Taylor-Craven County Marriages

Taylor-Craven County Marriages

List take from Craven County Marriage Bonds in North Carolina Archives in Raleigh, NC. These bonds were abstracted and alphabetized by youths of Wake County, working on a National Youth Administration project, and the Historical Records Survey of the Work Projects Administration and checked by Miss Mary Jones Jeffreys, employed by the Genealogical Society of Utah in coperation with the North Carolina Historical Commission.

   Groom Index

TAYLOR, Absalom SHEROD, Senah 28 July 1800 Samuel Beesley,
(w) George Vulteius
TAYLOR, Abraham (x) WITHERINGTON, Sarah 11/22/1787 James Witherington
(w) Wm. Bryan
TAYLOR, Abraham EMERY, Susan 08/11/1840 (none listed)
TAYLOR, Abraham CIVILS, Mary 08/05/1829 Solomon Witherington
(w) J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Abraham LAUGHINGHOUSE Asia 04/09/1838 George �x- Avery
(w) J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Abraham BROWNING, Lenna 06/17/1807 John (x) Jones
(w) J. G. Stanley
TAYLOR, Alexander WITHERINGTON, Sally 04/04/1803 John Mackelroy
(w) Saml. Chapman, CC
TAYLOR, Alexander WITHERINGTON, Phebe 10/25/1843 Arnold-x-Watson
(w) J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Alexander COLE, Sarah A. 11/23/1854 by
Henry F. Greene, NC
S(itgreaves) Attmore
(w) J. G. Stanley, CC
TAYLOR, Asa RIDEN, Gatsy 05/01/1815 John Horsends
TAYLOR, Benjamin R. TOLSON, Nancy 02/16/1853 by
W.H. Marshall, JP
John P. Ives
(w) J.G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, Charles (x) ANDERSON, Elizabeth 10/30/1782 W(illia)m Fipps
(w) Chrisr. Neale
TAYLOR, David AVERY, Clarissa 06/29/1825 Lewis Avery
(w) J.G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Elijah W. TAYLOR, Elizabeth A 03/23/1854 by
Jacob Utley, MG
David W. Bell
(w) J.G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, Elijak DICKSON, Elizabeth C. 11/24/1832 W(hichoote) C. White
(w) J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Elisha JAMES, Polly 02/01/1832 Jordon (x) Taylor
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, Frederick WOLLARD, Penelope 03/30/1852 by
Carney (x) Wollard
George (x) Avery
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, Frederick BUSSICK, Sarah A. 08/17/1852
by Jacob Utley, MG
R(ichard) Foscue
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, Fryman TAYLOR, Sarah Ann 12/05/1843 Asa Conner
(w) J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Gastin PAQUINETT, Elizabeth 06/13/1844 Furnifold Pearce
(w) J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Gaston WHITEHEAD, Martha 06/14/1859 J. R. Bailey
TAYLOR, Isaac JUSTICE, Hannah 11/09/1792 Furnifold Pearce
(w) J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Isaiah RIGGS, Ruth 06/14/1814 Thomas Parsons
TAYLOR, Jacob B. DICKINSON, Ellen 12/23/1857 by
A. Weaver, MG
Nelson Whitford
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, James (x) DAUGHETY, Sarah 01/10/1784 Robert Daughety
(w) Chriar. Neale
TAYLOR, James (x) DAUGHETY, Sarah 01/10/1784 Robert Daughety
(w) Chriar. Neale
TAYLOR, James WHITE, Nancy 10/01/1796 Elisha (x) Beasley
(w) S. Chapman, CC
TAYLOR, James JONES, Sally 08/20/1828 Will (x) Wilson
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, James MCCROHEN, Mary 05/28/1792 John Fonvielle
Frederic Langmeyer
(w) Saml. Chapman, CC
TAYLOR, Jesse (x) NEWCOMB, Nancy 05/20/1789 Ja(m)es Mackintosh
(w) S. Chapman
TAYLOR, Jesse (x) TYRE, Rachel 01/18/1793 Jno. (x) Anderson
(w) S. Chapman CC
TAYLOR, John (x) WITHERINGTON, Ann 01/21/1820 David Taylor
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, John STIRON, Hannah 02/05/1787 Benjamin Tolson
(w) Wm. Bryan
TAYLOR, John (x) SPENCER, Cassandra 10/09/1851 Robert S. Taylor
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, John SPARROW, Elizabeth 05/30/1802 James Carney, Jr.
(w) S. Chapman, CC
TAYLOR, John HAWKINS, Celia Ann 06/05/1855 by
Abraham (x) Tailor, MG
Frederic Taylor
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, John (x) MACKINTOSH, Theresa 04/20/1815 James McNtosh
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, John DOWNS, Matilda 12/22/1798 F(rances) Lowthorp
(w) Sam;. Chapman, CC
TAYLOR, John (x) GIBBS, Rachel 03/14/1797 Wm. (x) Adams
(w) S. Chapman, CC
TAYLOR, John NORMAN, Sarah 08/29/1787 James Jones
(w) J. H. Bryan
TAYLOR, John L. BROWN, Margaret 12/15/1845
m. 9 Oct 1851 by
Abraham (x) Tailor, MG
John H. Richardson
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, John Lewis GASTON, Jane 08/16/1797 Morgan Jones
Saml. Chapman
(w) Saml. Chapman, CC
TAYLOR, Josiah OMMIETT, Catherine 01/22/1799 Abel Taylor
Saml Chapman
TAYLOR, Josiah MOORE, Mary 04/03/1851
m. 3 Apr 1851 by
Keith Wollard
Riley Witherington
(w) J. G. Stanly, CC
TAYLOR, Lewis GLOVIER, Elizabeth 07/13/1847 Alexander Taylor J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Lewis SUTTON, Dorsy 05/13/1843 (not listed?)
TAYLOR, Moses SLADE, Mary 08/--/1785 Moses Taylor
Wm Bryan
TAYLOR, Moses MARSHALL, Sidney 07/23/1788 James Taylor
Jas H. Bryan
TAYLOR, Redding WITHERINGTON, Dorcas 03/15/1836 Lemuel Davis
J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Richard N. STEVENSON, Susan 04/28/1847 Albert G. Hob
J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Robert S. HILL, Louisiana 10/12/1856 Gastin Taylor
J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Samuel J. CHESNUT, Mary A. 11/07/1859 Suthey Pittman
W G Bryan
TAYLOR, Solomon AVERY, Theresa 03/26/1846 Saml Avery
J G. Stanly
TAYLOR, Stephen HILL, Mary 11/28/1805 Abraham Taylor
Saml Chapman
TAYLOR, Stephen WITHERINGTON, Rebecca 11/24/1843 Ernul Wats
J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, William HANNIS, Polly 09/14/1802 Jno F. Smith
S. Chapman
TAYLOR, William SMITH, Sarah 12/12/1794 Thomas Burns
Saml Chapman
TAYLOR, William WILKINSON, Betsy 02/15/1848 Thomas Spencer
J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, William WITHERINGTON, Brancy 04/12/1845 Solomon Taylor
J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, William G. LITTLE, Margaret 06/28/1834 Patrick McNel
J. G. Stanly
TAYLOR, William G. HILL, Hollon 06/26/1814 John McCalop
TAYLOR, William H. BISHOP, Mary E. 10/02/1845 John Hutchinson
J. G. Stanly
TAYLOUR, Jesse HOLMES, Nancy 11/02/1814 James Holmes
J. G. Stanly

   Bride Index

Chloe Taylor Joshua Tilghman 3/11/1780 Stephen Tilghman
Sela Taylor Joseph Anderson ...../ 1783 Jesse Tyer
Elizabeth Taylor Willaim Beesley 2/3/1784 Moses Taylor
Mary Taylor John Spyers 3/22/1784 Benjamin Prescot
Sarah Taylor Robert Daughety 11/18/1784 James Taylor
Betsey Taylor John James 2/2/1786 Charles Taylor
Nancy Taylor Daniel Daughety 4/24/1786 James Taylor
Hannah Taylor John Smith 3/24/1787 Maliehi Heriford
Elizabeth Taylor Thomas Witherington 1/11/1788 Abel Taylor
Anna Taylor Lewis Carpenter 5/9/1792 Philemon Holland
Phebe Taylor William White 10/13/1792 Benjamin White
Elizabeth Taylor John Arnold 12/3/1793 Jesse Peck
Polly Taylor Johnathan Oglesbe 10/8/1794 William Ives
Polly Taylor John Mackelroy 2/19/1795 David Curtis
Betsy Taylor Maturin Offray 9/27/1798 Thomas Marchal
Mary Taylor (widow) Jn O. Bragg 9/1/1801 Samuel Chapman
Sally Taylor Jno.Priesley 9/4/1801 Thomas Masters
Nancy Taylor Thomas Simmons 3/2/1802 John Mackelroy
Sally Taylor John Priesly 4/6/1802 Adam Mahaner
Hannah Taylor John Griffin 4/5/1803 Solomon Patrick
Elizabeth Taylor David West 1/2/1804 Charles Williams
Kitty Taylor William Hill 10/29/1805 James Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor (widow) William Sparrow 1/9/1806 Thos. Sparrow
Clarissa Taylor Ephrian Willson 7/1/1816 Edward Phelps
Cassandra Taylor Edward Phelps 7/1/1816 Ephrian Wilson
Elizabeth Taylor William Ives 4/1/1816 John Ives
w. Chris Neal
Ann Taylor James Hart 10/2/1817 Hezekiah Watson
Mary Taylor William Sivins 4/20/1818 Wm. Wetheryton
Betsey Taylor Gibbon Smith 5/30/1820 James Ousten
Mary Taylor George S. Attmore 2/12/1829 Charles G. Spaight
Jane Taylor Arnold Watson 7/5/1829 Thomas Gray
Jannet Taylor William Hollister 4/7/1829 Robert V. Orme
Nancy Taylor Isaac Riggs daughter
of Isaiah Taylor
4/12/1830 Isaiah Taylor
Margaret Taylor William Russell 11/23/1830 Wright Parrimore
Mary J. Taylor Martin Stevenson Jr. 7/19/1831 James Taylor
Jane Taylor Patrick McNelty 12/1/1831 John S. Sprague
Mary Taylor Frederick Ipock 2/17/1832 Abraham Taylor
Mary Taylor Amiah Riggs 10/26/1836 James Taylor
Louiza Taylor John Gooding 2/13/1838 Jermiah Heath
Catherine Jane Taylor Amos Bell 9/17/1841 Joshua Taylor
Sarah Ann Taylor Fryman Taylor 12/5/1843 Asa Conner
Betsey Taylor Barton Knight 4/16/1846 Elisha Collurt
Louiza Taylor William W. Clark 5/26/1846 William C. Whitford
Richilda Taylor John Moore 2/5/1852 Stephen B. Forbes
Hannah H. Taylor Joseph Mason 12/3/1853
m. 12/14/1853
Joshua L. Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor Matthew James Williams 9/21/1854 Jeremiah Williams
Elizabeth Ann Elizah W. Taylor 3/7/1854 David W. Bell
Elizabeth E. William H. Conner 11/9/1855
m. 12/27/1855
William Weinstein
Harriet Taylor Benjamin Carraway 8/12/1856 Armistead B. Conway
Mary Ann Taylor Riley Wetherington 2/21/1857 James Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor John McKnight 10/7/1858 Edward Daughty
Nancy Taylor James P. Bratcher 4/25/1859 Solomon Witherington

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