Thomas Phillips

Thomas Phillips
son of Thomas and Isabella

l. There are no birth records for Thomas as it appears his parents moved to
Craven County or elsewhere before he was born. He is placed with an approximate
birthdate of c l732 according his place in his father's Will.
2. We have no clues as to whom he married as he did not give his wife's name
in his Will although she appears to have been alive at the time.
3. Thomas appears to have been more successful than some of his brothers
except for John according to the number of Deeds that were probably his; however,
when he died, he did not appear to have owned a great deal of land. Thomas lived
in Craven County or at least that is where most of his Deeds are. According to
the Dobbs Cross Indexes there were some in Dobbs and indeed Thomas left his son
Peter all his land in Dobbs County.
There is a certain length of time when we can be reasonably sure the Deeds
listed were for him, but as his nephews by the name of Thomas became of age it is
almost impossible to distinguish between the different Thomas'.
4. Thomas had a Will written in l79l and probated in l972 found in Craven
County which provides us with a list of his children that were living at that time.
It has been difficult to follow his children because we think most moved away.
The only son we can prove that stayed in the area is Peter as he inherited his
father's land in Dobbs County and that land is still in the family. We all
feel his son James was the one with the Bible who moved to Jasper County, Georgia.
This Bible, according to written records, says James was the son of Thomas who
died in l782. The Bible was burned and it is probable that the date l782 was
miscopied or maybe unreadable, but an 8 and a 9 are too similiar not to think
that James was the son of Thomas II. Thomas died in l792 and had a son David
that never appears in N.C. The James Phillips Bible gives the death dates of a
David who does not appear to be the son of James. We feel this David was James'
brother who probably moved to Georgia with him. Thomas had a son Richard. A
Richard had Marriage Bonds in Craven County and we are all in agreement that
this Richard is Thomas' son. Richard is found on the l790 and l800 Craven County
Census Reports and then disappears. About the same time, a Richard appears in
Greene County where there may still be descendants. It is possible Richard of
Craven and Richard of Greene are the same person and for the time being will be
treated so. We must not forget the absence of the names of Mark and Mason's
It appears that most of Thomas' children moved from the area since they did not
inherit any land. One of the most researched Phillips lines is that of Thomas
Phillips who married Hannah Wirtherington. This Thomas served in the
Revolution and moved to Georgia. His parents are not known. We were all in agreement
that this Thomas was the son of Thomas. Thomas II's land adjoined Cleverly
Wetherington, Hannah's father, as did John's land. James, David, and their sister
Charity all moved to Georgia so it would make sense that their brother Thomas
did also. New information from Virginia found on the Pension Application of
Thomas would indicate he was NOT the son of Thomas II since Thomas II had no son
Samuel or daughter Jenny. The only common name of the children of James and
Thomas is Wiley which may or may not be a clue that they were brothers. Of interest
is the names Wiley and Richard are Worthington names.
Of Thomas' son John and his daughters Nicey and Kerizah we have no clues except
there is a Nicey on the Lenoir County Census Records. There are so many John's
in the area that we can't place with a father, he may have stayed in the area
or he could have moved also.
as listed in his Will
l. James Phillips - b l4 August l759 - d 7 March l830 md on 2l Jan l779 to
Margaret S. Sillivant daughter of Davy Swillivant - b 20 Feb l759
James was suppose to have been a Captain in the Revolution. He and Margaret
moved to Jasper County, Georgia.
a. Nancy Phillips - b l7 April l780 in Dobbs/Craven County - d 8 Nov l784
b. Lewis Phillips - b 28 April l782 - Dobbs County - dc l847 - md Tabith
---- moved to Georgia
c. Naomi Phillips - b 4 July l784 - Dobbs County - d 8 April l845 md 22
March l802 to Nathan Fish of Craven County - they moved to Georgia and this line
is traced
d. Nathan Phillips - b 2l Dec l786 - Dobbs County - d l4 Oct l837 or l840 -
md Amy Calloway
e. Daniel W. Phillips - b 4 Aug l789 md 25 Mar l8l7 to Susannah Harley
f. Wiley Phillips - b l9 Sept l79l - md l) Louisa Gilstrapp 2) Mary Lane
g. Rhoda Phillips - b l8 Dec l793 - md John Hardy of Craven County - they
moved to Georgia l8l7-l8l9 - line traced
NOTE: John's mother was thought to have been Mary Phillips daughter of John
and Elizabeth Phillips and a cousin of Rhoda; however, I am inclined to think he
may have been the son of Joseph and Margaret Hardy of Craven/Pitt County as the
names of John and Rhoda's children are almost identical. Unfortunately, at the
time of this typing, I can't find my notes containing the list of these
children and I don't remember where I got them.
h. Thomas Green Phillips - b 27 Dec l795 - - md l6 May l8l6 to Molly
i. Argin Phillips (again that name) - b 3 July l798 - md 9 Oct l8l7 to
James Sessions
James Phillips md 2nd to Phillis Callaway of Georgia - no issue
I have a great deal of information on this family
2. Thomas - I removed Thomas who married Hannah from this file before posting
to Old Dobbers. Thomas and Hannah will have a separate file.
3. Nicey Phillips - bc l764 - nothing further known, but she could have been
the Nicey on the Lenoir County Census
4. Richard Phillips - bc l765 - Marriage Bonds l785 in Craven County
Patent Book 3 p l4 - 20 A to Richard Phillips NS Neuce River between Great
and Little Contentena adj Wm Pelts - wit Richard Spaight
Richard appears to have lived in Greene County
5. Charity Phillips - bc l767 - md William Barnes - they moved to Georgia
according to information in the LCC Vertical Files
6. David Phillips - bc l769 - d 30 June l802 - - this assumes the David
Phillips whose death date is given in the James Phillips Bible is this David - there
is no son by the name of David given for James - moved to Georgia
7. Kerizah Phillips - bc l77l - nothing further known
8. John Phillips - According to a letter written by Jasper Phillips to John
Emerson in l969, family tradition says John was known as John Jenny to
distinguish him from another John. This John was murdered by Reubin Witherington.
Jasper did not indicate if John married and had issue or when the murder took place.
Nothing further known
9. Peter Phillips - bc l775-l777 - d l850-l860 - md l9 Jan l804 to Martha
(Patsy) Sumrell.
This line has been traced by Lenore Phillips Smith formerly of Kinston, now
of Wilson, N.C. She has documentation from Bibles, Marriage Bonds, Public
Records and various other places. Lucinda May Phillips Abbott's Obit list her
brothers and sisters. This file needs some tweaking by descendants.
a. Thomas O. Phillips - b l0 Jan l802 - d 28 May l873 - md Mariza (Rhem ?)
- b l7 May l8l6 - d l6 Jan l898 - there is a question by some of the family
today if Peter had another wife before Martha or if the birth preceeded the
wedding or maybe the birthdate is wrong. There has never been a question in this
family that Thomas was the son of Martha. Thomas and Mariza are buried in the
Jones-Abbott Cemetery in Lenoir County, N.C.
l. Melcher Rhem Phillips - b 27 Jan l834 - d l863 in the service of CSA
at Richmond -
No issue
2. Martha A. (Patsy) Phillips - b 7 Dec l836 - d l6 Feb l900 -
No issue
3. Francis Phillips - b 26 March l835 - died young
4. Lacy Phillips - b 27 Feb l837 - d 23 July l911 - md Susan Kilpatrick
Dunn (she was the widow of Columbus Dunn) - Lacy was in the Civil War
a. Henry Clay Phillips - md Susan Eleanor (Ella) Wiggins (Rose said a
Susan E. born 1866 was in the household of Arden and Arzilla Wiggins on the
1879 census)
l. Jasper Louis Phillips - b 24 Aug l890 md Thelma Elliot
a. Jasper Louis Phillips, Jr.
b. Susan Ella Phillips - b l869 - md Samuel F. Phillips
l. Lacy Phillips - b l892 - d l982 - md Selma Gilbert daughter of W. P. and
Martha E. Sumrell Gilbert
From Jack Gilbert - The only pre-1900 Lacy Phillips I have in my limited files
is Lacy Alonza
Phillips, parents unk. to me, m. Selma (my aunt) Gilbert and had 6 children.
He b. 8-13-1892 Len.Co. d. 10-7-1982; she b. 7-27-1900 d. 7-24-1993.. They were
m. 12-26-1917. I know that a sister of his was Blanche, who m. Bruce Pittman.
From Jane Phillips -
One of my Phillips Lines comes from Lacy Phillips 1838-1911. He was
married to Susan Kilpatrick Dunn. She had two children from a previous
marriage named Alonzo and Colmbus Dunn. Susan and Lacy had two children
named Susan Ella Phillips 1868-1908 and Henry Clay Phillips 1867-1944.
Children of Lacy and Susan Ella were:
John R. Phillips 1888-1974 married Katie Hamilton and Roxie Pate
Samuel Guy Phillips 1891-1970 married Lillian nelson and Lela
Lacy Alonzo Phillips 1892-1982 married Selma Gilbert
Susan Esther Phillips 1897-1980 married W. R. Hardison
Dora Blanch Phillips 1901-19? married Bruce Pittman
Albert LaRoy Phillips 1904-1978 married Bonnie Bell Jarman
Mary Ella Phillips 1908-1908
Above information from list member Jane Phillips
Yes this is Martha.
Also found this thanks to Betsy's hard work on her great site
Christopher C. Dunn, Apr. 28, 1856 - Dec. 25, 1934
Susan B., his wife, July 6, 1856 - Dec. 8, 1932
James F. Dunn, Jan. 5, 1877 - July 9, 1937
W. C. Dunn, Jan. 25, 1884 - Oct. 22, 1918
Another cem. had some Dunns listed too.
5. Theodore Phillips - b 4 April l843 - d 7 July l864 at Petersburg in
the service of CSA
6. Martha E. Phillips - b 27 March l84l - d 4 Aug l85l
7. Peter Phillips - b 4 Dec l845 - d 26 July l866 md Martha A. Phillips
8. Richard E. Phillips - b l846 - died young
9. Amos Kingley Phillips - b l April l848 - d l9 June l922 - md Mary Ann
l0. Mary Frances Phillips - b l April l850 - d 20 Feb l940 - md Charles
M. Odham
ll. William Henry Phillips - b 7 April l854 - d l3 Jan l876 - md Anne P.
l2. Malenda Caroline Phillips - b l4 Sept l856 - d l6 May l876 md John
S. Freeman
l3. Janie Elizabeth Phillips - b l4 Sept l856 - d l7 Jan l883 - md
William Freeman
Almost all the children of this Thomas O. are buried at the Jones-Abbott
b. David Phillips - bc l805 - d by l860 - md l) Martha - d l4 August l838
aged 37 md 2) Mary Adaline Phillips - b 26 May l829 - d l Jan l902 - Marriage
Bonds in Craven County l7 June l843 - her parents are unknown Mary may have
been the mother of the children
l. William S. or A Phillips - b l7 Aug l844 - d 29 Sept l908 - md Julia M
2. Malinda Phillips
3. Jane Phillips - b 24 June l83l - d 8 Sept l899
4. Martha Phillips
5. Henrietta Phillips - md John R. Phillips as his 2nd wife - (Note
John R. Phillips was not a Phillips by birth) -
No Issue
6. Sarah Phillips - she may have been an Oxley not a Phillips
7. Susan C. Phillips - b 3 Jult l854 d l895 - md J. C. Wilson
a. Jesse C. Wilson - md Thomas Moseley - Miss Jessie as she was
known ended up with all the household possessions of J. R. Phillips. She was long
the organist at Gordon Street Christian Church and well loved by at least all
the adults. As a child, I remember being a little scared of her and so were all
the other children. She did not let any of her young choir members get away
with anything but we were all in awe of her and worked hard to please her.
b. Ella Wilson - md a Neill
Mary md 2) W. Oxley and had at least one child - W. H. Oxley and maybe
the above mentioned Sarah
c. Lacy R. S. Phillips - bc l808 - md to Cecilia Jane Castrix d l850 -
Marriage Bonds in Craven County on 25 Feb l832
l. Samuel Hurd Phillips - b l835 - d l3 Oct l836 - buried Cedar Grove -
Craven County
2. Mary Phillips
3. Martha Ann Phillips
4. Theodore John Phillips - b l7 July l84l - d l8 July l84l
5. William H. Phillips
6. Caroline Phillips
7. Mary Phillips
d. Lucinda May Phillips - b 26 May l8l2 - d 20 Aug l898 - md on 6 June l836
to Thomas Jefferson Abbott son of Samuel and Mary Peabody Abbott - b 5 Nov l808
- d l4 April l853
l. Joseph H. Abbott - b 20 August l838 - d l3 Oct l90l - md Margaret
2. Samuel Hurd Abbott - b 25 Sept l839 - d 23 Dec l922 - md Nannie Brock
3. Martha Elizabeth Abbott - b 27 March l84l twin - d 3 July l86l - md
to Wyatt Phillips
4. Mary Jane Abbott - b 27 March l84l - twin - never married
5. Stephen Decatur Abbott - b l5 July l843 - d l0 Aug l907 - md Martha
Jane Hartsfield
6. Thomas Jefferson Abbott, Jr. - b l9 Jan l845 - d l4 May l873 md
Lavenia Etholis McCoy
7. Julia Elley Abbott - b 29 May l846 - d 26 July l9l7 - md Marcellus W.
8. Betty Susan Abbott - b 22 Sept l847 - d l5 Feb l897 - md Rev. C. C.
9. Lucinda (Lucy) Abbott - b l5 Oct l849 - d 26 July l874 - md Richard
Montgomery Abbott
l0. Georgeanne Abbott - b 22 Feb l853 - d 23 July l873 - never married
e. Henry Phillips
f. Major Gatlin Phillips - bc l8l3 dc l867 - md Mary
l. John
NOTE: Lenore - this from your notes - was Gatlin Major's middle name? Was he
the Gatlin opn the Census Records?
g. Peter Phillips - bc l8l5
h. Stephen D. Phillips - bc l8l7 - dc l897 - md Sarah A. Branch - bc l828
l. William (Peter) Phillips - b l848
2. James Henry Phillips - b l849
3. Martha E. Phillips - b l85l
4. Stephen Frank Phillips - b l853
5. John D. Phillips - b l855
6. Sallie (Sarah) Phillips - b l857 - md a Whitaker
7. Baby - b l860
8. Lou A. (Addie) - b l862 - md Lester Kuester
9. Robert Hoke Phillips - b 8 Oct l864 - md Estelle Roberts
l0. Sula V. Phillips - b l866 - md Richard Casey
ll. George P. Phillips - b l868
This family lived in Wayne County where all the children were born
In the name of God, amen This Eighth day of November in the Year of our
Lord-God one thousand seven hundred ninety one, I Thomas Phillips, of the County
aforesaid Planter being in Perfect mind and memory Thanks be to God for the same,
therefore calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is
appointed for all men once to dye, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.
That is to say princapally and first of all, I give and recomment my soul in
the Hands of God that gave and for my body, I recommend to the Earth, to be
buried in a Christian like and decent manner, at the discretion of my Executors
nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again, by
the mighty Power of God and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath
pleased God to bless me with in this Life. I give and dispose of the same in
the following manner and form...
Imprimis. It is my Will and I do order that in the first place all my just
debts and funeral charges to be paid and satisfyed------
Item..I give to my beloved son James Phillips, Ten Shillings
Item..I give to my beloved son Thomas Phillips Five Pounds
Item..I give to my beloved Daughter Nicey Phillips Ten Shillings
Item..I give to my beloved Son Richard Phillips Ten Shillings
Item..I give to my beloved Daughter Charity Phillips Ten Shillings
Item..I give to my beloved Son David Phillips one Feather Bead and Forty
five pounds in his Brother Richards hands
Item..I give to my beloved Daughter Keziah Phillips one feather bead and ten
Item..I give to my beloved Son John Phillips one feather Bead and Fifty
Pounds paid by his Brother Peter
Item..I lend to my beloved Wife during her natural Life all my lands and
Living such as horses, cattle, sheep and Hogs and all the Household Furniture of
every kind for her and famileys use Except what is hereto foregiven
Item..I give to my Beloved son Peter Phillips afer the Deceas of his mother
one Feather Bed and Furnituyre and the plantation I now live on which contains
one Hundred and Eighty acres likewise three Hundred acres Lying in Dobbs
Item..I constitute make, and ordain John Phillips, Sr. and my son James
Phillips and sons Thomas and Richard Phillips---Executors of this my Last Will and
Testament and I do utterly disanull, Revoke and Disanull all other Former
Testaments, Wills, Legaces and Executors by me in aney Ways Before this time, Named
Willed and bequeathed, Ratifyed and confirming this and no other to my my Last
Will and Testament. In witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal
the year and date mentioned---Signed, Sealed, Pronounced Published and Declared
by the said Thomas Phillips to be his Last Will and Testament
Thomas (signed by Mark) Phillips
George Oxley, Walter Jones, Sam Branton
James Phillips came to Open Court as the Executor on l7 March l792
l. No l793 - 300 Ac - Grant #546 - issued l0 Nov l784 - Entered l4 April l779
- Dobbs County
Surveyed for Thomas Phillips a plantation containing three Hundred Acres of
land in Dobbs County on the North side of Neuse River beginning at a pine, John
Phillips corner in the piney pecoson running thence North one hundred and
thirteen poles to a stake thence with a compact line North sixty seven east one
Hundred and seventy nine poles to two water oaks in Simon Griffin's line thence with
his line North fifteen-- forty six poles to a sweet gum his other corner thence
with his other line North forty seven and East one hundred poles to a tree in
George oxley's line thence with his line North fifty three west one Hundred and
sixty poles to a water Oak in John Peters line thence with his line South fifty
five west one hundred and thirty two poles to a line in Mason Phillips Contract
line thence with line south forty five and east twenty eight poles to a pine
his corner thence with his other contract line wouth twenty five west two hundred
and ten poles to a pine his other corner thence a direct line to the beginning.
Chainbearers: Mark Phillips, Mason Phillips
NOTE: This appears to be the 300 A in Dobbs County he left to his son Peter
and where Peter lived. Eagle Swamp area.
2. No 4249 - Craven/Dobbs County - Grant # 843 - Entry # l028 - Book 74, page
394 Entered 9 July l780 - Issued l6 Nov l790
Surveyed for Thomas Phillips a Tract of land containing one hundred and fifty
acres lying and being in Dobbs and Craven County and on the upper side of
Stoneytown Creek and North side of Neuse river beginning in the middle of Stoneytown
Creek running exactly where the giving line of his other tract patented by John
Caruthers in the year l738 and containing 300 acres crosing the creek and runs
down the middle of said Creek as it meanders to the Begining corner of said
Caruthers patent a white oak to then with the giving line of that patent reversed
South sixty west to the beginning
NOTE: This appears to be where Thomas lived when he died and the l50 A he left
his son Peter
The above two tracts of land are the only ones mentioned in his Will
Martha Mewborn Marble
1377 Independence Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Thursday, 26-Jul-2007 20:46:28 MDT
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