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James TAYLOR of Craven Co. & Dobbs Co., N.C.

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17 Feb 1728/9, JAMES TAYLOR witnessed. Will of Richard HILL of Bath Co., Craven Precient, granddaughter Elizabeth HILL, Son-in-law Evan JONES, Dau, Ann JONES, brother Francis, HILL. Probated March Court 1728. This Will can be viewed at

16 March 1730/1 - Craven Co. DB 1, p. 240 - JAS TAYLOR witnessed. Sale Wm. SMITH & wife Mary (SAUL) Levi TRUWITT & wife Rose (?) heirs James BLOUNT to Thomas MARTIN - on South River.

(1746 - Johnston County formed from Craven Co.).
(Dobbs formed 1758 from Johnston and was abolished in 1791 when Glasgow (Green) and Lenoir counties were formed. Lenoir County succeeded to the records of Dobbs County, and they were destroyed when the Lenoir County courthouse burned in 1878 and 1880).

8 January 1757 - DB 9/10, p. 333, QCD - JAMES TAYLOR purchased from Thomas JARMIN, 40 acres for 40 pounds on the South side of Neuse River called by the name of Brooked Run, patented by Abraham BUSSETT, beginning at the road side, John FREDERICK'S line, joining William AKINGS line. Court records indicate 84 acres on oath of Arthur BARNES.

5 December 1760 - Craven DB 2, p. 69 - JAMES TAYLOR purchased from William BEASLEY - 100 acres on the east side of Swift Creek, beginning at a dogwood and runs up Palmetta Swamp, between said TAYLOR and HILL, being part of Joseph BRYAN'S patent for 210 acres bearing date 27th October 1748.

1760 Petition - Craven Co. Court records - Read the petition of John TAYLOR that JAMES ? TAYLOR, his grandson may be appointed guardian to his grand--- Jas. T. ----all marked through. (Vol 5, #342; abst. by Waynette Haun).

April 1761 - Deed of sale from Wm BEESLEY to JAMES TAYLOR on oath of Jos. BRYAN - 100 acres. (above) (Vol 5, #405; abstracted by Waynette Haun).

5 October 1763 - Craven DB 11, p. 435 - JAMES TAYLOR sold to Joseph BRYAN (Merchant) - 100 acres for 70 pounds, North side of Swift Creek, Palmette Swamp, a branch, part of Joseph BRYANTS patent October 1748. To pay quit rents. Signed JAMES (x) TAYLOR. Witnesses: Thomas BARTLETT, William MURPHY. [Note: Palmetto Swamp and Swift Creek are in the northeastern part of the County near the Pitt County line - GST].

2 March 1764 - 346 (417) - JAMES (T) TAYLOR was witness on deed Abram [Abraham] Bussett SIMMONS, planter of Craven County to Amos SMALL, planter of same. 120 acre part of 200 acre patent to Benjamin SIMMONS, 3 October 1755, on south side of Trent River, joining east side Crooked Run...

July 1764 - Deed of sale - JAMES TAYLOR to Joseph BRYAN - 100 acres (Craven Court Records, Vol 6, #74; abstracted by Waynette Haun).

23 November 1764 - #7610 - JAMES TAYLOR patent 100 acres in Craven Co on SS Trent adjoining where Abraham BUSSET lived, Crooked Run and BATCHORS plantation. (Hoffman Abstracts of Land Patents)

29 February 1767 - JAMES TAYLOR - estate sold at public auction. Those purchasing items at the sale included: Roscow LIPSAY, Mrs. TAYLOR many items, Gabriel PECHAN (sp), Richard PICHUN (sp), Moses PICHSEN (sp), James McDANIEL, Nathan PARSONS, John OLIVER, Elisha ATKINS, Joseph REASONOVER, Joshua COLLINGS, Lemuel HATCH, Rice DULIN, Arthur DANINOUGH/Barrinough (sp), Phillip MILLER. Signed by Levi (?) FULSHIRE, Esq.

1769 - Craven County Tax List - James Taylor 1 white poll.
1769 - Dobbs Tax List - No James Taylor Listed

9 April 1770 - #2324 - JAMES TAYLOR mentioned in Thomas WEBBER Patent - 400 acres in Craven, SS Trent, adj. John RICHARD, Thomas BRACHER, Sr., JAMES TAYLOR, Long Branch.
1770 June-Sept Court - JAMES TAYLOR be apprenticed to John Barker to learn trade of house carpenter and joiner. (Craven Court Minutes; Vol 6, #623; Haun).

1771 December - It was ordered Thos WEBBER Esq and W. Samuel HILL be appointed to settle the account of Mary MORRIS, administrator of James TAYLOR, deceased and that they divide the estate of said deceased agreeable to ...??.. (Craven Court Minutes; Vol 6, #692; Haun).

2 May 1772 - Craven DB 20, p. 156 - JAMES TAYLOR AND MOSES TAYLOR witnessed sale of ROBERT TAYLOR to Owen DAUGHITY for 80 acres plus 127 acres for 40 pounds, 127 patened by ROBERT TAYLOR and Ebenezer SLADE on the lower side of CORE CREEK; 80 acres being part of survey formerly belonging to George (STRINGER) HORINGER. Beginning at Samuel SLADES corner on S. side of sd branch, runs several courses of the patent to contain the one half of the Patent. (Proved by oath of JAMES TAYLOR one of the subscribing witnesses. (Craven Court Minutes; Vol 7, #155; Haun).

1774 - Craven DB 21, p. 255 - JAMES TAYLOR purchased from Elisha BEASLEY, Core Creek - 100 pds - 100 acres known as Hooting Ponds on SS Neuse, NS Core Creek adj Great Glade - signed Elisha (x) BEASLEY, Fearnot (x) BEASLEY. Wit: Brice FONVILLE, James CARMACK, David CIVILL.

9 December 1775 - Craven DB 22, p. 253 - JAMES TAYLOR and wife Elizabeth sold to Elisha BEASLEY and wife, Fearnot BEASLEY. 100 acres known by the name of the Shooting Ponds, lying & being in Craven Co on the south side of Neuse River and on the north side of Core Creek and joining the Great Glade. Wit: Brice Fonville, James Carmack and David Civill. ( Proven on oath of James Carmack, at the December Craven Inferior Court.)

26 January 1775 - Craven DB 23, p.255 - JAMES TAYLOR purchased from Elisha BEASLEY, et. al Core Creek, 100 acres for 100 pds known as Shooting Ponds, SS Neuse River, NS Core Creek adj. Great Glades. Signed: Elisha (x) Bealsey & Fearnot (x) Beasley. Wit: Brice Fonville, James Carmack, David Civill.

March 1775 - Deed of sale from Elisha BEESLEY to JAMES TAILOR for 100 acres was proved by the oath ABRAHAM TAILOR, one of the Witnesses. (Craven Court Minutes; Vol 7, #190; Haun).

27 March 1777 - JAMES TAYLOR enlisted in 2nd NC Regiment for Revolutionary War, served as a private in Captain Robert Fenner's Company, 2nd Batallion commanded by Col John Patten. Card #'s File No. 820, for 3 years.

Soldiers in James MACKILWEANS Company - Maul run to county line between Johnston and Creven: John, James, Tuke Taylor. (P. 319 Vol. 22. Colonial Records)

From A History of New Bern And Craven County, by Alan D. Watson - "In the aftermath of the British intrusion, local authorities dealt with defections from the patriot ranks. JAMES TAYLOR declared that he had been compelled to join Craig when the army came to New Bern and forced to remain with the soldiers for some time thereafter. He returned to find that his wife had died, leaving five children, the eldest of whom was eleven years old. Having no "wicked Intentions the Friends of his Country" and supported by sixteen signatories, Taylor asked the court for a pardon so that he might provide for his "small Distressed family." In 1782, the county justices granted the petition of six women, whose husbands had joined Craig's army and thus left their estates subject to confiscation, by ordering the property applied to the relief of the women and their children." Watson's reference: William Gaston Papers, SHC - Jane Gaston to Wwilliam Gaston, August 11, 1795.

5 April 1778 - Jones County DB B, #16, William TAYLOR to JAMES TAYLOR, both men of Craven County, 100 acres for 40 shillings being land taken up by JAMES TARYLOR, Deceased, on South Side of Trent River, adjoining land of Abraham BUSSET, where he lived on Crooked Run. Witnesses: David SIMMONS, J. TAYLOR.

Jones county formed 1779 from Craven County.
In 1862, in a battle between Union and Confederate troops, the Jones County courthouse burned.

1779 - JONES COUNTY TAX LIST - not available, if extant.
1779 - DOBBS COUNTY TAX LIST - No list

28 January 1786 - Craven DB 28, p. 9 - JAMES TAYLOR, planter, purchased from Elisha (x) BEASLEY, 100 acres on south side Neuse River and on the west side of Core Creek, beginning at a pine near Fearnot BEASLEY, deceased's corner near Solomon BEASLEY'S, BEASLEY'S corner near the Great Glade Branch. Wit: Ebenezer SLADE, Elizabeth SLADE.. Reg. June Craven Court 1786.

16 October 1787 - Land entry # 396 - JAMES TAYLOR entered 100 acres on the West Side Core Creek beginning in White's line at a place called Toney Ridge. Craven County Land Entries Book, Reg of Deeds, New Bern, Craven Co., NC.

16 October 1787 - #880 - JAMES TAYLOR - Land Entry - SS Neuse - adj. border, HERITAGE, Thomas LOFTIN, William DAUGHETY and near James ALLEN. (A B Pruitt, Abst of Land Entries - Craven Co -).

1787 - #822 - Land Entry - John DALY - WS Core Creek - adj JOHN AND JAMES TAYLOR, Robert Piper DALY, John Edge Thomlinson. (Pruit). (Note: above this entry is #821 - 1787 to John DALY 200 acres WS Core Creek - a patent that belonged to Simon BEASLEY sold by Elisha BEASLEY and JOHN TAYLOR to Charles ACTIN - line of FearNot BEASLEY'S patent, William McCOY).

30 September 1789 -Craven DB 36, p. 654 - JAMES TAYLOR purchased from Joshua GUARD, 100 acres for 20 pounds, on head of the West Prong of Slocumbs Creek, called Black Swamp, beginning at a White Oak on the Southwest side of the head of the sd Swamp at the upper end of the Oakey land, thence running to a holly, then to a pine, then to a pine near Black Swamp, thence up the swamp to the first station. Wit: William ANDERSON and John TOLSON. Filed Sept Term 1805.

1790 CRAVEN County Census - JAMES TAYLOR - 1 male 16 & over; 3 males under 16; 5 females.

1790 DOBBS -
James TAYLOR next to Christopher TAYLOR in Contentnea Neck section - 1 male over 16; 4 females
James TAYLOR - one male over 15; one male under 16; 4 females.

Jones County 1790 Census:
James TAYLOR - 1 male over 16; 4 females

1791 - #1234 - Thomas BRACHER - SS Neuse - head of Black Swamp, a prong of Slocumbs Creek adj. JAMES TAYLOR (A.B. Pruit)

12 May 1792 - Craven DB 29, p. 493 - JAMES TAYLOR sold to David WHITE, 50 acres for 20 pounds, SS Neuse River, West side Core Creek it being part of a large tract granted to Jeremiah SLADE, beginning at the creek run, with courses of the patent near the lands now in the possession of the JAMES TAYLOR, then North, then East to the Creek run, up the creek to the beginning. Wit: John BEASLEY and Samuel WHITE.

1793 - #1379 - John DALY - SS Neuse, NW side of Core Creek - adj. JAMES TAYLOR - 100 acres tht lies near Toney's Ridge - Little and Great Laurel Bridge, Panther Island. (Pruitt)

1794 - Land Grant to JAMES TAYLOR for 67 acres on South Side of Neuse River and east side of Goose Creek. [in present day Pamlico County].

25 October 1797 - Craven DB 34, p. 163 - JAMES TAYLOR sold to Joseph LOFTIN, 70 pds - Negro boy named Jacob between 10 & 13 years of age. Wit: Hannah ARTHUR, Wm HERITAGE.

1799 - 1801 - TAYLOR - Lenoir County Cross Indices - JAMES TAYLOR to Zachariah Davis. (first cousins).

1800 Craven County Census - (3)
James Taylor - 2 males under 10; 1 male 26-45; 3 females under 10 years; 1 female 16-26.
James Taylor, Jr. - 2 males under 10; 1 male 16-26; 1 female over 45 years.
James Taylor, Sr. - 1 male under 10; 2 males 16 to 26; 1 male over 45; 1 female between 10-16; 2 females between 16-15; 1 female between 26 to 45.

1800 - Dobbs County census -
James - 1 male 0-10; 1 over 45; 1 female 16-26.
James Jr. - 1 male 0-10; 1 male 26-45; 1 female 16-26.

12 December 1800 - Craven DB 34, p. 144 - JAMES TAYLOR sold to Phillip TURNER 170 acres for 10 pounds conveyed my rights as title on South side of Neuse River, West side of Hancock Creek, joining HOLTON and COX, agreeable to a former deed conveyed from my father JOHN TAYLOR to John TURNER, deceased. Wit: Jeremiah PARSONS, J. KELLWOOD (SP).

17 March 1801 - Craven DB 34, p. 372 - JAMES TAYLOR purchased from Willis McCOY, 200 acres for 250 pounds, South side Neuse River, west side of Core Creek, back line of patent to the Rattlesnake Branch. [Note: This would be near Cove City]. Wit: John McCOY and Lewis McCOY. Proven on oath of John McCOY.

1802 - Craven DB 36, p. 276 (Blind Minor) - JAMES TAYLOR sold to Christopher ACLIN, Core Creek 295 pds - part of a tract granted to John FONVILLE of 1747 - NS Core Creek - 1/2 land mentioned in deed - Willis McCOY mentioned. Wit: Hardy McCOY, Absolom (x) TAYLOR

16 January 1804 - Land Grant - JAMES TAYLOR - 30 acres on south side of Neuse River, joining John BEASLEY'S line and F. HEATH'S line and on the Dover Sand Ridge. Diagram of plat.

1805 - Craven DB 36, p. 760 - JAMES TAYLOR & wife Ann sold to John STANLEY - Lot # 280 Middle Street, formerly property of John Wright STANLEY, dec'd and Ann TAYLOR'S portion.

1802/6 DB 36, p. 766 - JAMES TAYLOR & wife of New Bern sold to John COLEBY.

3 September 1806 - Craven DB 37, p. 133 -- JAMES TAYLOR sold to Lewis CAVENDER 100 acres for 100 pounds on Columns Creek which said land came by descent under the right of my father JOHN TAYLOR and the said JAMES TAYLOR do rightfully own said land. Recorded Sept 1807. Wit: Samuel POTTER, W. HOLLAND.

1807 December Term DB 37, p. 232 - JAMES TAYLOR, Jr. to JAMES TAYLOR, Sr. - Sells for $150, all the right that I have to the land that I got by my mother (not named), to his father, JAMES TAYLOR Sr. or that I should have had after his death to any of his land. I hereby warrant and defend all the right that I had or should have had at his death from me, my heirs and assigns. Wit: Chris Aclin, Austin Prescott and James Beasley.

Bk 37, pg 250 - 1806 - James TAYLOR SR. & JR. sold to Thomas JONES, several tracts - adj Chris ACLIN - Core Creek - 100 acres adj patent of Willis McCOY, Solomon BEASLEY, Great Glade Branch, James' patent, George BRYAN, 100 acres part of Jeremiah SLADES patent - total of 350 acres - $1000. Sr. used a mark, Jr. signed. Wit: James BEASLEY, Austin PRESCOTT.

From Watson's History of New Bern and Craven County - September 26, 1807, fourteen companies of nearly eight hundred Militia men who comprised the regiment demonstrated before Major Joseph NICHOLSON, the senior officer. Misses Charlotte and Julia Ann TAYLOR, the daughters of CAPTAIN JAMES TAYLOR, collector of the Port of Ocracoke, the Newbern Light Infantry received a beautiful standard emblazoned with an eagle in flight. Watson's referance: Spectator, June 24, July 6, 1832.

No 1810 Craven County Census.
Lenoir County Census - 1810
James Taylor - 3 males 0-10; 1 male 26-45.

1810 - DB 37, p. 854 - JAMES TAYLOR sold to William SHEPPARD, slaves.

27 March 1811. JAMES TAYLOR, Will, Craven County - Recorded June Term Craven Co Court 1811. Wife: Peggy TAYLOR, 115 acres land on prong of Colemans Creek patented by John and Absalom TAYLOR. Son: ASA TAYLOR, 100 acres on head of Black Swamp. Remainder to be sold to pay just debts. Wits: Ruth SMITH, W. HOLLAND, William HOLLAND.
Account of Sales: 2 May 1811. Purchasers: John SMITH, Moses STEPHENS, Thomas ROWE, Robert H. FRANKLIN, Samuel PATTEN, William STEPHENS, Ephriam WILSON, William HOLLAND, Amos ROWE, Yarborough TAYLOR, Michael FISHER, Philemon HOLLAND, Lewis CAVENNO, Joseph BRITTAIN, Archie SMITH.

22 September 1811 - Craven DB 38, p. 131 - MARGARET TAYLOR sold to John M. IVES 115 acres for $57.50, 2 tracts, tract one - 60 acres South side of Neuse River on the East prong of Colemans Creek, James DAVISES corner, that pond, FULSHIRES line, Lydia GUARDS line, sd DAVISES line. Granted by patent to ABSALOM TAYLOR. Second tract - 50 acres situated aforesaid said TAYLOR'S line, DAVISES line, FULLSHERS line, sd DAVISES line being land patent to JOHN TAYLOR and from him by descend to his son JAMES TAYLOR and by the JAMES TAYLOR devised to the said MARGARET TAYLOR. Reg. Sept 1811. Wit: William IVES, Mozia H. STEPHENS.

17 March 1812 - DB 38, p. 331 - JAMES TAYLOR, Collector of Port of Ocrocoke, bond to John SEARS and Robert HUNT for $2000 to secure duties as collector which land was executed by the sd John and Robert. By deed JAMES TAYLOR dated 7 October 1810 convey unto William SHEPGHAD of New Bern land in Carteret on Portsmouth Banks, known by the name of main Treaton, etc. Wit: Abner PASTEUR.

See deeds section for remainder of James Taylor deeds in Craven County - they were not abstracted for this research, but may be of interest to others, therefore listed according to book.

1820 Craven County Census - No James Taylor listed.

1830Craven County Census - James Taylor (Ukn Twp) - 1 male 20-30; 1 female 15-20.

1840 - Craven County Census - No James Taylor listed.

(4) Marriages issued in Craven County Bonds for several JAMES TAYLORs:
1) James Taylor to Sarah Daughety - 10 January 1784 - Robert Daugherty bondsman; Chris~ Neal Witness
2) James Taylor to Nancy White - 1 October 1796 - Elisha (x) Beasley, bondsman; (w) S. Chapman, CC
3) James Taylor to Sally Jones - 20 August 1828 - Will (x) Wilson bondsman; (w) J.G. Stanley, CC
4) James Taylor to Mary McCrohen - 20 may 1793 - Jno. (x) Anderson; (w) S. Chapman CC.

James TAYLOR of Rutherford Co., Tenn

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