This is a photo of Samuel F. Phillips and some of his family who lived in Lenoir County. Luther Pittman of Grifton was nice enough to let me make a copy
of a picture he has in his home some years ago. From the small girl in the picture and their clothing and the size of my grandfather, Lacy Phillips plus the
fact there is only one girl baby in the picture, we have estimated this pretty closely a 1898, give or take a year. The adults are Samuel F Phillips and his wife,
Susan Ella Phillips Phillips. The children, from left to right, are baby Susan Ester, on Sam's knee, sitting in front is Lacy Alonza Phillips, born August 13, 1892,
standing behind is Johnnie R. Phillips, standing on right is Samuel Guy Phillips. This is how they were identified by Luther Pittman and my Mom, Martha Phillips.
Granddaddy Lacy would have been about 6 years old, Dora Blanche and Albert LeRoy not yet born. Possibly Susan is pregnant in this picture with Dora Blanche.
Photo and information submitted by Peggy Adams Smith.

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