William Phillips, son of Thomas




b 2l Feb l782 - d 2 December l853 aged 70 years 9 months ll days md on 7 May
l8l2 to Elizabeth D. Carr - b 2l March l790 - d 4 April l836
A. Probably son of Thomas Phillips and his lst wife
B. Mentioned in his Grandfather John Phillip's Will
C. Lived in the area of Edwards Bridge on the SS of the Bridge. Elizabeth
probably lived on the NS of the Bridge where some of the Carr's lived. She was the
daughter of Lawrence P. Carr and his probable wife Jenette Hart. See Carr
D. from Account Book at store of John M. Patrick in l852 located at Hookerton.
This found in Account Books in the Private Manuscrips at the N.C. Archives - I
only glanced at it and pulled just a few items
l. Drury Phillips - 28 April l852 - fishok l0, 6 yard Linen shirting 5l,
l snuff box 40, 6 yards Planters lines $2.l0
2. Drury Phillips - 23 Sept l852 - 2 3/4 yards of Lines, l vest, l silk
handerchief - spent a total of $9.05
3. William Phillips Sr. - Sept l852 - silk worsted, velvet, ribbons spent
4. William Sr. - Jan l853 - bought items
5. Reubin Phillips - Jan l853 - l pair shoes, l hat
6. William Sr. - March 5 - bought items
7. permanent Accounts - Thoms Phillips, Levi Mewborn
NOTE: It might be a close examination of this book would indicate some family
relationships especially children. One thing that struck me was William and
his son Drury were not poor - they were buying silk, velvet, and linen
Children of William and Elizabeth D. Carr Phillips
l. Stephen Carr Phillips - b Wednesday 9 March l8l4 - d md l) Hannah
a. Spencer H. Phillips bc l84l - d Jones County - md Sarah - this family
moved to Jones where they still live
b. Elizabeth Phillips - bc l845
c. Virginia Phillips - bc l848 - d l850-60
d. Edward Phillips - bc l849 - d l850-60
e. Hannah Phillips - b 25 July 1851 d 4 April l884 - md William Parker Gilbert
on 20 April 1876- b 21 February 1853 d 22 August 1928
William md 2nd Martha Elinor Sumrel l on 27 May 1885 and had issue. Information
in the William Parker Gilbert Bible posted on the Lenoir County Archives by
Jack Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert b 13 May 1878
Stephen Nathan was born 12 March 1884
Stephen md 2nd Susan Hill b l2 April l847 d Jan l898
a. Mary Phillips - bc l862 - md Hubert Jones
b. Martha Phillips - bc 28 May l865 - d l2 Nov l94l - md a Craft
no children
a. There is an old Cemetery on his former property, but I have not been able
to get to it. I understand it is very grown over.
b. I do not know who the Charles Phillips was living with him on the l850
Census. Lacy who was living with him in l860 was a cousin.
c. In the Supreme Court Case, Stephen was listed as the Executor
2. Jenet Hart Phillips - b Saturday l0 Feb l8l6 - d l6 June l845 nothing
further is proven - md a Rountree
NOTE: Egbert Rouse told me Jenet may have married William Hart Rountree son of
Charles Jenkin and Susan Hart Rountree and grandson of Jesse Rountree as his
first wife. William Hart Rountree md 2nd Susannah Caroline Loftin in Dec 1846
according to the Bible of William C. Loftin and she had a Will in Lenoir and named
her stepson William F. Rountree. William F. md a Mitchell and is buried in
Cedar Grove in New Bern
Will of Susanna C. Rountree (brother to A. J. Loftin) written 17 Aug 1902 prob
3 Sept 1915 - to my stepson W. F. Roundtree
According to 1850 Census the above William F. was b 1842 and his father Charles
was b 1820. This would make him younger than Jenett
3. Drury Hart Phillips - b Monday 6 July l8l8 - d 24 December l870 md l
March l856 to Martha Jan Elizabeth Moore daughter of Needham and Elizabeth
Jackson Moore - b l6 June l837 - d 23 July l876 - they are buried in the Richard
Moore Cemetery in Lenoir County. His stone has been broken and is on the ground.
The stone says he was the son of William and Elizabeth D. Phillips.
NOTE: Greene County records - from Ima Mewborn
a. 2-l2-l878 W.M. Taylor - Ellen Phillips - 23 - Drew Phillips (L) and Nancy
Phillips (d) by J.M. Barfield MG at WM Taylor - Lds - Tn-sh
b. l2-6-l880 W. S. Freeman - Wm Phillips F-23 - D. H. Phillips (d) and Martha
J. Phillips (L) - Rasberry, Olivia - l9 - A. J. Rasberry (D) and Cordelia A.
Rasberry (L) by Jno T. Walsh MG at A.J. Rasberry's l2-8 l880 J. T. Frizzell - FW
Dixon - J. T. Bynum
a. William F. Phillips - b Friday 30 Oct l857 - d l8 October l885 - md
Olivia Rasberry
Marriage Bonds - Greene County - Wm Phillips age 23 - D. H. Phillips,
father, Martha J. Phillps mother md Olivia Rasberry age l9 - A. J. Rasberry father
Cordelia R. Rasbery mother - md by Jno T. Walso at A. J. Rasberry's house - 8
Dec l880 - Bondsmen J. T. Frizzelle, F. W. Dixon, J. T. Bynum
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I have also been away just returned to Texas from Florida. My interest in
the Phillips family is a search for my Fathers twin brother burial spot. My
Father died two years ago and the only thing he knew was that at 6 months
his twin died and that he was buried in a neighbors yard. I have to assume
that a private Cemetery for a particular family might have allowed the baby
to buried there in 1906. I have found a will of Olivia C Phillips (my great
aunt) leaving her property to my grandfather and his brothers and sisters as
the only living child they had died shortly after its parents. I think we
know where the property was but really need to do more research as there are
a lot of conflicting dates and things that need to be sorted out from what
my Father has told me. I have relatives that live in NC that know a little
bit about the family but we are missing several years. My greatgrandfather
A.J. Rasberry lived in Lenoir Cty. NC and my Grandfather H.J. Rasberry also
lived in the Kinston, Farmville area which I believe is where the Phillips
land was. What I would lilke to know, if you would have knowledge of a
private cemetery that would have buried Olivia C. and Wm. F. Phillips. From
the dates in your bible I believe my Wm. F. Phillips might have descended
from the Drury Phillips. I will share with you the names and dates I have in
my Family Bible. Maybe this could be a lost relative.
Wm. F. Phillips, place of birth Lenoir Co. NC, Birth Oct.30,1857, married
Dec. 8, 1880, Died Oct. 9, 1885
Olivia C. Phillips, place of birth, Green Co. NC, Birth Feb.12,1860, married
Dec 8,1880, died Sept 20,1886
Mattie O. Phillips, place of birth Kinston, Lenoir Co.NC, Birth Nov22,81,
died Sept.15, 1882
Olivia M. Phillips, place of birth Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC, Birth Sept 10,
1889, died Dec.9,1900
Wm. F. Phillips, Jr place of birth, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC, Birth Feb
71,1885, and died Oct 9, 1885
The marriage certificate in the bible reads as follows:
William Franklin Phillips, Olivia C. Rasberry @ A.J. Rasberry's on the eight
day of Dec 1888. Signed Rev. John T. Walsh.
As you can tell the marriage date does not correspond with the marriage date
in the family history. Could be a mistake??? Also the recording of Wm Jr.
was the last entry, not exactly the order of birth. This is what I have I
hope it might help you and perhaps you can share some history if you know
Would like to know where they might be buried, please advise me if you have
any suggestions. I have looked in Phillips family books in Dallas library
but didnt see any names I was looking for.
Thanks, Judi
b. Thomas Spencer Phillips - Thursday b 2 August l860 - d 26 Jan (on
Tombstone and Feb in Bible) l887 -
l. Was a Commissioner in Lenoir County.
2. Had a Will.
3. Buried in the Moore Cemetery
4. Never married
c. Susan Catherine Phillips - b Tuesday 3 Feb l863 - d l5 July l887 md
Jacob F. Parrott
No Issue
d. Needham Moore Phillips - b Monday 28 (on tombstone and 27 in Bible)
March l865 - d 30 Oct l894 md on 24 Dec l888 Ada Hill daughter of Richard Croom
and Martha Ann Nunn Hill
MARRIAGE NOTICE: abstracted by Egbert Rouse - from Kinston Paper on 25 Dec
l888 - MARRIED: Mr. Needham Phillips to Miss Ada Hill last Wednesday evening at 4
o'clock, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. R. C. Hill. Rev C. W.
Howard officiating.
l. Martha (Mattie) Phillips - md Dempsey Eugene Wood
2. Susan Moore (Susie) Phillips - md Ronald Earl Mewborn Sr.
3. Maud Phillips
NOTE: See Hill information for lines of Mattie and Susie
OBIT: l6 Nov l894 - Kinston Free Press - Last Sunday, just before sunset Maud
the sweet four year old daughter of Mrs. Ada Phillip was removed from this earth
and transplanted in the heavenly regions. She had only been sick a short while
and her father had preceeded her to the grave only about two weeks. Mrs.
Phillips has the sympathy of the entire community in her double breveament and we
can only bid her trust in him who said "Suffer little children to come unto me"
and "forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven:.
Original found in the William Phillips Bible in the possession of Mrs. Francis
Mylette of Deep Run, N.C.
e. Albert J. Phillips - b ll April l869 - we do not know what happened
to him. There is an Albert buried at Maplewood who d 22 July l9ll but we do not
know if this is our Albert. We think he did live until at least his nieces
were older as Susie Phillips Mewborn remembered an Uncle Phillips coming to visit
from somewhere else. There is a possibility he md a Jane Dunn who may have
been a cousin.
f. James Hart Phillips - b l0 Jan l870 - d l Sept l892 - never married
4. Argen Lassister Phillips - b Thursday l0 August l820
According to a Greene Co Superior Court records found at the NC Archives
-CR045.508 Box 50 - Lenoir Phillips Smith sent to me in 1996 Argent died
unmarried, and her brother Stephen was her administrator
Superior Court of Greene Co - John H. Coward Adm of Wm L Phillips vs Stephen C.
Phillips Adm of Argent L. Phillips
About 1859 Argent died intestate and Stephen was appointed as administrator.
About 1864 William L. Phillips a brother of the defendant died intestate and
Coward was appointed as administrator. Prior to Feb term 1859 of Greene Co Court
the defendant received the personal estate of effects of Argent in the amount
of $2500 and negros in the year 1859 in the amount of about $700. Coward, as
administrator was entitled to one fifth of the said sum in the distribution of
said Argent L. Phillips.
This is all Lenore copied.
5. Martha Ann Phillips - b Monday 29 July l822 - d l858-59 - md Dr. Jacob
A. Hartsfield - d l3 November l875
No Issue
Dr. Hartsfield - md 2nd Rebecca Pope - I have a copy of his Bible
6. Thomas Spencer Phillips - b l8 October l824 - d ll May l84l
No Issue
7. Elizabeth Bond Phillips - b Friday 20 October l826 - md Worry L.
Kilpatrick III - 2 children
8. Mary Eliza Phillips - b Thursday 2 April l829 - - md Joseph A. Hartley
- again she appears to have died before the settlement of her father' estate
and may not have had children
9. William Lawrence Phillips - b Saturday 3 December l83l - d 26 Nov l864
- md Sarah E. Bruton - b 5 Aug l839 - d 6 Jan l868
NOTE: There is some confusion here as Howard sent a notice from "The American
Advocate", Kinston, N.C. August 9, l855, p 3 - Married - on the l2ult., at the
house of John H. Coward, Esq., by Rev John P. Dunn, William L. Phillips, to Miss
Sallie B. Bruton all of this county. I don't know if William had two wives, or
if Sally had been married before to a Bruton.
a. Sarah E. Phillips - b 22 Jan l857 - died young
b. Jenet Hart Phillips - b 24 May l858 - died young
c. William A. Phillips - bc l862
Will of William A.
No Issue
d. Henry L. Philllips - b 30 May l860 - d 2 Aug l879
No Issue
NOTE: William's two sons lived with Craven Tull Barwick after the parents died
l0. Rebecca Hart Phillips - b Tuesday 24 June l834 - d 1864 - 68 - md John
Evelynn Fitzhugh Harper b 3 October 1835 d 5 Oct 1899 son of James and
Elizabeth Edward Harper. JEF is buried at the Edwards Cemetery near Ormondsville
1. Will of William Phillip who calls James E my cousin
2. Stephen C. Phillips gave James E land for love and affection
3. Rebecca was listed with JEF on the 1860 census but Sidney was listed in
1870. Argent died in Greene Co and probably lived with JEF and Rebecca.
JEF md 2nd Sidney Ormond grandaughter of Sidney Phillips Coward and had one
child William F. b 20 Octobe 1869 d 19 April 1933 1933 (buried at Maplewood) he md
Jennie Barwick on 6 Jan 1915 William F and Jennie had one son b 6 Feb 1918 d
15 Feb 1918
Rebecca and JEF had
James E. Harper bc 1862
Elizabeth Harper bc 1864
E. Notes on William
l. William was listed in his grandfather's Will, but his father was not
given. There are two choices, Thomas or John. John does not appear to marry
until after his father died and is probably found in his father's household on the
l790 Census. Thomas already had his own household where we find William. We
can only guess at who his brothers and sisters were except we feel Sidney was a
sister. The name Thomas comes down this line, but John does not.
2. There are several transactions between Thomas and the following people
in the Dobbs Cross Indexes - William, Thomas S., Barney, William Croom and
Sidney Coward.
3. The land that William had was some of the same that John Sr. had and
Peter who was probably a son of John Jr. lived next door.
4. The most interesting note are the Supreme Court Records Found at the
N.C. Archives for the settlement of William's estate. A little women's lib back
in the l850's. The daughters sued the sons of William for their fair share of
the Negro Slaves. It is not known if William had a Will, but the Supreme Court
Case indicates he did not. William had already given his sons property. A
fairly detailed description of the land is found in the Archives. This is a very
thick folder. There were about 50 slaves to be divided and the boys,
especially Stephen, still had them and had not given any to the girls. The Court found
in the girls favor and the slaves were divided. William died in l853 and this
case was not settled until l859 after most of the girls had died. It makes for
interesting reading.


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