Taylor Family

Taylor Family


Project Manager &endash; Gloria Taylor -
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The earliest Taylor's in Craven and Lenoir Counties:

Several Taylor families migrated to Craven County during the early 1700's and documents are minimal for early years before 1750. The earliest Taylor listed is Jacob Taylor on a list of Tuscarora War Claims from Craven Precinct, NC in 1714. The next early Taylor documented is James Taylor in 1728/9 when he witnessed the Will of Richard Hill of Bath County, in Craven Precinct. A James Taylor, on 16 March 1730/1, witnessed a deed from William Smith and wife Mary on South River. A John Taylor witnessed the purchase of land between Robert Pitts to Benedict Vining, on the North side of Neuse River. A George Taylor, on 7 March 1736/7, patented land on West side of Upper Broad Creek. A Jacob Taylor is listed with the 1742 Taxpayers in Craven Co.

Abraham Taylor, of Baltimore County, Maryland, purchased a lot in New Bern around 1733 and lived on Core Creek in Craven Co and later on South West Creek in Lenoir Co. Abraham Taylor died in 1751 in what was then called Johnston County. Several Taylor's living on South West Creek are probably descended from Abraham, although proof of all descendants cannot be established due to loss of records. There was an early John who appears to be John Sr. on South West Creek and he first appears about the same time as Abraham Taylor. He may have been the father of John, Jr who married Catherine Davis and whose descendants have pretty much been documented both in Lenoir County and in Alabama where most of them lived.

The Moses Taylor line of Craven County moved out of the area and that line has been documented but not the parents of Moses. Many descendants think he was the son of Robert and the grandson of Abraham but it is not proven. The members of the Moses Taylor List will be providing information on this line.

By the third generation it is impossible to sort most of the families on South West Creek or Core Creek due to the loss of records in Lenoir County. The families had also started to move into what became Jones County mostly on the Jones/Craven or Jones/Lenoir border and several appear in the Tuckahoe area of both Lenoir and Jones. They also started to move into Onslow, Duplin and maybe Wayne Counties.

There was another Taylor family on Bear Creek on the border of Wayne and Lenoir, at least one Taylor family in what is today Greene County and probably several in Wayne County. This study does not address any of those families. We would welcome any files on those families.

In modern day Craven County there are numerous descendants of Jacob Taylor and Abraham Taylor that we know of at this point. In modern day Lenoir County there are numerous descendants of Abraham Taylor and John and Catherine Davis Taylor through their son Edwin who remained in NC. Most of these descendants have been published in a booklet by Mrs. Robert Taylor of Lenoir County. In Covington County, Alabama there are numerous descendants of John and Catherine Davis Taylor through their other children.

The scope of this project was pretty much limited to the time period prior to 1800 as the object was to see if there was any connection between any of these families. There is minor circumstantial evidence that at least some of the families were connected in the early 1700's but we can't prove it. We did find a number of deeds in Craven County records where the land was actually in Dobbs and then Lenoir County for whatever reason.

We invite anyone with additional information on any of these families to send their records for posting. We appreciate the information provided by Scott Smith, Keith Whaley, the Moses Taylor List and the research by Mrs. Robert Taylor of Kinston. Gloria Taylor is the Project Manager and any information should be sent to her -
[email protected]

This project is the result of the research by the following people

Gloria Taylor &endash; researching the Jacob Taylor family of Craven County

Martha Mewborn Marble &endash; researching the early John and Catherine Davis Taylor family of Lenoir County and their son Edwin

Robert Taylor, Sr. and Robert Taylor, Jr. &endash; researching the children of John and Catherine Davis family who moved to Covington Co., Ala.

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