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Craven County Records


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These deeds were abstracted from microfilm purchased from the NC Archives by
Martha Mewborn Marble. The deeds from Deed Books 1-5 are from the Grantor and
Grantee Index. The deeds in Books 6 - 32 were abstracted from reading each page of
the microfilm unless otherwise stated. Notes by Mary Jane Phillips Matz (MJPM)
taken from the originals located in the Craven Co. Court House, New Bern, NC,
included with her permission.
DEED - l729/30 - Cornelius Loftin (or) Paul Phillips - prob on SS Neuse River
on Mill Branch or Half Moon near other Loftin properties. (Decades later, Thomas
Phillips owned land near here near land of Loftin, Levi Trewitt, Durham and
Longfield Cox, SS Neuse, Mill Branch and Half Moon swamp. Benjamin Griffin also
here in l763 and refs to Peregrine Cox's Ferry in Court Docs. (MJPM)
NOTE: Grants are not found in these Books although they are in the Index
a. p 114 - Thomas - Grant - 1784
b. p 20l - 7 March l720 - Bath County - Cornelius Loften (or) Paul Phillips
(ee) - Hancock Creek, SS Neuse
c. p 397 - l8 June l750 - John of Craven (or) to John James (ee) 26 lbs l3
shillings for 79 acs - Swift Creek where Phillips lives - part of land granted to
Soloman Griffin on 20 April l745 - adj Mary Kenney ?, Tyres, down a dividing
line marked by Solomon Griffin, Lewis Bryan, Benjamin Griffin and John Williams
to Maul Run near mouth of Booty's Grant - by mark - WIT Joseph Bryan, Hardy
d. p 473 - l3 Oct l750 - John Philips (or) William Mixon (ee) - NS Neuse head
of Branch of Beaver Creek part of John's patent of 29 Sept l750 - 300 acs for
l0 lbs l3 shillings - by mark - WIT Nicholas Booty, Lewis Bryan
e. p 485 - 7 July l750 - Joseph Jackson (or) Thomas Phillips (ee) NS of Little
Contentena Creek adj Thomas Blount, Peter Low, Thomas Phillips - part of
Jackson's patent of 7 July l750 - l00 acs for 20 lbs - WIT John Rice, Edw Cumings ?
NOTE: This Thomas is the odd Thomas and this land was later sold by Reubin
Phillips probably of Anson County
f. p 53l - l750 - John Phillips (or) Thomas (ee) - l00 acs for l0 lbs - Deep
Branch - to pay quit rents yearly (MJPM) - signed - WIT Mick. Blackledge, Samuel
Lambert, Mason (X) Phillips
NOTE: Swift Creek rises in central Pitt and flows SE into N Craven and enters
the Neuse
a. p 7 - 4 June l76l - Samuel Lambreth (or) John (ee) - NS Neuse next to Simon
Griffin, Thomas Branton, Witherington - 400 acs for 20 lbs - FO by Patent to
Peter Gilstrap - WIT John Peterson ?, Walter Jones
b. p l8 - Grant - l784 to John
c. p 58 - 7 July l750 - Joseph Jackson (or) Thomas - NS Contentena Creek - adj
Thomas Blount, Peter Low - l00 acs for 20 lbs - as description in Book l
d. p 83 - Grant to Thomas l785
e. p l68 - l3 Aug l757 - John Winders of Johnston (or) John (ee) - NS Neuse
225 acs for l0 lbs - part of survey of 450 acs - adj Thomas Bass - WIT Edward
Fitzpatrick, Walter Jones
NOTE: Is this the John who md Rachel and this land was sold in l797 in Pitt
County - If this was the case then were there 2 odd John's or just l
NOTE: John Windoes is named in pat 9 July l750 Johnston Co l00 acs adj Wm
Bright and Walter Jones. Here is a Phillips next to a Bright - pat says NS Neuse,
Stoneyton Creek, Bryery Branch - (MJPM)
f. p 205 - 6 May l758 - John (or) Augustine Moor - 400 acs 4 lbs for every
l00 acs - SS of Contenna Creek - adj John Grifin - used mark - WIT Edward
Fitzpatrick, Wm Arthur Jr.
g. p 238 - l4 Nov l789 - State of N.C. - for l0 lbs for every l00 acs to James
Phillips - 38 acs in Craven on SS of Great Contentnea adj his own land and
Thomas Phillips land running to a stake in Dry's land
NOTE: On double checking - this is wrong page couldn't find
h. p 279 - Grant to William Phipps
i. p 548 - l3 Aug l745 - Leoniel Leigh (or) John (ee) - NS Neuse adj John
Durham - 3l5 acs for 80 lbs - WIT John Yeomans, Benj Sanders
j. p 556 - l8 July l745 - Thomas Cane (or) Mark Phillips (ee) - SS Neuse and
Mill Creek - this probably in Johnston and is the older Mark - l00 acs for 30 lbs
- WIT William Smith, George Smith - Mary Jane says this was in what is now
Jones Co
a. p l4 - Grant to Richard - l793
b. p l52 - ll July l745 - Thomas Cane (or) Mark (ee) - see above
c. p l58 - Aug l745 - Leonel Leigh (or) John Phillips (ee) - see above
d. p l67 - Grant to John - l787
e. p 222 - Grant to John l796
f. p 225 - Grant to John l799
g. p 25l - Grant to Thomas l796
a. p 56 - June l747 - John and Isabella Griffin (or) John Phillips Jr. (ee)
NS Neuse at Eagle Swamp (on each side of the swamp for yearly rent of 4
shillings - MJPM) - 400 acs "of the patent" for 30 lbs - both used a mark WIT Francis
Stringer, Daniel Sheen ?
b. p l76 - Henry Summerlin (or) Thomas Bass (ee) adj John Philips - WIT John
c. p 277 - 20 Sept l758 - Thomas (or) Thomas Drigger (ee) a farm known as
Banches Ridge Thomas purchased from Edward Warmsley in l748 - mark - WIT John
Williams, Cornelius Loftin Jr.
d. p 290 - couldn't find
e. p 3l4 - l9 June l749 - John (or) Lewis Bryan (ee) l00 acs NS Neuse adj John
Durham at Mill Branch
f. p 3l9 - l9 March l748 - John (or) John Youmans (ee) - NS Neuse - 5 lbs l5
acs - adj Youman and Phillips - by mark - WIT John Killingsworth (Hollingsworth
- MJPM), Harris Youmans - microfilm very light
g. p 320 - l8 March l748 - John (or) Harris Youmans (ee) - l00 acs fork of
Mill Branch called James Branch - NS Neuse - by mark - WIT Lewis Bryan, Joseph
J. Bryan (MJPM)
h. p 322 - l8 March l748 - John (or) Nicholas Boty (ee) - NS Neuse his
homeplace on John Durham's line and Lewis Bryan's line
BOOK 6 - none
BOOK 7 - none
a. p 20l - Estate of William Nicholson - l763 - purchased - Shadrack Allen, Col
John Hardee, John Moy, Robert Hardee, lots of Tisons, James Moy
b. p 245 - estate of William Witherington - buying were Solomon, Thomas,
Robert, and Elizabeth Witherington - Solomon bought Prayer Book, Joseph Wright
(This was SS of Neuse)
BOOK 9/l0
a. p 29 - James Keith (or) Joseph Carruthers (ee) - slaves - 4 April l754 -
James Davis and Wm Nicholson wit
b. p 58 - l755 - Joseph Gall (?) (or) Shadrack Allen (ee) - NS Swift Creek
- 237 A
c. p l58 - l5 Dec l755 - John Peters (or) Shadrack Allen (ee) - 300 A NS
d. p 25l - Robert Roe (or) John Physcio (ee) - SS Neuse - Slocumb Creek
adj Edward Batchelor and James Keith - part of James Keith's patent of l7l4 of
2,050 A - l2 Oct l755
a. p 7 - William Keith of SC to James Keith
b. p l68 - sale of Thomas Phillips estate sold by William Duberly (Sheriff)
- Reuben Phillips bought - no date - probably late l750's
c. p 207 - l763 - James Sheith (should be Keith) of SC (or) Benjamin Sheith
(ee) (should be Keith) - part of patent granted in l737 (does not say to whom
granted) - NS Neuse - John Allen wit
d. p 330 - Richard Blackledge (or) John Wetherington Sr WIT - l764 -
Moseley Creek
e. p 332 - Samuel Branton (or) - John Phillips (ee) - 50 A for 6 lbs adj
Caleb Wiggins, John Phillips - 3 April l764 - WIT Walter Jones and John
f. p 333 - Solomon Peters (or) John Phillips (ee) 29 April l762 - 20 lbs NS
Neuse near mouth of Great Contentney - l00 A - Samuel and Elizabeth Branton and
Adam Hyde WIT
g. p l57 - 6 July l750 - estate sale of Lionel Leigh - John Phillips bought
l small steer - William Mixon also bought
BOOK l2/l3
a. p 48 - l6 Oct l766 - Reuben Phillips (or) John Williams (ee) 2l lbs l00
A part of patent given by Joseph Jackson to Thomas Phillips - NS little
Contenteny Creek - adj Lewis Williams, Thomas Blount, Peter Low, Thomas Phillips -
Reubin signed (no mark)- wit - Edward Cannon, Shadrack Allen, Samuel Smith
NOTE: This was property purchased by Thomas Phillips who dc l759 - This Reuben
was too old to have been the later Reubin in Dobbs County. DID THE DEED SAY HE
WAS OF CRAVEN? - yes said Mary Jane - Reubin Phillips IN Craven County
a. p l54 - l768 - William Jordan, Sr. (or) John (ee) - 300 acs NS of Neuse SS
of Great Contenea for 70 lbs - 200 acs FO Henry Summerton called High Hill -
other l00 acs Jorden purchased from John Phillips part of a survey patent of l9
March l760 - WIT Benj Allen, Edward Patrick, William Jordan
a. p l09 - George Browning (or) Sutton Quinniery (ee) - NS Great Conten l0
Oct l768 - WIT William Quinney, Major Griffin
can't read pages l-l40 or pages l78-252
a. p 91 - July l769 - William Jordan (or) Jacob Blount (ee) - adj - an old
corner tree of Roger Mason on Great Contentney Creek near where Edward Patrick
now lives - adj Henry Summerlin which was made by Thomas Fish, John Becton and
Mason Phillips
b. p 293- 2l April l769 - Jarret Hendly (or) William Moore (ee) - NS Neuse,
Adj Thomas Fish, Edwin Patrick, Francis McLlewan - FO by Patent of John
Phillips from (MJPM) William Jordon Sr., then Hendly - WIT Thomas Fish, Thomas Coleman
a. p 11 - l9 Feb l770 - William Treuhit (or) William Phillips (ee) SS
Neuse - ES Moseley Creek adj Richard Carlton on Creek - l00 Ac - wit Thomas
Prevatt, Wm Russell, Richard Carlton
NOTE: This was where James Phillips was in the early l800's and where a Thomas
Phillips was
b. p l3 - 5 March l770 - William Phillips (or) Samuel Hewhit, cooper (ee) -
(Mary Jane said Hewhit was last name and he was a cooper) l00 Acs adj Thomas
Brandon, Solomon Smith - SS Neuse, Owen Daughety part of patent l764 - wit -
Thomas Trachit, Richard Carlton, Wm Russell - used a mark
c. p 111 - Joseph Holmes (or) love and good will - cousin John Fish son of
Thomas Fish and Mary his wife (John now a child) - l40 Ac - after his death and
his wife Rebecca's death - NS Eagle Swamp
Abstracted only from Indexes - Microfilm to light to read
a. p l78 - l4 March l765 - Augustine Moore (or) Thomas Coleman (ee) Great
Contenny - SS - adj John Phillips - part of Augustine's patent
b. p l85 - 9 March l772 - John Phillips (or) John Allen (ee) - 25 acs for 5
lbs - SS Great Cont wit: Thomas Phillips, John Hardee - used a mark
a. p 27 - 2 May l772 - Jonathan Chadwick (or) Jacob Phillips (ee) 50 lbs
350 Ac NS Neuse - Lewis Bryans Mill Swamp - WIT: Harris Yowman, Jona Dwords
NOTE: I think this was in the Swift Creek area
b. p 385 - l8 June l774 - Joseph Allen of Craven (or) John Pate of Dobbs
(ee) - NS Neuse adj John Phillips, Bear Pocoson and Green Branch (MJPM) - FO
Thomas Fish, John Allen - WIT: Richard Blackledge Jr. and Sr., George Browing
c. p 4l7 - 22 Dec l773 - William Dry (or) John Phillips (ee) - 30 lbs - SS
Great Contenn - part of Lewis Conners Grant - 207 Ac - Christ Neal Wit
a. p 54 - 4 Feb l769 - John Peters (or) Jacob Blount (ee) FO Joseph Hardy
(?) Pat l759 - road to Peter's Ferry - on Contenney - both sides of Grindal Creek
- adj William Nunn - l45 ac - wit William Murphy, William Dubarly
a. p l04 - 9 June l775 - Michael Phillips (or) Levi Dawson (ee) - both side
of Bay River - by Pat to John Ingle and James Hall - Jones Folly - Legg's Ridge
Pat of l774 (MJPM)
b. p 23l - 24 Aug l775 - William and Rose Phillips (or) Richard Blackledge
(ee) 5 lbs SS Neuse ES Moseley's Creek - 20 A - William bought l770 - William's
Mark - WIT: Shadrack Loften and Sarah Smith - both used a mark - William's
(Note in margin says 22 Apr l768 - Deed may mention Peter Gilstrap - MJPM)
a. p 53 or 55 - 30 Dec l777 - Samuel Pope (or) John Maglohorn (ee) - l00 Ac
Little Contenny - adj Thomas Phillips - FO Joseph Jackson
b. p 99 - James Phillips a Wit - used a mark
c. p l80 - 7 Aug l777 - John Phillips (or) Daniel Witherington (ee) - 45
lbs NS Neuse - adj Thomas Brandon, head of Hardy Branch, John Hardy, Caleb
Wiggins - l00 Ac - WIT; Samuel Brandon, Nathan Witherington - by mark
d. p l56 - l3 Oct l773 - William and Samuel Trewhett (or) - Longfield Cox
(ee) - SS Neuse - FO by Pat to William Phillips who sold to Trewhett in l770 and
Thomas Brandon l764
e. p 280 - 23 April l778 - William Dry of Brunswick Co (or) Thomas Coleman
- SS Conten - 420 Ac on Mirey Branch - WIT David Thompson, Brittain King,
Thomas Phillips
f. p 99 - 23 April l778 - Will Dry (or) of Brunswick Co - Britton King (or)
WIT James Phillips used a mark
a. p 73 - 22 March l780 - William Moore (or) Benjamin Coleman (ee) - l07 ac
half of which was formerly granted by Patent to Henry Gibbons and by said
Gibbon conveyed to Augustine Moore and from said Augustine set over to William Moore
an estate of inheritance - adj Isaac Carter, John Phillips on Eagle Swamp -
WIT: Thomas Phillips
b. p 86 - 22 Jan l780 - Thomas Coleman (or) William Moore (ee) - SS Great
Contentney - adj to Dry - WIT: Thomas Phillips
c. p l08 - 20 Mar l779 - John Stringer Macilwean (or) Thomas Phillips (ee) -
l40 lbs - SS Great Cont - FO Henry Summerland - near William Dry's land - 305 A
- WIT: John (mark) Phillips, Thomas Bond
d. p ll0 - 26 Jan l780 - William Dry (or) of Brunswick Co Thomas Phillips
(ee) l37 lbs - SS Great Conteny - FO Lewis Conner - adj Thomas Phillips 275 AC -
wit Britain King, Tho Coleman
e. p l87 - l780 - Robert and wife Sarah Witherington (or) Hardy Coaker (ee)
WIT Cleverly Witherington - Robert signed and Sarah used a mark
NOTE: Daniel and Cleverly Witherington were both wit several times together
land on Stoney Creek
a. p 84 - Sarah Gibbons (or) William Moore - NS Neuse River Eagle Swamp -
ll5 Ac adj John Phillips, Isaac Carter WIT: Peter Fitzpatrick, John Phillips,
Thomas Phillips
a. p 225 - 20 Sept l785 - Jacob Fulcher (or) John Fillips (ee) - 20 lbs -
NS Great Contentney - l50 A - WIT: Isaac Hollis (?), George Lane adj to Fillips
b. p 3l - David Adams (or) Charles Butler (ee) - 29 May l784 - - FO by Pat
Joseph Bryan l756 - WIT: Jacob Phillips, Soloman Yeomans
c. p l5 - David Adams and Winifred Adams (or) Charles Butler (ee) - 2 June
l784 - ES Swift Creek - NS Palmeto Swamp part of 400 ac Pat to William Bryan -
WIT: Jacob Phillips, Soloman Yeomans
d. p 39 - Consider Bushee (or) Daniel Witherington (ee) - l0 March l792 -
80 lbs NS Neuse - part of patent granted to Thomas Branton - 640 ac - Reddy
Branch - WIT: Nathan and Cleverly Witherington - adj Walter Jones
e. p 229 - 25 June l785 - Thomas Roe (or) John Gaskins (ee) - 25 lbs -
several branches and creeks - can't read - WIT Nelera Parsons ?, Bryan White -
ADJ to Ann Gaskins, William Bright
NOTE: Does not say NS Neuse, pine in savannah on the SS Reedy Pond, SS White
Oak Branch on Ann Gaskins line, Deep Branch - WIT Hillary Parsons (daughter of
Jeremiah - MMM), Byah (sic) White - This is a fascinating deed. First the name
"Hilary" is written in a variant of ancient Latin scrip - "Neleva" = Hilary (in
Italian docs. of l705 "Novara" is written "Houere"). Beyond that, Paul
Phillips in England married Priscilla Parsons and he MAY be the anc of the Paul
Phillips of Craven Co. (MJPM) - Is this SS or NS Neuse (MMM)
a. p l5 - l2 April l788 - Jesse Vinson (or) Richard Phillips (ee) l00 lbs
l50 Ac - WS Little Contenny Creek on the Creek - FO Abel Dail l00 A - FO
Francis Rountree - 50 Ac - WIT: Hymerick Hooker, James Phillips, Thomas Phillips
(used a mark)
b. p 75 - 7 Feb l789 - John Allen, Walter Allen, and William Wilson Snead
(or) James Phillips (ee) - NS Neuse - adj John Phillips, Allan and Jonathan
Kittrell WIT: Thomas (mark) Phillips, Jonathan Kittrell
c. p l27 (?) - 3l Oct l786 - Richard Blackledge of Washington Town (MJPM)
(or) Samuel Smith (ee) - two slaves Hannah and Levi (MJPM) WIT: Thomas Phillips,
Benjamin Blackledge, Thomas Fish
NOTE: Richard Blackledge and Samuel Branton had land on Stoneyton Creek
d. p 347 - l3 Mar l791 - Richard Nelson Allcock of Jones Co (or) John Allen
(ee) - NS Neuse - WS of Swift Creek - adj to Jacob Phillips and Bryans land
e. p 347 - 26 Oct l790 - Benjamin and Elizabeth Tillingham/Phillingham (or)
John Allen - NS Neuse on James Branch mentions "all Deeds from John Phillips
to Nichols Bootey"
f. p l5 - Jacob a Wit in l784
g. p 75 William a Wit in l784
BOOK 28 - VERY difficult to read
a. p 2l4 - l5 Dec l784 (?) - George Truluck (or) William Moore (ee) - NS
Neuse adj Thomas Fischer, Francis McLlewain l00 Ac by Pat to John Phillips - by
Deed from William Jordan to Jacob Handly - house, barnes - WIT: Brittain King,
James Moore
a. p 223 - 7 July l791 - John Council Bryan - Sheriff (or) Thomas Phillips
Esq (ee) - l30 lbs - 460 Ac - Sheriff's sale of l4 Mar l79l - FO Etheldred
Peters (suit of Abner Neale, Esq ag the lands of Etheldred Peters late of this
County - does not say dec - may have moved - MJPM) - Great Contentnea - FO William
Jordon by Pat l757 Wit - Wm Dudley, William Blackledge - adj to Roger Mason,
Henry Summerlin
b. p 256 - 20 Sept l791 - John Jones of Dobbs (or) Daniel Witherington of
Dobbs - 90 lbs - NS Neuse - l00 Ac - wit Nathan and Stephen Wetherington - adj
to John Witherington, John Phillips, Thomas Branton
c. (MJPM) - p l55 - l79l - Francis Lowthrop (or) Wright Stanley (ee) l00
lbs for a mulatto man - NOTE: I believe this is the same family as "Franci
Lanthrop" of Prince George Co. who is the brother of Isabel Lanthrop and Ann
Lanthrop. named as their (younger) brother in the PG Co Va Will of John Lanthrop. I
believe Isabel married Thomas Phillips and Ann married John Phillips and this is
their nephew who came to Craven Co, became a well-loved Freemason and had a
disastrous career in business there. The name Lanthrop is spelled in Eng records
of this same family as "Lothrop" and that in early Va records the two spellings
are used in refs. to the same person.
Willis land appears to be in fork of Swift Creek
a. p l46 - l8 Feb l793 - William Moore (or) James Ingram of Lenoir (ee) -
3290 lbs - between Neuse and Great Contenteny on Eagle Swamp - 250 Ac - WIT:
John Fish, James Ingram, Jr. adj to John Phillips - mentions Elizabeth Moore who
signed Deed
b. p 205 - 22 March l793 - Moses Spivey (or) David Clark (ee) - 50 lbs -
40 Ac between the 2 Contenneas - corner of Dail Patent - FO Francis Rountree -
l775 - wit George Lane, Richard Phillips
c. p 252 - 26 Oct l790 - Jacob Phillips (or) - John Allen (ee) l00 lbs -
FO Jonathan Chadwick in l771 - SS Neuse - Bryan Mills' Swamp - 350 Ac - wit A.
B. Bryan, William Smith, adj Robert Cooper
NOTE: (MJPM) - Jacob Phillips signs with usual "I" with cross bar. This is the
same man who signed those earlier documents ref. to Palmetto Swamp and Swift
Creek. I think that Palmetto Swamp land was later bought or inherited by OUR
William Hardy, brother of Jemima and grandson of John Phillips
a. p l46 - l8 Feb l793 - William Moore (or) James Ingram of Lenoir (ee)
320 Ac between Neuse and Great Contenteny on Eagle Swamp - adj John Phillips
Elizabeth Moore signed
b. p l79 - l5 Nov l793 - John Gatlin (or) Levi West (ee) SS Neuse ES
Moseley Creek - WIT: Dan West, Solomon Witherington, adj to Richard Carlton, William
Phillips, Richard Blackledge
c. p l94 - l Nov l793 - Thomas Applegate Green (or) Thomas Phillips (ee) -
l25 lbs - prong of Jumping Run - eastern most part of Dobbs line - Stoney
Branch - reference to patent of l Jan l793 - (MJPM) WIT: John Goodlin, Richard
Fetstrop (?) - adj to Samuel White, James Green, Farnifold Green
Microfilm and original almost illeg.
a. p 330? - June l795 - Thomas Phillips (or) Jesse Broadway (ee) 50 lbs -
l00 Ac - SS Neuse - ES Moseley's Creek - wit Daniel West, Willis Daughterty -
adj Richard Carlton's side of Moseley's Creek - used a mark
unless it was the Thomas in Book 3l.
NOTE: -(MJPM) - This may be a very import doc for Jesse Broadway was from PG CO
and Bristol Parish. I found a marr in England (l600's) between a Phillips and
a Broadway somewhere in Gloucestershire, as I recall, near Bristol, Eng. Jesse
Broadway was a near neighbor of "our" Contentnea Neck Phillipses in Craven -
(they still are - MMM)
NOTE: - DEED Book 32 p 452 - (MJPM) - l6 July l795 - Jesse Broadway (or) Daniel
West (or) - l00 ac 40 lbs - SS Neuse, ES Moseley Creek, Richard Carlton corner
WIT Wm Cox (seems to relate to the Cox's ferry family in Deed to Baptist
Church) and Lewis C. Bryan
b. p 366 - 2 Jan l794 - Isaac Clark (or) Jonas Oxley (ee) SS Contentney
Creek - adj Thomas Phillips, Thomas Coleman
c. p 365 - 8 Dec l794 - Stephen Heath (or) James Phillips (ee) 25 lbs - NS
Neuse - 200 Ac - WIT: George Oxley, Lawson Davis, Adj to John Becton
d. p 444 - l7 July l794 - Richard Dobbs Speight (or) Thomas Phillips (ee)
- 300 Ac - 300 lbs - NS Neuse betwen River and Stoneyton Creek - granted to
John Carruthers in l738 FO Solomon Witherington, to FO Francis Stringer, to FO
John Witherington, To FO Joseph Carruthers of FO Richard Speight father of OR -
William White and Winston Caswell, Exec to Will of John Stringer MacLellwean,
e. p 3 - l6 Oct l794 - James Gatlin (or) Sidney West (ee) - daughter and
her husband John S. West - Negros - WIT: Hollon West and Winfred Kemps
f. p 51 - 8 June l788 - George Turnage (or) Jesse Brinson (ee) of Dobbs
(ee) - SS Watery Branch - WIT: Richard Phillips, David Clark - refers to Anthony
Van Pelt grant (MJPM)
g. p 727 - l0 Mar l797 - Rachel Phillips (or) Cortney Phillips (ee)
daughter - all her possessions - WIT: Easler Kilpatrick - used a mark
NOTE: Easler Kilpatrick lived next to James Phillips and his widow Sarah md
James Phillips and apparently James Phillips and Sarah Kilpatrick had a child
(James, Jr.) together while she was married to Kilpatrick
NOTE: John and Rachel with Deed in Pitt County in l797 selling land - they said
they moved to S.C. - any connection? There are no number of acres on the Pitt
d. p 443 - according to Elizabeth Moore Collection - look up - gives
background of land Thomas owned on Stoneyton Creek - 300 acs bought in l794
I can't read on microfilm - Mary Jane didn't have time -
e. p 780 - 3 Nov l796 - James Coleman (or) Willis Witherington (ee) SS
Great Contennay Creek - WIT Brittain King, James Phillips, Jr. adj to James
Phillips Sr., Brittain King, James Moore, Miery Branch
a. p l66 - l July l798 - Elizabeth Phillips (or) son, John Phillips (ee)
love and affection - slaves Will, Dinah, Daniel and Daniel's mother, Nan and
their increase - WIT: Wm Blackledge, Wm Hardee
b. p 378 (pl63-MJPM) - 6 Nov l793 - Jacob Lassiter, husband of Argent of
Glascow Co (or) John Phillips (ee) - land formerly belonging to John Phillips Sr.
- Argent was dec at this time and land then belonged to daughter Elizabeth who
was also dec l00 ac l00 lbs adj John Phillips Sr., Smith's garden, Thomas'
line - WIT Jno Patrick, Silas Lassister - signed
c. p 530 - l8 Jan l799 - George Oxley (or) John Phillips (ee) - NS Neuse SS
Great Contenty Creek - 27 acs for 30 lbs - WIT Reubin Witherington and Jac
Witherington - adj Thomas Fish's old patent
d. I missed this one and Mary Jane picked up on it - p 378 23 April l799 -
Thomas Phillips (or) James Roch, Minister of the Gospel and pastor of the Anne
Baptist Church and to surviving ministers and members of that religion forever
(ee) - one ac for $l - NS Piney Branch near main road that leads from New Bern
to Cox's Ferry adj patent by Thomas A. Green - WIT John Fonveille Sr. William
H. Conner
NOTE: (MJPM) - Can this be land in DB 32/l94? The Church referred to is the
Lousan Swamp Baptist Church in Lenoir County where Mason Phillips and family
lived. I have lots of infor on James Roch who was also pastor of the Lt. Swift
Creek Baptist Church on the NS of Neuse in Craven. Can we find records of this
church in that Big N.C. Baptist Archives? Mine were Baptist in Ky
NOTE: - MMM - there is nothing in "A History of N.C. Baptists l727 - l932" by
Huggins on this Church or minister, but this book skips this period. In Dr. C.
C. Ware's book "N.C. Disciples of Christ" there are several references to both
Roach and Loosing Swamp. Roach was a Free Will Baptist minister of Craven
County and took charge of Wheat Swamp and Lousan Swamp which was founded in the
l750's. Lousan Swamp never became a Disciples Church, but joined the Union
a. p 78 - Index says Phillips but the original Deed says Purify
b. p l67 - 11 Dec l800 - Joseph Shute of Lenoir (or) John Phillips of
Craven (ee) l00 lbs - NS Neuce - SS Contenney Creek - 200 Ac - part of land sold at
tax sell - Wit: Benj Ward, Thomas Hale - adj John and Thomas Phillips
c. p l84 - 2l April l800 - Farnifold Green (or) Thomas Phillips (ee) 50 lbs
- l00 Ac in Craven - SS Neuse - Wit John Greene, Hollon Caswell adj Samuel
White patent - White sold to William Underhill and he sold to James Green Sr. and
by his exec to Farnifold
d. p 224 -l7 March l80l - Willis Witherington (or) Ezborn Bond (ee) -
WIT: Reubin Phillips, James Phillips
e. p 228 - 22 Dec l798 - Jonas Oxley (or) Ezbon Bond (ee) - SS Contenney
Creek - adj Thomas Phillips, Thomas Colemon, FO Lewis Connor - WIT: Jas
Phillips, Willis Witherington
a. p ll9 - l802 - William Hardy (or) John Phillips (ee) - land left to
William by John Philips Sr. dec
b. p 233 - ll Feb l802 - James Engram (or) Thomas Phillips (ee) - land adj
to John Phillips, bridge, Bare (Bear) Pocoson, Blackedge, Isaac Charter, Eagle
Swamp - 2l5 acs FO by patent of Henry Gibons - WIT William Croom, James
Phillips Jr.
c. p 249 - ll Feb l802 - John Ingram (or) Thomas Phillips (ee) - l00 acs
for $324 - NS Neuse, SS Great Contentnea, NS Eagle Swamp, adj Joshua Ingram, pat
of Henry Gibbons, bridge, Bear Pocoson, John Phillips, Blackledge, - same more
or less to patent granted to said James (sic) Ingram on 9 June l799. WIT Wm.
Croom and James Phillips
a. p 8ll - l806 - Nathan Fish of Green Co, State of Georgia - POA to James
b. (MJPM) - p 682 - l805 - Francis Lowthrop (or) Charles Churchill (ee)
a. p 65 - 4 Feb l806 - Thomas (or) Bryan Emundson (ee) - Reedy Run - (MJPM)
50 acs for l0 lbs, SS Neuse, Deep Pocoson, Reedy Pond, Thomas Phillip patent
WIT James Arendall, Richard Wilkerenton (almost illeg but don't think this is
Witherington) - Mary Jane says there are earlier references to this land
b. p 78 - 22 Feb l806 - Thomas (or) Bryan Emundson (ee) - SS Neuse adj to
Dobbs Co line, Jumping Run - (MJPM) l00 acs for 25 lbs, adj James White patent by
Samuel White sold to Wm Undershill to James Green and by his Exec to Farnifold
and then to Thomas Phillips - WIT William Dudley, James Arendall
NOTE: (MJPM) - DB 32/l94, l95, l96 - cited Thomas A. Green to Thomas Phillips
refers to Sam'l White, Jumping Run, Eastern most side in Dobbs lines, James
Green, Jr., Farnifold Green - does not mention Stony Branch - WIT John Gooding and
Richard Gelstrap
a. p l23 - l8ll - Francis Lowthrop's property sold by Sheriff to William
a. p 537 - l8l3 - Francis Lowthrop's property - by Sheriff to Charles
Saunders - Francis had died in dire straits leaving behind a wife and one or more
children. The Freemasons of Craven Co gave him a fine funeral in the Episcopal
Church. His wife survived and I think she may have left a later Will. The
Freemasons provided for her and her child or children. Again, this almost has to be
the nephew of our Isabelle. Note that lacy Phillips was also a freemason in
this same lodge.
a. p 323 - 7 Dec l829 - William Hardy et al to James Roch (son of Baptist
Minister of Lousan Swamp Meeting House or maybe the same James ?) l25 acs for
$l30 that was paid by Sam'l Roch and James M. Roch. Craven Co, NS Neuse, Jno
Hart's line, Palmetto Swamp (this a branch of Swift Creek, nr Vanceboro) William
Hardy signed by mark and John Hardy signed - How did they get this land?
b. p 324 - 22 Jan l830 - David K. Roach (or) James Roach of Putnam Co, Ga
(ee) - ? acs for $500 - land of father Charles Roach dec -(a lot on him in
Craven Co library) adj Johnson, Butler, NS Swift Creek
c. p 342 - 25 Feb l830 - William Hardy (or) James M. Roach (ee) - ? acs
for ? dollars - Craven, NS Palmetto Swamp, Richard Hart, Wolfpit Branch, Johnson
- William signed by Mark
a. p 336 - 9 Nov l836 or 37 - division of land belonging to William Fife, dec
among three sons - Jesse, William, and Lewis - Bachelor Creek and Deep Branch.
(MJPM got details)
a. p 407 - 22 Feb l839 - Francis L. Castix indebted to Lacy Phillips Lacy
took land instead of Cash - lot in New Bern - father of Castix mentioned
b. p l37 - l0 Feb l838 - Jesse Fife (or) Lewis Fife (ee) - Lewis Fife,
William S. Morris, John B. Dawson, and Peter Phillips all of New Bern - appeared
to have co-signed a note and forfitted
a. p 5 - same mortgate as above
b. p 56 - ll May l839 - Benjamin F. and wife Mary Tucker (or) Peter Phillips
Sr. (ee) of New Bern sold a lot in town
c. p 22l - l838 - James Phillips, Mary Watson, William Watson and Creasy his
wife, Silas Phillips, Irwin Watson and Pircy his wife (or) William Biddle
probably land they received from their father
a. p 273 - William Phillips and Winifred his wife - Jan l842
b. p 324 - l828 - William Blackledge of Lenoir (or) James Phillips, Mary
Watson wife of Needham Watson, Creary Phillips, Pency Watson, Silas Phillips all
children of late James Phillips
NOTE: - Index says James Watson as does the first part of the Deed, but the
rest of the Deed says James Phillips - land at Harvey's Branch of Moseley's Creek
c. p 380 - 30 Oct l838 - James Phillips (or) Silas Phillips (ee) - land on
Moseley Creek
a. p 202 - children of Catherine Phillips - Spencer, Eliza, Calvin A. Watson
and Catherine his wife, Argent, William B.
a. p 345 - 9 Sept l859 - William A. Pugh of Pitt and Joseph A. Hartley of
Craven - Joseph selling slaves he inherited from William (no last name in Deed
but would be his father-in-law William Phillips) to Pugh - slaves were Servic,
Sarah, Patience, Sturon, Abby, Chancy, Jerry, Pruims, Zilleka
a. p 4 - 25 April l882 - division of land of Joseph Harley - Julia Ann
Pipkin, Noah Hartley, Joseph A., Lucinda Hartley
a. p l5 - l9 Oct l887 - Ephraim A. Askin and Ann M. Askin (or) Reubin
Phillips and Jane E. Phillips of Craven (ee) - $900 - NS Neuse - SS of Greenville
Road - Cowpen landing
NOTE: We need to see if there are death records for Reubin in Craven County he
did not die until l9l6 and is buried in Lenoir but may have actually lived in
Craven - who were his parents
BOOK Called Deeds, Wills of Craven County - 028.401.2l - at Archives
a. p 37 - Joseph Mason (or) William Brite (ee) l8 March l749 - ES Swift
Creek - l50A - adj Edward Bryan WIT: John Phillips (used a mrk), Nicholas Lawler
b. p 65 - l8 Oct l750 - John Phillips (or) William Mixon (ee) - l0 lbs 300
A, NS Neuce - head of Branch of Beaver Dam - Phillips got by Pat in l750
c. p 75 - l750 - John Phillip's (or) Thomas Phillips (ee) l00 A for l0 lbs
- adj John - Wit ___Blackledge, Samuel Lambert, Mason Phillips
Craven County was formed in l705 from Bath
A. Marriage Bond Records of Craven County
l. Rebekah Phillips - Lewis Jarrell l Jan l787
Jacob Phillips Bondsman
2. Thomas Phillips - Ann Gaskins 3 Jan l788
Joseph Gaskins Bondsman
3. Elizabeth Phillips - John Allen 20 March l793
Thomas Phillips Bondsman
4. John Phillips - Lewce Allen l5 February l793
5. Sidney Phillips - Reubin Lassiter l9 August l796
John Phillips Bondsman
6. Ann Phillips, widow - William Prince 7 Mar l799
7. Sidney Phillips - Cullen Coward l8 Dec l799
8. Elizabeth Phillips - Thomas Pickett l2 Feb l799
James Gaskins Bondsman
9. Dorcas Phillips - Daniel Patrick 25 Mar l800
David Vance Bondsman
l0. Shadrack Allen - Frances Loftin 27 July l80l
John Phillips Bondsman
ll. Naomi Phillips - Nathan Fish l5 Feb l802
Matthew Jaurdan Bondsman
12. John Phillips - Susannah Moore 25 Sept l80l
Reubin Witherington Bondsman
l3. Peter Phillips - Patty Summerland l9 Jan l804
Nathan Fish Bondsman
l4. James Phillips - Catherine Moye l8 Sept l8l3
William Carmach Bondsman
l5. Nancy Phillips - William Witherington
John Taylor Bondsman 27 April l820
l6. Lacy R. S. Phillips - Celia J.
Castrix 25 Feb l832
Jesse Fife Bondsman
l7. John S. Phillips - Mary Hickman 3 May l832
l8. John Phillips - Elizabeth Wells 23 April l833
l9. David Phillips - Mary Adeline l7 June l843
20. Charles Phillips - Mehetabel 24 Oct l849
J. Scarbourgh
2l Mehetabel Phillips - Richard Meadow 4 June l852
22. Julius A. Phillips - Narcissa E. l8 Feb l854
23. Eliza Phillips - George O. Hawkins 6 July l854
24. Caroline E. Phillips - Lewis Webb l2 Dec l855
25. Eliza Jane Phillips - Jesse 2l Nov l858
Bennett Jr.
26. Argent Phillips - Blount C. West 4 Feb l858
27. Albert Phillips - Mary Bright l0 Mar l859
28. William Phillips - Louisa Watson 20 Mar l859
B. Craven County Tax Lists
l. l753-56
Jno Phillips - no amount of land given
Isabelle Keith - next to John
2. Jno Phillips - no description - no date probably l774
3. Jacob Phillips - signed a petition for William Phillips not to pay taxes
in l774 as he had had convulsions since infancy
4. l769 Tax List
white tax black males black females total
John l white tax, 2 black males, 4 black females, 7 total
Thomas 2 white tax, total
Jacob l white tax, 3 black males, 4 total
William l white tax, 1 total
5. Tax List l779
All in Capt Charles Roaches and Capt Allen's Company
Jacob estate worth 726 pounds
John estate worth l0,550 pounds
Thomas estate worth l049 pounds
Thomas Sr. 4 fold 9500 pounds
James - not given in pole tax - doesn't say what he was worth
C. Estate Records
l. Estate Records of Thomas with the Will in l793 - see Thomas
2. Estate of John and Elizabeth - see John and Elizabeth
3. Estate Inventory of Thomas Phillips - c l759 - William Dubberly was
Administrator - Sarah Tier, Reubin Phillips and Frank Pope bought from estate -
everything else bought by Dubberly - widow got � and heirs got � - no date -
Joseph Carruters was Sheriff which would date this l750-l759
NOTE: No idea who this was but probably part of Maryland family - a Reubin
later sold the land this Thomas had
4. Estate of John Hardee - l788 - Hymrick Hooker, James Phillips,
Shoemakers son, owed estate. John Phillips was Administrator. Buying from estate were
Thomas, John Sr., James Sr., John Phillips the Masons son, James Phillips, the
shoemakers son.
NOTE: This was the husband of Mary Phillips Hardy and son-in-law of John and
Elizabeth Phillips
5. Estate of Thomas Phillips - l789 - Account of sales of Thomas returned
March Term l790 - buying from estate were Ann Phillips, James Gaskins, Ralph
Richards, Joseph Gaskins, John Everington, Amy Phillips - returned by Ann
Phillips, Administrator - 3l Dec l789
NOTE: We do not know who this Thomas was, but probably a grandson of Thomas
and Isabella - he md Ann Gaskins
6. Account of sale of Property of James Phillips - 4 Jan l822 -
Polly Phillips, James, Rency, Crissy, Thomas Phillips and widow Polly Phillips.
Clerks Loose Papers - filed Feb l822
7. Estate of John Phillips Sr. in account with Thomas and John Executors
filed Dec l807 - estate paid among others - Heimick Hooker for note, cash to
John Phillips, Mark Phillips, Isaac Tarylo - Auditors of account were from Lenoir
County - Clerks Loose Papers
8. Estate of Charles Phillips - Aug l868 - widow was Mahetable J.
9. Estate of Lucinda Phillips - l844 - Major and Lacy were Administrators
D. Wills of Craven
l. Will of John Allen - had a plantation next to Phillips land of 500 A -
2. Will of Joseph Allen - l798 - Land on Eagle Swamp and Contenna Creek
sons John, Joseph, Ben, Shadrack, Thomas; grandchildren Alice and Elizabeth
Dubberly; daughter Louisa Phillips, slaves; daughters Gatsey Allen, Mulkey; Exec
Zack Dubberly, Brittain King Wm Blackledge was a wit. Wife was Martha
l. Estate of Joseph Allen - 1800 - 1818 - Sacher Dubberly ? Exec - Martha
Allen d by 1818, Louisa md Wm Brandon, John Allen d by 1818, Joseph, Shadrack,
Milky, Gatsey (md Archibald Adams), Thomas, Benjamin Allen and Betsy Dubberly,
Elizabeth Loftin in right of mother lancy Dubberly
mentions James Phillips removed from State
WHY would it mention James Phillips. Louisa md 1st John Phillips.
3. Grimes Wills - Will of Paul Phillips of Craven l746 - son Paul, grandson
Paul Phillips and Paul Flood, wife Rebecca, daughter Rachel Yenshaw, Ruth
Sanders - son-in-law William Flood - no real trace in Craven after this Will
NOTE: This Paul probably out of Chowan County
4. Will of Richard Fort l745 - sister Hannah Phillips - wit was John
NOTE: Fort was from Surry County, Va and so were these Phillips.
E. Misc Court Records - abstracted by Martha Mewborn Marble
l. John Phillips vs Willie Jones - rule to show cause why this case should
not be dismissed. Rule discharged. July l9, l805 - Superior Court l80l-l820
- from Howard Phillips
2. Thomas Phillips appointed to a commission to divide the real estate of
William King dec - Minutes of Superior Court - July Court, l804 - from Howard
3. John R. Good vs John Phillips - John Phillips found guilty by a jury of
tresspass, assault and battery. Fined 6 pences damage and 6 pences cost. Case
23 Monday July l0, l803 - Superior Court.
F. Craven County Court Records Abstracts by Haun
l. Book l - l7l2-l7l5 - nothing
2. Book 2 - l730-l74l
a. action for tresspass and falce - Nathanial Phillips imprisioned l734
b. John a constable in l737
c. Mark got a mark in l738 - a crap and slit and half moon in left ear
d. Mark a Commissioner of road on the SS of river from S.W.Creek l739 -
this appears to be modern day S.E. Lenoir County, but could be Johnston
e. Mark offered a Bond in l74l
f. Nathanial in l734
g. Paul gave oath regarding sale of land in l734
h. Paul sold land - ll0 A to Henry Grace in l734
i. Paul a constable in l739
j. William mentioned in l739
k. John proved 8 white rights in l745
l. Deed from Thomas Cane to Mark - l00 A l745
m. John l742 had nothing of estate of James Blaice in his hand
n. Deed from Leionel Leigh to John in l745 - 3l5 A
o. John lived NS Neuse 4 miles from Charlton Ferry in l745
p. Deed from Jno and Isabella Griffin to John Phillips - 400 A
q. Deed from Mark to Emanuel Dees for 370 A l743
r. Mark a Constable l745
s. Mark's Brand was a single P on the Buttock - NOTE this is different
from the other brand already mentioned - could this be two different Mark's
t. Paul was a constable in l746
u. Deed from Edward Wamsley to Thomas Phillips l00 A l743
v. Last Will of Thomas given to Court in l743
w. Deed of sale from Thomas to Thomas Daiggen l00 A l748
NOTE: Although I have included Nathanial in these Court Records because Mrs.
Haun has them listed as Phillips - I don't think he was a Phillips but a Phips
G. Misc Infor from Books on Craven
l. Lacy lived in New Bern l840-l860
2. Alexander lived in New Bern l830-l860
3. J. A. lived New Bern l830-l860
4. Jacob - l774
5. History of Christ Church in New Bern - lst minister to preach in N.C.
was a Quaker - he preached at the home of Henry Phillips in Hertford County. Rev.
John Phillips from Rev War on and off - he came from England with John Wesley -
ordained in l8l4 - WHO WAS THIS ONE
H. Civil Action Cases - There are l7 Boxes of Civil Action Cases in the
Archives for Craven County and I have only gone through Box 4 page by page
abstracted by Martha Mewborn Marble
l. Superior Court of New Bern District - l779 - Abram Baker vs Jacob
Lassiter - Charles Tull, John Phillips, Jr., Nathan Lassiter, John Collier, Arzariah
Moore, Mark Phillips, Mason Phillips, Sarah Ingram - she the wife of James
Ingram, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick all testified - Jacob Lassiter owed Abram Baker l000
2. l783 - James Simms vs Joseph Phillips and Simon Robbins of Nash County -
I am not sure if this Joseph Phillips was of Nash county or was the husband of
Ferebee and father of Curtis
3. Reading Blount vs Thomas Fish - l790 - dragged on into l797 - charging
for travel were Joseph Allen, Thomas Phillips - does not say what the suit was
4. William Branton and Thomas Phillips - 3l Aug l804 - to answer to Samuel
Simpson that they render to him 30 lbs which they owe - Simpson adm of estate of
Francis McLlewain, dec
5. July l805 - p l62 - John Phillips vs Willie Jones - case dismised
6. July l806 - p l89 - James Phillips Jr. vs estate of William Dry James
got land
7. 29 Jan l803 - p 73 - State vs James Hopkins - Frederick Phillips a
witness for State
8. ll July l805 - p 77 - John R. Good vs John Phillips - trespass, assualt
and battery - found guilty
9. 27 July l803 - p 5 - John and Isler Kilpatrick vs James Phillips Jr. and
Sr. - and James and Thomas Sumerall - Phillips are guilty, Summerals not guilty
I. Guardian Books - Craven
l. Louise Fife guardian of Jesse, Lewis, and William Fife - Peter Phillips
Security - l835
J. Isabelle and James Keith
a. Beaufort county - Book I -
l. p 74 - James Keith late of Maryland - l707
b. Craven County - William Keith (or) James Keith (ee) of Prince Frederick
Parish, S.C. - l70 A - NS Neuse - 27 Jan l763
c. Haun Court Records Book II - Isabella Keith widow of James Keith came
with his last Will and Testament - l8 March - l740
NOTE: This would indicate Isabelle, widow of Thomas Phillips did not remarry a
K. Land Platts in Craven County
l. p 350 - Heirs of William Fife - l826 - ES Batchelor Creek - 300 A -
Jesse, Lewis, William - plus lots in New Bern
L. Craven County Road Records - no date l767-l839 - Broken Series
C.R. 028.925.3 at Archives
l. Subscribers petition for a new road from the roads that leads to Mr.
Coxes and Mr. Peters ferry to Brittain King's Ferry for a shorter route to Court
at New Bern
Signed by the following among others
Britain King, Robert Witherinton, William Brantley, Thomas Phillips, John
Allen, Ebenzer Fife, John Fish, John Phillips, Richard Phillips, James Moore, James
Phillips, John Phillips, Sr. Thomas Phillips, Sr., William Moore
2. Ordered that a new road be built above Eagle Swamp between Thomas
Phillips, Jr. and Great Contenney Creek
NOTE: This was probably after l785 when Richard Phillips was old enough to
marry and l792 when John Phillips died
l. Court Records - l758 - l766
a. p 84 - - l760 - Deed from John Phillips to Wm Jordan - 200 Ac
b. p 85 - John Phillips, Constable
2. l801-l807
a. l801 - Thomas Phillip on jury
b. June l4, l803 - William Brandon, Ebenzer Fife, William Blackledge
appeared to audit acct of John and Thomas Phillips exec of John Phillips dec and
accounts of Elizabeth Phillips dec
c. Sept l803 - John Phillips vs Willie Jones - doesn't say what about
d. l804 - Wiley Fish, Thomas Allen, William Phillips appt Patrollers in
Capt Rountrees District
e. March l805 - Thomas Phillips to keep tavern at his house
3. Court Records - l807 - no page numbers
a. June 9 - motion of Thomas Phillips that John Washington, Slade Gatlin and
Jesse Cobb audit accounts of executor of John Phillips dec and Elizabeth
Phillips dec
b. Sep l7 - Solomon Worthington, age l7 - apprectice to be shipbuilder


In the name of God, Amen, I Thomas Phillips of Craven County in his Majesty's
Province, of North Carolina, being sick and weak of Body, in possession of
perfect memory. Thanks be given to God and considering the mortality of Body and
knowing that is appointed for all once to die do make and ordain this my last
Will and the earth...a decent Christian burial at the discretion
of my Executors that as touching such worldly state wherewith it hath pleased
God to bless me in this life, I give, demise and dispose of the Same in the
following manner and form.
I give and bequeath to Isabelle, my Dearly beloved whom I constitute as
Executrix of this my last Will and Testament...singular worldly goods...effects
together with other chattles pertaining to or belonging to me or in my possession to
be possessed by her during her lifetime or she marries afterwards to pertain
and belong to my beloved son William.
Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved son John whom I also constitute as
Executor of my last Will - one shilling Sterling to be raised and payed out of my
Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved son Mason one Shilling Sterling to be
raised and payed out of my Estate
Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Mary one Shilling Sterling to
be raised and payed out of my Estate
Item; I give and bequeath to my son Thomas one Shilling Sterling
Item: I give and bequeath to my son James one Shilling Sterling
Item: I give and bequeath to my son Mark one Shilling Sterling
Item: I give and bequeath to my youngest son William all singular and worldly
goods belonging to me, to be possessed and enjoyed by him at his Mother's
decease or marriage.
(I can't read part of the next line) be my last Will and Testament. In
witness whereof sealed with my Seal the twenty second day of June in the year of
our Lord l743.
Thomas (signed with a Mark) Phillips
Robt. (can't read last name could be Patrick)
Henry Summerland
The Will was proven in Court by Henry Summerland on 22 Day of December l743.
There is no mention of land in this Will, so it is not clear if he owned any
In the name of God, amen, this sixth day of February in the year of our Lord
God one Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety two, I John Phillips of the County
aforesaid being in health of body and of a perfect mind and memory thanks be given
to God for the same. Therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and
knowning that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my
Last Will and Testament that is today princapally and first of all I give my
soul into the hands of God that gave it and for my body I recommend to the earth
to be bureyed in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my
executors. Nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the
same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estates
wherwith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life, I give and dispose of
the same, in the following manner and form Imprimise this is my Will and I do
order that in the first place that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid
and satisfied
Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Phillips the house and
plantation whereon I now live and three hundred acres of land joining the said
plantation during her life and after her decease to my son John Phillips
Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved son Thomas Phillips two hundred and
seventeen acres of land it being the plantation whereon he now lives also fifty
acres in a survey joining the plantation whereon he now lives also give to my son
Thomas Phillips fifty acres it being part of a survey of one hundred acres
joining the plantation where he now lives
Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Argent Lassiter one hundred
acres of land it being the plantation where Joseph Harrison formerly lived
Item: I give and bequeath to my beloved son John Phillips eight hundred acres
it being all the land I now possess only what I have already given except three
hundred acres being part of three surveys which will be hereafter given to my
two grandsons William and Abraham Hardy it being the plantation joining the
plantation where John Hardy, formerly lived
Item: I give to my beloved wife Elizabeth Phillips three Negros, one named Will
one named Nan and the other named Dinah also one Negro man named Dick during
her life and then to my son John Phillips also I leave my wife one negro girl
named Lucy during her life then to my daughter Argent also one Negro woman named
Sarah during her life then to my granddaughter Siddie Phillips
Item: I give to my son Thomas Phillip one negro man named Frank
Item: I give to my son John, five Negroes named Joe, Amy, Rachel, Lettece and
Sue. Also I leave to my daughter Argent one Negro man named Charles, also I
give to my daughter Argent one Negro boy named Will
Item: I give to my two granddaughters Mimey and Clarey Hardee one Negro woman
named Luce
Item: I give to my grandson John Hardee one negro boy named ?
Item: Also I give to my grandson William Phillips one Negro girl named Easter.
I also give to my grandson John Hooker one Negro boy named Dosey also I give to
my grandson Thomas Hooker one Negro boy named Abram
Item: I give to my beloved wife two beads of furniture also I give to my son
John Phillips two beads of furniture I also give to my grandaughter Jemaima
Hardee one Bead of furniture I also give to my granddaughter Clarey Hardy one bead
of furniture
Item: I give to my wife Elizabeth all my household furniture during her life
and then to my four daughters children also I give to my wife two work horses,
one sorrel mare. Also I give to my son John Phillips one young Bay horse. I also
give to my grandson William Hardey one Bay mare. I also give to my
granddaughter Jemine Hardy one Sorrell Colt. I also leave my riding horse to be sold and
the money equally divided between my children.
Item: I give to my son John Phillips, four cows and calves of four hiffers and
one yoke of young oxen. I also give to my wife Elizabeth one yoke of oxen,
also I leave my stock of cattle at Goose Creek in Pamlico to be sold and the money
to be equally divided between my children also I give to my grandson William
Hardee one cow and calf also one cow and calf to Jemimah Hardey and one cow and
calf to Clarey Hardey also I give to my two grandsons John and Abraham Hardee
one cow and calf each. I also give to my beloved wife all my stock of cattle
that is at home of Isaac Clark also all my plantation tools of every kind to my
wife Elizabeth...also my sheep one half to my wife and the other half to my son
John Phillips. Also I give to my wife fifty head of hoggs and all the rest of
my hoggs to be sold and the money divided among my children
Item: I constitute make and order and appoint my two sons Thomas and John
Phillips and Britton King Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I do
utterly disalow, revoke and disanull all other former testaments, Wills, Legaces
and Executors by me in any before this time named Willed and bequeathed and
ratifyed and confirming this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament. In
witness whereof here unto let my hand seal the Day and year above written,
Signed, sealed, pronounced, Published and declared by the said John Phillips
to be his last Will and Testament
John (used a mark) Phillips
Wit - James Coward, William Branton, Samuel Branton, Sam. Branton Sr
John Phillips came with Will March Term l793.
In the name of God, amen This Eighth day of November in the Year of our
Lord-God one thousand seven hundred ninety one, I Thomas Phillips, of the County
aforesaid Planter being in Perfect mind and memory Thanks be to God for the same,
therefore calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is
appointed for all men once to dye, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.
That is to say princapally and first of all, I give and recomment my soul in
the Hands of God that gave and for my body, I recommend to the Earth, to be
buried in a Christian like and decent manner, at the discretion of my Executors
nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again, by
the mighty Power of God and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath
pleased God to bless me with in this Life. I give and dispose of the same in
the following manner and form...
Imprimis. It is my Will and I do order that in the first place all my just
debts and funeral charges to be paid and satisfyed------
Item..I give to my beloved son James Phillips, Ten Shillings
Item..I give to my beloved son Thomas Phillips Five Pounds
Item..I give to my beloved Daughter Nicey Phillips Ten Shillings
Item..I give to my beloved Son Richard Phillips Ten Shillings
Item..I give to my beloved Daughter Charity Phillips Ten Shillings
Item..I give to my beloved Son David Phillips one Feather Bead and Forty
five pounds in his Brother Richards hands
Item..I give to my beloved Daughter Keziah Phillips one feather bead and ten
Item..I give to my beloved Son John Phillips one feather Bead and Fifty
Pounds paid by his Brother Peter
Item..I lend to my beloved Wife during her natural Life all my lands and
Living such as horses, cattle, sheep and Hogs and all the Household Furniture of
every kind for her and famileys use Except what is hereto foregiven
Item..I give to my Beloved son Peter Phillips afer the Deceas of his mother
one Feather Bed and Furnituyre and the plantation I now live on which contains
one Hundred and Eighty acres likewise three Hundred acres Lying in Dobbs
Item..I constitute make, and ordain John Phillips, Sr. and my son James
Phillips and sons Thomas and Richard Phillips---Executors of this my Last Will and
Testament and I do utterly disanull, Revoke and Disanull all other Former
Testaments, Wills, Legaces and Executors by me in aney Ways Before this time, Named
Willed and bequeathed, Ratifyed and confirming this and no other to my my Last
Will and Testament. In witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal
the year and date mentioned---Signed, Sealed, Pronounced Published and Declared
by the said Thomas Phillips to be his Last Will and Testament
Thomas (signed by Mark) Phillips
George Oxley, Walter Jones, Sam Branton
James Phillips came to Open Court as the Executor on l7 March l792


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