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Research by Gloria Taylor and Martha Mewborn Marble

Abraham Taylor was born in Baltimore County, Md ca 1687 the son of Abraham Sr. He married Dinah White in 1707 according to Parish Records. Their children are listed in the Parish Records in Baltimore County with the exception of Prudence who must have been born in NC after her parents moved. Abraham died with a Will in Johnston &endash; now Lenoir County in 1751. The list of his children in the Will are a match for those in the Parish Records with the exception of Prudence.

Abraham first purchased a lot in New Bern in 1733 but it is not known if he lived there or what happened to the lot. He then obtained 300 acres on Core Creek in Craven County in 1735. He ran a ferry across the Neuse River in 1838. It appears he turned that land over to his sons Robert and Jacob and he moved to South West Creek in present day Lenoir County. Most of the early records in Craven County do not exist today but the Court Records do and know from those records that Abraham deeded land to his sons Robert and Jacob and sometime in the early 1740's he moved to South West Creek leaving sons Robert and Jacob in Craven Co along with his daughter, Rachel who married Solomon Beesley. It appears that Joseph had already obtained land in what is today Lenoir County. The son Abraham may have had land in both Craven and Lenoir Counties.

Of the children of Abraham, more is known about Robert and Joseph than the others. By the third generation there are so many Abrahams it is impossible to know who belonged to whom or to sort them. There were Abraham's in both counties.

Robert Taylor was born 13 Oct. 1709 and most likely died in Craven County but it is not known when. It has been written by descendants of Moses Taylor that his wife was Catherine but that is not proven. Robert had sons Robert Jr and Absoleum and possibly Moses, Abraham, and James. In 1780 Robert sold land to both Abraham and Moses but he never called them his sons. I am not sure the dates for Moses work for him to be a son &endash; there are indications that Moses was too old to be a son. He appears to have lived on Core Creek but had land on Flatt Swamp and in Dobbs Co. on Indian Cabin Branch. I don't think anyone but this Robert could have had that land on Indian Cabin branch. What happened to it?
Core Creek &endash; starts right at Cove City and runs north to the Neuse River
Only Flat Swamp we can find is rises in N Jones and flows into Rattlesnake. Rattlesname rises in N Jones and flows into Beaver Creek. I have one map that shows Rattlesnake actually rises in Lenoir.
Did Robert marry a daughter of James Green?
Robert appears to have been a blacksmith as was his son Absolem

neighbors at one time or another on Core Creek &endash; George and Francis Stinger, Solomon Beasley (who was his brother in law), Samuel Pope, Ebenezar Slade, John Dreaden, Furnifold Green, Joseph Bryan, William McCoy
Neighbors on Flatt Swamp &endash; James Greene Jr,, George and Ephraim Lane, George Bryan
Neighbors on Indian Cabin Creek &endash; Gilbert and Henry Deavers, George Roberts, Peter Pravet, Jacob Taylor (his brother), Moses Tilghman

Ann Taylor was born 29 March 1712 and married an unknown Colton &endash; I don't see the name in the area. It is possible the name was Carlton and his first name was Richard.

Jacob Taylor was born 5 October 1714 and died ca 1767 in Craven County with estate records provided this is the right Jacob. He may have had sons William and Joshua, again provided this is the right Jacob. William may have lived in Dobbs County. Jacob may have lived in Dobbs Co since he did have a land patent there so it is a bit confusing. In 1747 he had land on SW Creek about 4 miles above John Taylor. In 1761 Abraham of Dobbs Co gave land to his brother Jacob of Craven. Also in 1761 there was a Jacob of Onslow Co buying land on SW Creek and the wit was Abraham.

Rachel Taylor was born 9 Oct 1717 and married Solomon Beesley. There are several websites that follow this line. This family lived in Craven Co.

Joseph Taylor was born 20 Oct 1720 and lived in what is today Lenoir County. He was the executor of his father's Will. He had known children Dinah, Joseph Jr, and Isaac who was born in 1744 and probably others. The son Isaac can be proven through land ownership of Barr's Folly which was originally a land grant to Joseph. That land descended to his son Isaac and that Isaac's son Isaac left Barr's Folly in his will to one of his children. There are Bible Records for Isaac with his birth and death dates. Between the Bible Records and the Will of Isaac Jr, this line is proven. Both Isaac Sr and Jr had sons Burwell. By the turn of the century there were several Joseph Taylors. It is not known when Joseph died. He has numerous descendants still in Lenoir and Greene Counties.

Abraham Taylor Jr &endash; born 20 October 1723. By the latter part of the 1700's there are so many Abraham's they can't be sorted at this time. It is proven he had a son Abraham and a son Moses but this does not appear to be the Moses in Craven Co as I don't think he was old enough. Abraham had several land patents in present day Lenoir County, one of which, Dairy Hill, is in the current ownership of Reginald Stroud. I am inclined to think many of the Taylor families today in Lenoir County come down this line. The names Moses and Abraham are found in the mid 1800's in the same area. We also find the name in Craven Co indicating another line of the Abraham I family in later day Craven and Jones.

Isaac Taylor &endash; b 25 Nov 1725 &endash; deceased before his father and probably had no heirs.

Prudence &endash; bc 1729 &endash; One can only assume she was the one who married George Marshall although, Abraham I may have had another daughter not named in his Will.

Although we know a little about Abraham and his family, without a Bible record or two which would help sort the various lines, most of the lines can't be taken any further with hard cold proof. It is possible some descendant has old deeds in their possession that would prove some of the lines, but we have not been able to find anything at this point.

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