec -
to my other children (no names) - wit John Parker, Matapany, George Hope, John
Richardson - p 11
NOTE: on p 11 Nottingham lists the other children as Ruth, Dorcus, Roger who
was the youngest son, Hutton Hill
3. Capt Richard Hill - several times as witness
4. p 1 - Henry Hill - 8 Oct 188 - eldest son Richard Hill; son Henry - wife
Jane - children under age
5. p 23 - Capt Richard Hill of Hunting Creek - 26 March 1688 - probated 2l Nov
1694 - to grandson Francis Ayers - 200 A at the head of Hunting Creek known as
Drakes neck; to John Ayers, Jr - 200 A adjoing his brother Francis; to Richard
Hill Ayers 300 A at Chungoteage; to his two brothers Edmond and Henry Ayers,
plantation where his father now lives after death of father and mother. To 2
grandsons Richard and John Drummond which said Drummond was born 21 March 1687
sons of John Drummond 1100 A where I now live. To grandson Hill Drumond 300 A at
Chingoteae being 1/2 of my divident and plants and the other 300 A to Richard
Ayers aforesaid. To grandson Steven Drummond 300 A in Drakes Neck. To Drake
Drummond 300 A in Drakes Neck; wife Mary Hill Exec. Wife to have personal estate
for life then to my daughters Mary Ayers and Patience Drummond - wit Nicholas
Hill, John Lewis, Richard Grimnold
6. p 24 - Roger Ternall - 23 Dec 1694 - probated 17 Sept 1695 - to son Thomas
Ternall - 150 A being the SW part of the plantation where I now live; to son
John 150 A where I now live (both under 21) - Daughter Ann Ternall; to daughter
Margaret Hill; to grandson Roger Hill. Children Thomas, Ann and John resid
legatees - wife Ann Exec. William Willet, Richard Hill, John Lewis and Larance
Riley to guard and protect my children in their minority. My 20 A of marsh to be
in equal privilege among all my children. wit - Richard Grinnal, Edward
Burman, William Chance, John Lilliston
7. John Perry - probated 5 Oct 1708 - to son John (under 21) all my lands
after his mothers death. Should he die without issue, to my son in law Francis
Hill - wife Jane, Exec - wit William Custis, William Spiers. Christopher Brooks
8. p 56 - Robert Adkins - 17 Feb 1715 - probated 3 Sept 1717 - to daughters
Sikella Tomson - Cingoteague; son Robert Adkins; daughters Catherine Whealton;
Mary Mason, Ann Ternall, Elizabeth Walker, son John Adkins
1. Cavaliers and Pioneers # 2
a. John Perry imported Accomack Co - 1667
b. John Perry imported Accomack Co - 1674
c. #195 Capt Moore Fantleroy received land on Rapp in 1650 for
transporting 107 persons including Francis Hill and Tho Hill
d. Fantleroy also imported Richard Smith and Richard Hall - (could this be
Hill) in same year
e. #353 - Thomas Hill - received 500 A on Potomac 1657 for importing 10
persons - Capt Thomas Hill (3 times), Mary Bushrode (2 times) George, Thomas, Mary
and Francis Hill
f. Richard Hill received 300 A in Northhampton Co in 1652 for transporting
6 people - Thomas Edwards, Henry Peters, Mary Hill Sr., Mary Hill Jr., Richard
Otteway, Thomas Hole
2. note of interest - Sussex County Delaware, and Somerset and Worchester
Counties, Maryland both connected with this county Accomack
3. Fleet - Colonial Accamack Abstracts - p 49 - 1635 - out of ship James and
Revenge - from England - Richard Hill - millwright and carpenter
Accomack Tax List - Titables
1663 - Robert - 4, Richard - 1, Richard - 6, Richard Smith 2
1664 - Richard - 6
1665 - Richard - 6, Richard, Jr. - 1 (first time the lists shows a Jr.)
1666 - Richard - 1, Richard - 7
1667 - Thomas Tunnell - 1, Richard - 1, Capt Hill - 5
1668 - Capt Richard - 5, Richard Hill Jr. - 1
1669 - Capt Richard - 4, Robert - 2, Richard - 1
1670 - Capt Richard - 5, Robert - 2, Richard - 1
1667 - Robert - 2, Richard - 5
1674 - Richard, Jr. 3 (Littleton), Robert - 2, Capt Richard - 4, Roger Ternall
- 1 (Wise), Capt Hill had 1 Indian called Dick
1675 - Richard Jr - 1 (Littleton), Robert - 1 (Wise), Richard - 3, Capt Hill - 7
1676 - Richard - 1
1677 - Robert - 2, Richard - 6, Richard - 1
1678 - Capt Richard - 4, Henry - 1
1679 - Capt Richard - 4, Henry - 1
stopped p 24 and jumped to page 48
1690 - Richard - 4, Roger Ternall - 2, Capt Richard - 5, Nich - 1
1693 - Henry - 1, Richard Hill Ayers - 1, Richard - 1, Nich - 1, Henry 1,
Arthur - 1
1695 - Nathanial Tunnell - 1, Richard Hill Ayers - 1, Richard - 1, Henry 1,
Nich - 2 (Henry and Nicholas in Burton's District), Arthur - 1, John Perry
Francis never shows up on the Titable List
1. Deed and Will Book 1664 - 1671
No Index, very hard to read and no page numbers
a. p 42 - Bill of sale - Richard Hill to James Atkinson - can't read
b. p 45 more or less - Mary Hill wife of Richard Hill of Accomack - think
this is a release of Dower for selling to James Atkinson - 16 Jan 1666
2. Deed and Will Book - 1671 - 1673
Can't read Index in front of book
a. p 24 - Capt Richard Hill for transporting people
b. p 26 - Robert Hill for transporting people
c. p 137 - Richard Hill, Jr. of Northhampton Co (or) Richard Smith (ee) 100
A land in Northhampton and Accomack - part of 650 Ac of land 2 Sept 1664 -
granted to Richard - Richard appears to give mark and his wife appears to sign but
the microfilm is so faded I can't even guess at her name - she appears to use a
Mark - dated 1672
d. p 239 - no index - Richard Hill son of Robert county of Northhampton
rest too faded and can't read
3. Deed and Will Book 1673 - 1676
a. p 353 - 17 June l675 - Robert Hill (or) George West (ee) - 400 Ac in
Northhampton - Jane Hill signed Will - SS Mesonyoe Branch NS of some branch can't
read - Jane gives up her dower
b. p 356 - Robert Hill (or) John Hudson (ee) - 400 Ac land in Northhampton
4. Deed and Will Book 1676-1690 -
a. p 114 - July 19, 1678 - Robert Hill (or) Will - sons Robert, Richard
Roger, wife Jane, daughter Pressila
b. p 205 - 16 March 1679 - Houton Hill indenture to Jesse Anderson Jean
Johnson his mother gives her permission - indenture until age of 19 he is 9
years old now
c. p 116 - VERY DIFFICULT TO READ -- 14 Aug 1678 - Jane Hill widow -
daughters - Ruth, Darcus, Persilla feather bed each - something about age of 17,
youngest son Roger a heifer, son Huton, son Robert and son Richard - gave them
d. p127 - 1768 - Richard Hill formerly of Accomack now of Somerset in
Maryland 550 Ac sold to John Devonish - Wilmot Hill gave her release of Dower
e. p 178 - Dec 1679 Richard Hill of Somerset, Maryland - same as above -
sold land on Occahono Creek he got patent for in 1664 - gave to Richard Hill Jr.
his POA - sold land to Hercules Shephard - Shephard was to pay Richard, Jr.
yearly - signed with Mark and Wilmot gave up Dower
f. p 416 - Jan 1685 - Richard Hill of Somerset, Blacksmith (or) to William
Evans (ee) 300 Ac that Richard bought in 1683
g. p 417 - Richard of Somerset, Maryland Blacksmith - POA
h. p 260 - 26 May 1681 - Richard Hill of Hunting Creek in Accomac
permission to build a watermill to William Willet
i. Tithables Accomack 1680
Robert Hill - 1
Hen Hill - 1
Richard Hill - 5
j. p 229 - 1680 - Robert Hill Brand - Mark of fatted horse and - can't read
rest -
k. p 336 - John Bailey (or) Richard Hill (ee) 15 June 1680 - 300 A where
Richard now lives - FO by Patent Nicholas Mowship (?)
l. Robert Aook (spelling of last name may not be corrrect)- son of John
Aook - 17 ? 1689 - - to Roger Hill son in law - Hunting Creek - married with Eliza
widow of Robert Hill - Will to support 2 boys of wife - Richard and Roger Hill
- and cows -
(NOTE: These would be stepsons not sons-in-law
m. Will of Henry Hill
5. Deed and Will Book 1692-1715 - Part l
a. p 26 - 16 June 1693 - Lt Coll John West (or) Richard Hill, WEAVER, (ee)
100 A SS Timber Creek (Bear Creek) ADJ Roger Ternell - WIT: Jno Washbourne
b. p 5l - 18 Sept 1693 - William Wardell (or) Richard Hill WEAVER (ee)
William to serve as apprentice to Richard until reaches 21 years old - Richard
signed with Mark
NOTE; This is the exact mark of Richard of Somerset, Maryland - could they be
father and son
c. p 106 - list of Titables 1694
Richard Hill - 1 Ed Curtis Precient
Nicholas Hill -2
Henry Hill - 1 Mr. Burton's Prec
Arthur Hill -1 Mr. Burton's Prec
d. Will of Richard Hill of Hunting Creek - 26 March 1688 - wife Mary,
daughter Mary Ayers and Patience Durmond - Nicholas Hill - WIT
NOTE: This is the Captain Richard Hill
d. p 310 - estate of Nicholas Hill - 27 Oct 1697 - Ester Hill is widow
e. Tabitha Hill - widow of John Curtis - plantation of 550 A - no
indication of who she married 2nd
a. p 484 - Joan Perry - widow - to my son Francis Hill - husband was John
Perry - 1 Aug 1710
b. Tabitha Hill was once lawful wife of John Curtis
1. 6 Sept 1710 - Francis Hill of Accomack (or) John Oncely (ee) - Francis is
MOVING - 10,000 lbs of tobacco - 117 Ac - FO Elizabeth Scarburgh sold to John
Perry in 1703 - plus 110 AC - FO Tabitha Hill sold in l704 to John Perry and by
his Last Will and Testament to his widow Joan then to Francis Joan gave this
land to Francis in 1710 - WIT: Wm Curtis, Christopher Broke Elizabeth was the
wife of Francis and relinguished her dower - Francis signed with a Mark
NOTE: This is the same Mark Francis of Craven used
1 1632 - 1637
a. Barbary Hill and Israel Hill
b. From Maryland Historical Magazine - suite of Wm Clayborne against
Clobery and Co
1637 - Feb 11 - Richard Hill - wages as millwright and carpenter
1634 - Richard Hall - - carpenter - should this be Hill
1635 - Richard Hill - millwright and carpenter
NOTE: This must be the same Richard as found in Fleet
CERTIFICATES AND RIGHTS INTO ACCOMACK - 1663 - 1707 by Stratton Nottingham
1. 17 Aug 1663 - granted to Robert Hill - 400 Ac for importation of persons
2. 17 Nov 1664 - Richard Hill, Jr. - 450 Acs - for importation of persons
3. Jane Hill - imported by Capt Edmond Bowmas - 18 Sept 1666
4. Joan Hill - imported by Henry Bishop - 16 March 1665/66
5. 18 Dec 1666 - Richard Smith received land for importation of persons
6. 18 Dec 1666 - Robert Hill received 400 Ac for importation of persons
7. 11 March 1667 - John Goring imported John Perry
8. 14 Sept 1677 - Margaret Hill imported by Robert Hutchinson
9. 20 Mar 1693 - Richard Hill imported by Arthur Upshor
10. 1666 - Miles Gray imported John Hill
11. 1671 Capt Richard imported people
Checked Deeds and Wills 1637 - 1640 - no Hills
NOTE: The Indexes for the Deed Books are for the most part just for the
NOTE: Accomack County did not come into existence until 1663. Previously it
was Accawmach starting in 1634 until 1642/3 and then was Northhampton until 1663
when Accomack split off. Early Deeds are found in Northhampton and although I
checked very quickly, I did not see anything. Am going to have to go back to
check closer as all these Hills have to be there.
John Perry, U. P. of Nansemond for 500 lbs sells to Nathanial Bacon in lower I
of W - bought of John Young and Robert Butts - Elizabeth Perry relinguished
Dower - 26 May 1675 -
NOTE: this is about the time a John Perry was imported into Accomack
There was a Wilmott family - Edward Wilmoth - Will 15 Feb 1647 - wife Annis;
daughter Frances; sons John and Robert - land on Lawnes Creek - also a William
Wilmot dec in 1702
NOTE: Could the Hills have been out of this area and left with the Puritians.
Check book under Maryland Hills
a. #27 - p 148 The order in which the Tenants of ye Company are
distributed to the Gov. and Council the 22 of Nov 1626 - among others - Thomas Harvey,
Francis Hill, John Lanfield
b. #32 - p 71 Va Quit Rents of King William County - 1704 - Francis Hill
300 A
c. #34 - p 316 Va Quit Rent Rolls 1704 - Northampton County - Francis Hill
100 A
a. #2 - p 164 Charles County Petition against paper money - Francis Hill
b. #3 - p 205 Francis Hill - 1805 - Greenville County, Va
All in Series 1
a. #1 - p 91 Capt Thomas Hill patented land on Potomac - his widow md
Thomas Bushrod - she was daughter of Abraham Piersy - Thomas Hill got headrights
for John, George, Thomas, Mary, and Francis Hill (according to other information
this was land that was later called Essex Lodge and used by George Washington
as a headquarters during the Revo. War)
b. #8 - p 257 - gives genealogy of John, Thomas Hill - see above - Thomas
received 500 Ac for importing what appears to be his wife and children - he was
the son of John
c. #14 - p 131 - another Francis Hill in King and Queen County - 1730's
a. #1 - p 154 - copy of request of people on Neuse in N.C. for help against
the Indians


Accomack County HILLS as best can be determined from available records.
There appears to be at least three Richard Hills in this area at the same time.
They may be the same generation or different ones. Unfortunately Francis Hill
is rarely mentioned and nothing has been found to tie one of the Richards to
Francis or either one a father. Somerset County, Md. needs to be checked.
Richard Hill of Hunting Creek
born at least by 1640 and probably earlier
This Richard appears to be the one referred to as Captain Richard. He was a
large land owner compared to the others and his line is easiers to follow. Line
of ancestors on wife's side and desc has been followed by people on ghotes.
1. His Will 26 March 1688 probated 21 Nov 1694 - does not mention any sons
only daughters. There are no Deeds from him to any sons so it must be assumed he
had no sons. He owned land on Hunting Creek and on Chungoteage. This would put
him right on the ocean. It is unknown at this time if he was the immigrant or
if he was born in Va. His wife was Mary, surname unknown . I wonder if she was
not a daughter or brother of William Gowers who had a Will in 1668 and left most
of his land to the grandchildren of Capt Richard Hill who was the resid legate
Patience Hill - md John Drummond
a. Richard Drummond
b. John Drummond
c. Hill Drummond
d. Steven Drummond
e. Drake Drummond
Mary Hill - md John Ayers
a. Francis Ayers
b. John Ayers
c. Richard Hill Ayers
d. Patience Ayers
e. Henry Ayers
f. Edmund Ayers
Richard is found at least as early as 1666 in Accomack County
From 1637-1640 - There were no Hills listed in the Index
It appears I have nothing between 1640 and 1660.
Appears to be a little younger than Capt Richard
md by 1663/64
Will - 1 July 1678 - probated 19 Aug 1678
Robert was on the Tax list in 1663
He appears to have lived in Northhampton after the county was formed
wife Jane, surname unknown - she remarried a Johnson
l. Robert - d 12 Aug 1660 - Will of John Aook - John md Eliza the widow of
Robert Hill - John was on Hunting Creek
a. Roger
b. Richard
2. Richard - appears to have lived in Northhampton, but as I can't find him
there he must have continued to go to the Courthouse in Accomac for his legal
work - 21 by 1671 - he may be the one referred to as Richard Jr - bapt 12 August
1660 Hungars parish
3. Prescilla
4. Ruth
5. Dorcus
6. Roger - the youngest
7. Hutton or Houton - according to his indenture he was b l670
Will 8 Oct 1688 - probated 20 Nov 1680
wife Jane
Richard Hill - the oldest and under 21
Henry - under 21
This Richard moves from Accomack to Somerset, Maryland in 1668 wife was Wilmot
who gives her releast of Dower in several Deeds
owned 550 Ac, owned land on Occahono which he received by Patent in 1664. He
gave Richard Hill, JR. his POA. He was a blacksmith. He sold additional land
in 1685 that he had bought in 1683 I did not see the Deed where he bought this
NOTE: This Richard signed with a Mark that is identical to the one signed by
Richard of Accomack that was a weaver and is of the line of this study. Work
needs to be done in Somerset.
NOTE: son Richard had no heirs as of 1686



Francis is easy to identify as he rarely shows up on the Records of Accomack.
He is never on the Tax List that I have seen. He appeared to own no property
other than that he inherited from his in laws. The first mention of him that I
have found in in the Will of John Perry written 5 Oct 1708 and probated 6 Sept
1709. John left his estate to his son John but should John, who was not 21,
die without issue then to his son-in-law Francis Hill. John's wife was Jane. A
John Perry was imported into Accomack Co in 1667 and again in 1674. I have not
been able to determine if he immigrated in 1667 or if he was already there and
had gone out of the County in order to aquire more land. I have also not
determind if this John Perry was the original or maybe a son. The John with the
Will had at least a son who was not 21 in 1708 which would have him born after
1687. His daughter should have been about the same age. If John of 1667 was the
same John of the Will, then there appears to be a 20 year gap where he did not
have children. Also the land left by Jean/Joan to Francis was purchased in 1703
and 1704. This needs to be looked into further.
Since Joan/Jane Perry left her land to Francis, it appears that her son may
have died without issue. In a Deed on 1 Aug 1710 Joan Perry widow of John, gave
property to her "son" Francis Hill. On 6 Sept 1710 Francis sold that land to
John Oncely because he was moving. This is when he shows up in Craven County.
Elizabeth Hill relinguished her dower. Francis signed with a MARK the mark is
almost identical to the one he uses in Craven County.
If Elizabeth Perry was the mother of Francis Hill's children, then this is
consistent with another generation of a Francis Hill in Craven County. Elizabeth
and Francis were married at least by 1708.
I almost have the feeling that Francis is quite a bit younger than his brother
Richard which could eliminate the second generation of Francis.
We see a Francis with the wife Catherine in 1745 in Craven. Was this old
Francis with another wife, Elizabeth having died? Or was this the son of Francis I.
Richard and Francis Jr. were born no later than 1735 or so. There are only
two possibilities and I doubt we will ever know the real answer.
There is a little more on Richard, brother to Francis. He married Margaret
Ternall no later than 1693 and probably earlier. His father-in-law, Roger Ternall
had a Will written 23 Dec 1694 probated 17 Sept 1695 in which he leaves to his
daughter Margaret Hill and his grandson Roger Hill which means Roger was born
by 1694 and I suspect he was born by 1688 or so. Roger Ternall had children
under 21 as he left them in the care of Richard Hill among others.
Roger Ternall may have married Ann, the daughter of Robert Adkins. Adkins had
a Will dated 17 Feb 1715 probated 3 Sept 1717 and mentioned his daughter Ann
Ternall. It is of interest that Adkins had land on Cingoteague which is where
Capt. Richard Hill lived.
NOTE: Was this the Robert Adkins of Craven/Dobbs County
A Thomas Tunnell was on the Tax List in 1667 and Roger had a son Thomas. I
wonder if this was Roger's father. Roger was on the Tax List in 1674
The first Deed I can prove for Richard, the weaver, is in 1693 were he is the
grantee for land on Timber or Bear Creek. I am not sure exactly where this is
in relationship to the other Hills but it was adjacent to Roger Ternell. I did
not see a Deed for Richard selling this land when he moved.
Richard Smith is all through this County in the early Records and he appears to
have moved with the Hills to Craven County.
More work needs to be done in Accomack County but it may take reading the Deeds
page by page. Also, Richard Hill of Somerset needs to be tracked. He was a
Blacksmith. Richard and Francis were weavers which means they were tradesmen.
At that time, trades tended to be handed from father to son, but there is no
indication of an earlier Hill who was a weaver. I have a hunch the Richard of
Somerset may be the father of our Richard and Francis and his father may have been
the Richard Hill who was a millwright and carpenter mentioned in the Maryland
Historical Magazine. I do think this family was in Virginia or Maryland very
early in the 1600's and the name Richard and Francis Hill are seen in Va by 1630.
Patents on "Old Somerset: - 1662-1666 - present Somerset, Worchester, and
Wicnio Counties
Francis Hill - Little Town - 300 A - 7 Nov 1663
Residents of Somerset Co 1689
Richard Hill, Richard Hill, Richard Tull, Thomas Tull
Robert Hill md Elizabeth White daughter of John and Sarah Keyer White in 1672 -
had a daughter Tabitha who md lst Lawrence Riley 2nd Robert White
a Robert Hill referred to David Hazzard as his father in law in his Will of
1719- David was son of Anne Carr and Edward Hassard or Hazzard
There was a Wilmot family 1689 - William Wilmot - Wilmot and Robert Hill moved
to Somerset
READ - Warfield's and Newman's Histories of Anne Arundel County Maryland
Puritan tell of I of W Va Purtain to Md including the Hills and Perrys
Also a Wilmoth family in I of W in 1647 - a William Wilmot dec in 1702
1. Robert Hill wit to Will of Thomas Purnell - 27 Feb 1720
2. Will of Robert Richardson - 27 Dec 1680 - probated 29 Dec 1682
to son William land " Mount Ephraim, to daughter Elizabeth - land, to
daughter Tabitha (under 16), to daughter Susanna, to son Robert (under 21), to
daughter Sarah (under 16), to son Charles (under 16) Mount Ephraim plantation, to John
Osborne - "Wdatermillian", to wife Susanna
wit John Osborne, John Boussalls, Thomas Barnes
Codial dated 20 ? 1681
to Richard Hill, to daughter Elizabeth
3. Will of Ann Smith - 13 Aug 1688 - prob 3 Oct 1688
To Ann Maxwell, Elizabeth, Mary, Frances all children of John Vigerous -
mentions Edward Smith, Elizabeth Vigerous, daughter Ann Vigerous, To Percy, Ann,
Cornelius- children of Samuel Innis, To daughter Mary Innis, to son Richard Hill,
to brother Showell, to daughter Elizabeth Smith, to daughter Elizabeth Ennis, to
brother Samuel Showell, to Richard Hill and Elizabeth Smith - plantation, to
daughter Martha Hill, wit Samuel Davis, John Johnson
codicil dated 21Aug 1688
to Jonathon and Agwell children of Samuel Showell, to brother Samuel Showell,
to brother Showell, sons-in-law Richard Hill, John Vigerous, Samuel Ennis,
daughter Elizabeth
wit: Samuel Davis, William Innis
4. Will of William Hil l - 16 Jan 1715 - probated 29 Feb 1715
to William Bowland, Patrick Daly, executors, to Elizabeth daughter of William
Bowland, to Mary daughter of Thomas Pollet, wit Thomas Pollet, William Heath,
William Owens
5. Will of Richard Waters - 2l April l720
mentions Quakers and mentions Richard Hill
6. Will of Ester Denwood - Aug 1724 - probated 21 Sept 1724
daughter Ester King and her children, to son John, to son Thomas (under 15), a
number of grandsons, to cousin Richard Hill and cousin Levin Gale, wit:
Bridget Phillips
7. Will of Levin Denwood - 21 April 1725 - probated 9 May 1726
to daughter Betty Gale - mentions lots of people including James Hill to
Thomas Hill
daughter Mary Hill
8. Will of Thomas Hill - 12 May 1730 - probated 15 Jan 1734
son James, wife Elizabeth, son Thomas daughter Frances Disharune's, 7 children
- Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, James, Sarah, Easter, Thomas
1. Francis Hill - 19 Sept 1696 - prob 10 July 1697
daughter Eliza Hopewell and her children Hugh, Eliza and Susannah
2. Richard Hill of Somerset - 29 March 1686 - prob 26 Aug 1686
wife Willmet, son Richard - should Richard die without issue then to William
and Ann - no last name given
3. Deed of Ann Smith of Somerset - 13 Aug 1688
to Ann Arravell, Eliza, Mary, Frances children of Dr. John Vigerous - eldest
child Ann when of age ( meaning her grandchild), daughter Martha Hill and son
Richard Hill
I found records that Richard and Martha had a son Richard in 1689
1698 was the inventory of Willmot Hill
formed 1742 - from eastern part of Somerset
1. p 174 - Robert Hill and wife Tabitha - 1722
2. p 368 - Little Town - patented on 7 Nov 1663 by Francis Hill - 300 acs in
Pitts Ck - on 20 Nov 1681 Francis sold 300 acs to Nicholas Lindsey
3. p 5 - Patented on 29 Aug 1684 by Richard Hill for 325 acs - in 1686 Richard
Hill willed this plantation to wife Wilmet and sons Richard, William and
daughter Ann. Rent Rolls - 1666 - 1723 - possessed by orphan of Richard Hill who is
presently with Thomas Morris
4. p 124 - patented on 20 April 1687 by Richard Hill for 146 acs - in 1736
Richard Hill willed this to Capt Charles Racklift 146 ac
5. p 321 - 13 Jan 1682 - William Richardson with Susan Richardson relic of
Robert sold to Richard Hill 450 acs
6. 1716 - Richard Hill willed to son Richard and then to son Joseph - 100 acs
7. 1736 - Richard Hill willed 400 acs to Capt Charles Racklifte - 13 Nov this
land willed by Richard Hill the younger bequeathed to son Richard who died
young and then the land went to sisters daughters of William Griffith. Abigail
wife of David Long and Naomi wife of Charles Rackliff.
WILLS OF WORCESTER CO - 1666 - 1742 - by Skinner
l. #246 - Robert Atkins - 4 Dec 1709 - James and John youngest sons of James
2. #12 - Will of Richard Hill Sr. - 28 March 1686 - wife Willmet - son Richard
mentions William and Ann
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