Mark Phillips son of Thomas
Mark Phillips, son of Thomas and Isabelle

Mark Phillips is one of two sons we know the least about and the one we need to know a great deal more about since this appears to be large family.
There are numerous Phillips we can't place with fathers and no doubt several are Mark's children and grandchildren.

There are no birth records for Mark in Bristol Parish so he was probably born after they left that area. I would think he was bc l736 and he died after l790 but probably before l800.

The only possible child we can place with him was Mark, Jr. and even that is not provable. I have a feeling all the Mark's on the early Census are not of the Mark family. According to the estate records of John Hardy, one of Thomas and Isabella's children was a mason and one was a shoemaker. I am inclined to think Mark was one of these. He did not appear to own enough land to support a family of the size he seemed to have.

Dobbs County Census for l790 show a Mark Sr. with 2 males over l8; 7 under l8 and 7 females. This wouldsuggest that either he married late or one of his sons or daughters lived with him with their children. There is also a Mark, Jr. with one male over l8; 2 under l8 and l female. There is only one Mark on the l800 Lenoir Census with 2 males under l0; l from l0-l6; and one over 45; one female l0-l6; 5 from 26-45; and one over 45. There is no way of telling if this is Mark Sr. or Jr; however, it is reasonable to assume it is Mark, Sr. as we find a Mark in l800 in Greene County with 4 males under l0, l male25-45; l female 25-45. In l8l0 there is a Mark on the Lenoir Census (there being no Greene Census) with one male l0-l6; one over 45; l female 0-l0; one l0-l6, one l6-26; and 2 over 45. I assume this is Mark Jr.; however, by now we are probably talking about another generation.

I feel like Mark's children moved from the area, but this could be proven wrong. I can't help think the John who md Sarah Sexton in Wake County might have been a son of Mark Sr. He served under Abraham Sheppard in the Rev. War.This John did name a son Mark. To complicate matters, there was a Patty of the Northampton County family in Wake County where the name Mark was also found. And the early Mark who moved on into Rowan/Anson can not be discounted. My hunch is still that this John was a son of our Mark.

There is one entry in the Dobbs Cross Indexes for Mark, son of Thomas and Isabelle - from l765-69 and the grantor is John Phillips. All of the earlier Marks in Old Craven and Johnston Counties were for the early Mark who moved on to Bladen/Anson Counties. There is nothing in Craven County Deeds for Mark Phillips.


This indenture made in the year of our Lord 1812 between AnnPhillips, Mark Phillips, Fanny Phillips, Redding Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Cullen Moore and Nancy Moore his wife, William Davis and Sarah David his wife heirs of Mark Phillips dec of the State of NC and the County of Lenoir on the one part and Walter Dunn of the same County and State on the other part…for the sum of $30 sell 175 acs (part of two can't read) land that the said Mark did live on - beginning at a red oak at the corner of David Griffins corner and runs with said Griffins land to a black jack.Corner on the back line then along said line to a blackjack corner then to a white oak corner un a branch then down the several courses of said branch to the first station the other part beginning at a pine John Phillips corner in the ? posossin running113 poles to a state then with a contract line No 67 east 179 poles to two oakes then with Simon Griffin's line to 67 Eas 36 poles to a black oak Samuel Lambeths corner then with his line So 40 W 142 poles to a black jack his corner then to the beginning containing the two tracks of 175 acs…..

Wit - Walter Dunn Jr and a Moore whose names I can not read

Nancy Moore and Sarah Davis appear to have been examined in 1813.

This does not appear to have been taken to court until July 1821
All appear to use a mark except for Mark and Cullen Moore

I think 2 were 2 different Reddings of two different generations.

There is a Redding on the 1810 Census - age 26 - 45

THere is a Rolling (which could be either Redding or Roland) on the 1820 Census - 18 to 25 bc - 1795 - 1802

On the 1830 Census there is a Reading or Roland - 30-40

On the 1840 Census a Reading 40-50

on the 1850 there is a Roland age 54 -bc 1796.

The big questions is Roland and Redding (reading) the same person. I think it almost has to be and I think the one on the 1820 - 1850 were the same person - the ages appear to be about right; however, the one on the 1810 Census is an older one.

There is a Nancy Moore on the 1830 Census aged 30-40. This would give her age about the same as the younger Redding Phillips. There is another one aged 50 - 60 so there is no way of knowing which might be the widow of Cullen if either. There is no William or Sarah Davis or Cullen Moore that I see.

In 1820 there is a Cullen Moore over 45 the oldest female is 26 - 44. There is a Nancy Moore 26 - 44. I am inclined to think the Nancy on the 1830 Census between 30-40 is the widow of Cullen.

This is about the best I can do right now with no more information. The Mark with the Heirs could be either Jr or Sr. If he was Senior, he was a little late in having children – if he was Junior, the dates may be pushing a little.


l. # l635 - Dobbs County - Grant #480 - Issued l3 Oct l783 Entered l2 June l778 - Entry # 292 - Book 50 p 44 - l00 A
Surveyed 2l Sept l779 for Mark Phillips a plantation containing One hundred acres land in Dobbs County on the North Side Neuse River. Beginning at a pine in John Phillips corner in piney pocosen running thence North ll3 poles to a stake then with a contract line No 67 -- to two water Oaks, then with Simon Griffens line No 69 East 26 poles to a Black Jack Saml. Lambert corner then with his line to 40 West l2 poles to a Black Jack in his corner thence to the beginning.
Rich. Jones and Sam Griffin Chain Bearers

The front sheet says this land is between the lines of Matthias Harvey, Mason Phillips and his own line, but that is not mentioned in the above description.

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